Tequila prices in Kenya

750 ml   Ksh 2,100
1 litre   Ksh 2,400
750 ml   Ksh 2,100
1 litre   Ksh 2,300
750 ml   Ksh 3,500
750 ml   Ksh 3,500
750 ml   Ksh 2,700
750 ml   Ksh 2,500
750 ml   Ksh 2,000
750 ml   Ksh 2,000
750 ml   Ksh 2,500
750 ml   Ksh 7,000
750 ml   Ksh 9,000
750 ml   Ksh 7,500
750 ml   Ksh 6,500
750 ml   Ksh 6,500
750 ml   Ksh 9,000
750 ml   Ksh 4,000
Out of stock
750 ml   Ksh 3,500
750 ml   Ksh 9,500
750 ml   Ksh 8,500
750 ml   Ksh 9,200
750 ml   Ksh 4,300
750 ml   Ksh 4,300
1 litre   Ksh 6,800
750 ml   Ksh 6,500
1 litre   Ksh 4,000
700 ml   Ksh 3,700
1 litre   Ksh 4,500
750 ml   Ksh 4,150
700 ml   Ksh 7,100
700 ml   Ksh 9,000
700 ml   Ksh 9,000
750 ml   Ksh 7,200
750 ml   Ksh 6,300
700 ml   Ksh 24,600
1 litre   Ksh 4,940
750 ml   Ksh 3,940
750 ml   Ksh 3,950
750 ml   Ksh 4,940
750 ml   Ksh 4,940
tequila brands in Kenya
No.BrandCountry of origin
1 Jose Cuervo Mexico
2 Olmeca Mexico
3 Sierra Mexico
4 Camino Mexico
5 Patron Tequila Mexico
6 Ponchos Mexico
7 Don Julio Mexico
8 Sauza Mexico
9 Tequila Rose America
10 Roca patron Mexico
11 Corralejo Mexico
12 Kah Mexico
13 La Tilica Mexico
14 1800 Tequila Mexico

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