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Vodka is a distilled spirit made from anything that can be fermented to produce alcohol. Mostly used are cereal grains, potatoes, or even grapes. Vodka is among the most popular spirits in the world. It is historically associated with Poland and Russia. Its history goes back to the middle ages when it was used for medicinal purposes. Its use as a beverage came gradually and gained popularity with the advancement in the distillation process. It became a tradition in both countries as and later its distribution reached the rest of the world. The fact that it can be produced from pretty much anything capable of fermenting into alcohol, its production is worldwide.

So, how is vodka made? Traditionally, vodka was made mostly from potatoes, but today, it is mostly produced from cereal grains such as corn, sorghum, wheat, or rye and also from molasses. These fermentable substances are fermented alongside pure fresh water. Multiple distillations are done to the resulting alcohol either in pot stills or in column stills to form the final product. The aim of these multiple distillations is to produce a spirit that is as close as possible to pure ethanol. Dilution is then made to achieve a typical concentration of 40% to 55% ABV. Depending on the ingredients used, a range of textures and flavors are created.

Vodka is a colorless spirit, plain and odorless, but has different textures felt in the mouth depending on the mode of production and ingredients used. Most vodkas are distilled using column stills, which is a means of achieving the purest spirit. The column runs continuously stripping the spirit of impurities and other congeners that may affect the flavor. It is also filtered in charcoal resulting in a flavorless spirit. However, depending on the mode of production or even the vodka producer, vodka may exhibit purposefully imparted flavors, texture, and aromas of even some degree of sweetness. Certain additives may also be used to soften the harshness and dictate a specific finish.

Vodka is an extremely versatile spirit with many uses. It makes a perfect base for cocktail-making since it exhibits a degree of neutrality. It makes incredible cocktails without imparting their flavors, producing spirit preferences that tickle your palate. From classic Martinis and Cosmos to Bloody Mary, these are among the best styles and of high profile to customer preferences. It is not by accident, but it is from the fantastic tastes vodka brings, exhibited in all types. Vodka is best served chilled, which helps to tame the heat contained therein due to its high alcohol content (a minimum of 40% ABV) and also to amplify its richness and viscosity. Chilling also diminishes flavors that may be present.

Considering the versatility of this spirit, there is so much to explore and discover from this popular spirit in the world. Vodka is any bartender's choice in making cocktails or serving neat, depending on the customers’ preferences. This spirit has been proven to have medicinal value. This was its initial purpose. It imparts a healing sensation to your mind and eases tension to cause relaxation and freshness. Whether you want to party or want to have alone time filled with freshness, vodka is a worthy choice. Browse through our various types of vodka and place your order now. Whatever your choice is, quality is guaranteed.

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