Red wine brands in Kenya

Red wines are the most popular category of red wines and the preferred choice for wine lovers. There are two main categorizations of red wines, which are sweet red wines and dry red wines. Apart from the above general categorization, there is a more elaborate classification of red wine types.

Types of red wine in Kenya

  1. Cabernet Sauvignon
  2. Malbec
  3. Merlot
  4. Shiraz/Syrah
  5. Pinotage
  6. Zinfandel

It may come as a surprise, but red wines have been proved to have many health benefits when consumed moderately. Red wines are rich in antioxidants that significantly lower the chances of you developing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and consequently reduce the mortality rate. So, what is it with red wines that make them unique?

First, the way red wines are made is quite different from the other types of wine, as well as other alcoholic beverages. Red wines are created from a variety of grapes ranging from red, deep purple, or even blue colored grapes. These then make a spectrum of red-colored wine described as dark red, ruby red, brick red, deep violet, opaque purple, and among other classifications. The color spectrum in red wine comes from the grape skins, which are incorporated in the fermentation process, and that allows the dispersion of color as well as tannins. The intensity of color depends on the grape variety and the length of time the grape skin remains in the fermentation process. The color becomes pale or less intense as the wines. The grape skins are rich in tannins which have important medicinal qualities.

Red wines can either be sweet or dry, depending on the level of tannins in the wine. Higher amounts of tannins give dry wine. The tannin levels increase with an increase in time in which the grape skins remain into contact with the juice and also the grape variety. Any wine, however, can either be dry or sweet. The sweetness in high-quality wine is developed by stopping the fermentation using various means to allow accumulation of residual sugars from the grapes, which give the wine a sweet taste. You should know then that dry wines do not undergo this process. The tannins, as well as acidity in wine, lower the sugar levels.

Compared to white wines, red wines are richer in flavors and taste and even taste better with age – a quality attributed to fermentation with grape skins. Red wines pair well with almost all types of foods, making them the best choice to use at family dinner or friends party.

So, how does red wine taste like? Well, this question does not have a specific answer since there are all sorts of variations in the taste based on the grape variety, vintage, winemaker, region, and the list goes on. Each variety has its unique taste and style. Red wine can be light-bodied, medium-bodied, or full-bodied. The wine body is determined by the level of tannins whose presence in the palate makes the wine to be light, medium, or full in body.

While the main focus of wine is the taste, the glass wine choice is essential to concentrate flavors and allow the wine drinker to appreciate the aromas. The best glass for red wine is the tulip-shaped glass with adequate room at the bottom and slightly narrows at the top. This allows adequate room for swirling and enough surface area that allows the wine to breathe.

The temperature for serving red wine is essential and significantly affects the taste. For instance, too warm temperatures over-amplifies the alcohol taste while too cold causes a more astringent taste on the palate. At temperature between 16 – 18C is the most preferred serving temperature for red wines.

Considering the varying characteristics of red wines, a good starting point to best appreciate red wines is by identifying your favorite. First, you need to know the major types of red wines available and then find out how they taste. The next step you can take is to find out the best food to pair with. Here are some of the most popular red wines available in our online liquor store: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel, Malbec, Syrah/Shiraz, and Pinot Noir. The list goes on with more varieties of red wines, all of which we can deliver to you at the most affordable prices. 

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