Malbec wine Kenya

Malbec is among the most popular grapes in the red wine world. Its origin is the Bordeaux region of France. However, its fame in France ends there with the exception of Cahors. In Argentina, the story is quite different. This grape has been highly appreciated and widely planted in the plentiful sun of South America. Malbec is quickly gaining status among the red wine varieties. It is a signature grape of Argentina. In France, it is mostly used for various Bordeaux blends. It is also used elsewhere for blending, especially in making rose wines.

Some of the most amazing features of this wine are its characteristic opaque purple color and forms a bright magenta rim on the glass. This is a good blind tasting tip. The thick skins and high anthocyanin (the purple pigment) content of this grape develop from the amazing Argentinian sunshine. The flavor profile is typically medium to full body, relatively high tannin level but not as much as those in Cabernet Sauvignon, and a good level of acidities. It has ripe fruity flavors, although this varies with region. Malbec wine varieties from Argentina have fruity flavors of plum, blackberry, and even black cherry. A keener tasting will reveal nuanced chocolate, cocoa powder, violet flowers, leather, and an amazing tobacco finish, which depends on the amount of time the wine is aged in oak. Malbec from France, on the other hand, differs in flavor profile from the Argentine Malbec. It has leathery, black plum, tart currant flavors, and savory bitterness. French Malbec also has higher acidity, lower alcohol, and moderate tannins, which enable them to age for longer periods.

In general, you will find Malbec varietals sold as dry red wine, all of which exhibit exuberance in every sip. Malbec is well equipped with bold flavors and richness. Most people believe it originates from aging in oak for longer periods, but the truth is, most of the cheaper varietals of Malbec wine are aged in oak for only six months and still taste amazing. Others aged in oak for 10-12 months give alluring blueberry aromas while the most expensive of Malbec wine varieties filled with elegance are aged in oak for 18-20 months.

Malbec is highly versatile, making it an amazing accompaniment to food, best of them being leaner red meats, spicy food, and other food with funky and rustic flavors. A dinner with Malbec will be filled with endless pleasure and exuberance. It is also a good blending wine, so you can decide to play with it to find out more amazing tastes. Now you know what to expect in Malbec wine. Order now to get top quality brands at the best Malbec prices in Kenya plus free drinks delivery to your doorstep or your preferred venue. You can dial a booze from Dial A Delivery any time (24/7) we aspire to be the most affordable, reliable and efficient online wine and spirits shop in Kenya.

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