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The world of spirits never gets smaller. This is a spirit that has gained popularity over the years due to its uniqueness and elegance. Gin is a Dutch work of craft and was made popular by the English. It was made by a Dutch Chemist trying to make an elixir for blood cleansing for kidney patients. Although the Dutch and English are commonly known for gin making, their production is worldwide. So, what is gin made from? Gin is made from cereal grains such as corn, rye, wheat, and barley and pure water, then re-distilled with botanicals, with a predominant juniper flavor that distinguishes this class of spirits. The different types of gin differ by their distinctive pine flavor expressed in a variety of ways. In this guide, we will explore the best gin brands in Kenya, why they are popular, and why you should consider them. Here is the list of best gins in Kenya.

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With its origins in Poland and Russia, vodka has been around since the 15th century, although back then, it was used as a medicine. Since the 1890s, standard vodkas have been known to have 40% ABV (alcohol by volume), although if you go to the web and search for the strongest alcohol in Kenya, chances are vodkas will lead in this category. In this guide, we are going to explore the best vodka and best vodka brands in Kenya. With our drinks delivery service, you can order any of these brands and get free delivery to your desired location. Without much ado, here is the list of 10 best vodkas in Kenya.

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Looking for a worthy spend on a truly exceptional drink? Enjoy a luxurious treat with the most expensive gin in Kenya. Gin is regarded as among the most accessible alcoholic drinks with several cheap gin brands readily available in the market. This is because gins are produced quickly and have a myriad of flavors and styles. However, there are some exceptions. There are rare gin bottles that command steep prices due to their exceptional quality and exclusivity. Here is a list of the most expensive gin brands available at Drinks Vine online liquor store, best for luxury and indulgence:

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If you are looking to buy the best expensive spirit in Kenya or you are on a tour to know your spirits better, you are in the right place. Who knows? You might win a lottery someday! These expensive liquor brands are carefully crafted using complex procedures and long aging to create super alcoholic drinks that will keep your taste buds racing. Each alcohol type feature here has a unique quality that makes them special. The expensive alcohol list is dominated by whiskeys and cognacs.

These expensive drinks are available for orders and preorders. Here is the list of 10 most expensive spirits in Kenya and their prices.

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Catching up with friends and family over a drink or two certainly warms up the atmosphere and creates a base for new memories. You can vibe with your friends over a glass of classic brandy, pop the best champagne brand while celebrating some good news, or even send a gift to your whisky-loving friend. You can also make cocktails with Gin, Vodka, or whisky for your home events. A dessert wine will spice up your romantic dinner with your spouse when paired with your favorite meal. These events occur frequently, and one might be on the fence about which drinks to choose for specific events. So we came up with a list of popular wines and spirits to drink and share with your guests during your occasions. Discover the fans' favorite booze and why they are top-selling liquors. Find out what each has to offer and pick your favorite. You can place your order with Drinks Vine and have it delivered to your doorstep. Here is the list of the most famous wines & spirits:

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Wine is a delicious and classy drink that is loved and appreciated by many people. It is equally complex with diverse styles and to appreciate different types of wine one has to accept the diversity of wine brands. There is a wide range of wines sold at online liquor stores in Nairobi which include, sweet red wines, cabernet sauvignon, sauvignon blanc, malbec, pinot noir, and sweet white wines, rose wines, merlot, sparkling wines, port wines among others. In this article, we are going to look at the 10 best sweet red wines in Kenya and their prices. There are way too many red wine brands and it would be incorrect to say the listed wines are the only good wines in Kenya. Sweet red wines are not exactly sugary, but they are mostly fruity as there are commonly made from fruits; grapes, red berries, strawberries, and blueberries which gives these wines diverse textures and flavors. However, other types of red wine can be classified as sweet but are not necessarily made from fruits; in a different article, we will explore types of wines in Kenya. In most cases, the sweetness is added through the fermentation process making them have a distinct sweet taste.

Most Sweet red wines have lower alcohol content and contain sugar levels of about 25% residual sugar. For those people who like slightly sweet red wine, there are dry types that are not sugary as they contain very low sugar residue. If you have a tongue of sweet things, Dial A Delivery offers you the widest and best red sweet wine in Kenya. Sweet red wine brands are usually young wines that are lighter with fruit flavors in comparison to the aged wines; the fermentation process uses the naturally occurring sugars in the grape and converts them into alcohol. To make sweet wine, fermentation is stopped before all of the sugars are converted, as a result, we get a wine that has some sweetness and has lower alcohol content.

Here is the list of the best red sweet wines in Nairobi. The selection is based on consumer demand and the quality of the wine, not this isn't a classification based on cost, you can check the list of expensive wines in Kenya here;

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Champagnes are one most loved categories of liquor, and they are usually classified as premium drinks. Due to their elegance and class, they are the most preferred drinks for office celebrations, gifting, ceremonies, and many other occasions. Dial a Delivery has studied the market trends, listened to customer feedback, researched widely, and finally came up with a list of the best champagnes in the country. This guide highlights the best champagne brands in Kenya that you can gift.

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As a wine enthusiast, you have already established whether you like your wine dry or sweet. You may already know that the dryness of wine is a result of the entire conversion of grape sugars into alcohol during fermentation. A good bottle of red dry wine doesn’t have to be expensive to give you the wine experience you most desire. When you know where to look, you can find considerable value in wine that goes for as low as KES 1400. For red wine types lovers, we have developed a list of the 10 best red dry wines in Kenya that will help you make a wise selection the next time you buy wine online. Although there are many types of red dry wines, the following tend to rank high and are worthy of your consideration:

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Gifts are the best way for a man to make an impression on a lady. Choosing the right gift is essential, whether it's a gift for a girlfriend, wife, friend, or even your mom. Surprise her with a liquor gift on her birthday, your anniversary, or even mother's day. Alcohol gifts will never go out of fashion. They will always remain to be the best Valentine’s gift for her or for any other special occasion. It is also the one thing you will never miss to know your lucky lady's favorite. I am guessing you have spent time with her to know what she loves, but if you don't, then it's your lucky day because we have compiled a list of the best alcohol gifts for her.

To make things even more exciting and romantic, send her flowers or an occasion-themed cake alongside your alcohol gift. The trick is to know the best flowers for different occasions. You can learn about flowers or where to get the freshest and the most beautiful flowers at Flower Delivery Reviews. It's even better when you know her favorite flowers.

Here is list of the best alcohol gifts for ladies in 2021.

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Red wine is a popular choice for most people seeking to have a good time. A glass shared spices up things converting drinking with friends into memorable moments. The selection of the perfect red wine may come naturally for those with wine favorites. However, it might be confusing for some, considering the wide range of red wines available in the world. The famous online wines and spirits shops in Kenya like Drinks Vine have made an effort to source wine from different countries across the globe to give you a large selection to choose your favorite. Among those wines, there are the popular red wine types, which are mostly the best-selling wines that are most preferred by many wine enthusiasts. Being popular choices means they have desirable characteristics that win the hearts of many wine lovers. Here is the list of the most popular red wines in Kenya that you can buy online at Drinks Vine:

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At Dial a Delivery online liquor store, we have a vast collection of wines, spirits, and beers from all over the world. At times clients have a time choosing a single brand, which is why we have compiled a list of the best beers for ladies in Kenya. This list mostly comprises of the sweet alcoholic drinks loved by ladies all over the country. With our drinks delivery services, you order beers online and have them delivered to you from free. Here is the list of the top beers for ladies.

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In Kenya, we have different wine types, from the broad category red and white wine to the more specific categories like sauvignon blanc, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, malbec, Chenin blanc, pinotage, shiraz, rose wines, sparkling wines, port wines among others. When it comes to the task of choosing the best wines for ladies in Kenya, the task can be daunting, but today we are highlighting the top 10 wines for ladies.

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If you are looking for something classy, complex, sweet, spicy, rich in flavors or you just want to stretch your palate, then I'm glad to let you know where to explore, the whiskey world. With so many whiskies from different parts of the globe, you have endless choices. One problem though, you will quickly realize that you have thousands of options and not only that, you also have different styles and types of whiskies including but not limited to single malt, blended, bourbon, Irish, Scotch, Japanese and many more, this makes it almost impossible to select just one bottle. Scotch whiskey takes the lion’s share of glory when we start talking numbers but there are so many other exceptional whiskeys from all corners of the world and in this article we will try to shrink that list down to 10, "10 best whiskeys you can buy online in Kenya"; practically it is impossible to list the 10 best whiskeys in the world, that's why I will clearly tell you that this is just a whiskey guide to help you get one of the best whiskeys in Kenya at a fair price. When elevating a whisky and giving it the title "best", there are so many factors we can consider but in this article, we will consider the popularity here in Nairobi, affordability and how much we love the liquor (flavor, complexity, and smoothness). In a different article, we will explore the most expensive whiskeys in Nairobi, the cheapest and also look at the best selling whiskeys in Kenya.

Our focus will be on the whisky brands in Kenya, the ones you can find at the liquor shop near you or the ones you can order from online liquor stores. I can confidently say that these are some of the most popular whisky brands in Kenya but the list isn’t comprehensive but you can’t go wrong with any of these brands.

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Nothing announces a celebration than popping bottles of champagne and toasting flute glasses with a vibrant bubbly. However, champagne’s cost has made it an occasional drink rather than a regular treat. The big brands are highly priced and are mostly used by persons seeking a luxurious pleasure or huge celebration that do not mind a couple of thousands. What about those who just want a regular treat with a group of friends or family without spending too much? The good news is that there are good quality but cheap champagnes that can be enjoyed any time you need a sparkler treat. All you need is to think beyond the big names and be open to testing some amazingly delicious and reasonably priced sparklers that will grace your celebration. Besides champagnes produced in the Champagne region of France, other champagne-style sparkling wines are produced in other regions that are equally delicious and of high quality. These champagne-style wines are usually pocket friendly and worth trying out. There are also inexpensive original champagnes that you can buy online that will jazz up your weekend. Check out the following affordable champagnes in Kenya:

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Today we will tackle one of the most delicate topics, exploring premium but affordable wines in Kenya. The truth is you don’t have to spend too much to buy a premium/quality wine. Drinks Vine online liquor store has affordable yet high-quality wines. Wine is a vast category of beverages with major categories being white wine, red wine, rose wines, sparkling wines, and champagnes, and if classified depending on how much you spend, we have expensive wines, expensive champagnes, and affordable wines. At Drinks Vine, we only stock the best quality wines from all over the world, giving you a vast collection to choose from. We got you covered even with a restricted budget with these cheap wines online in Kenya. Let us dive right into the list of the most affordable quality wines in Kenya or the so called good inexpensive wines.

Disclaimer: This guide does not cover wines below Ksh 500; we will explore the premium but cheap wines in Kenya, the wines you will find in most wine and spirits shop in the city.

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If you are looking to spend some cash on something extravagant or want to impress your guests with a truly exceptional drink, we have compiled a list of the 11 most expensive wines in Kenya. One of these bottles from our collection should do the trick. The list and figures indicated here have been compiled from existing stocks of all major liquor stores in Kenya with the best wines, including our liquor store. A prior hands-up… you will need a least Ksh 8000 to even consider buying one of these!

Landing on this page means that you are a wine enthusiast seeking information or want to buy expensive wine online in Kenya. In that case, you have just landed on the most sought-after a wine shop in Nairobi. Drinks Vine is your best bet of acquiring wine of exceptional quality and with the best wine delivery service in Nairobi and other regions of the country. We have the largest wine collection sourced across the globe, available at your convenience. Just one dial and we will be at your service. How does it feel to have an entire wine shop on your hands? Make things even easier by downloading our Android or iOS alcohol delivery app.

Check out this expensive wine list, the drinks of kings, so amazing that they become the stuff of dreams and perfect for a luxurious treat.

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For a great drinking experience at home, a decent bottle of liquor can cost as little as Ksh 3000. It is a common misconception that price defines quality. While some shitty alcohol types that might set your tongue on fire are ridiculously cheap, there are some iconic brands that make high-quality booze that are astonishingly affordable. Most of these liquors you may have come across them and some you may have already tried out. To make an informed decision whenever you need quality booze under a restricted budget, we have found 10 most affordable spirits that will cost you less but will give you the satisfaction you need. Whether you prefer whiskey, liqueur, rum, vodka, or gin, there is something for everyone. These are the most popular and inexpensive spirits that you may want to keep on your radar for the next time you want to buy alcohol online.

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Every now and then we are celebrating milestones, appreciating how far we have come and endured, treasuring the people who have become part of our lives among other achievements. During these times, knowing the best wines in Kenya and their prices is integral, since buying the best wine could mean you are about to create yet another beautiful memory. Easier said than done, when talking best wines and prices, the first questiong that pops to your mind is what standards are we using to quality the wine as best, alcohol content, grape used to make wine, aging, rating, and reviews, price, where the wine is made or how it is made? Again, how do you select just 11 wines from thousands of wine brands in Kenya or around the world? Well, turns out it is really hard to choose just a few wines and say this is the best but at the same time it is not that difficult to identify some of the best selling and highly rated wines in Kenya. Most of the wines included in this list have been rated either best red wine or best white wines in other parts of the world too.

There are many types of white wine in Kenya but we will narrow down to 11 best wines. Since there are way too many best wines, we pick wines from different countries, from different grape types, from different price ranges and also include aged wines. The list will comprise French wines, Italian wines, South African wines, Chilean wines, Spanish wines wines from Germany, wines from Portugal and also from Moldova. When qualifying the wine as best, we will not necessarily select the most expensive wines since we also have affordable wines in Kenya that have been largely accepted and appreciated due to their quality. I will try to strike a rational balance between expensive and affordable while at the same time select the top-rated wines from the best wine-producing countries.

If you are here, chances are you have a preferred wine type, may it be a red sweet wine, dry wine, white wine, rose wine, sparkling wine or any other type of wine in Kenya. But today let us be explorers, let us feed our curiosity, let us discover some of the hidden gems together and once you find yours give us a call for the best wine delivery services in Nairobi Let me walk you through the 11 best wines brands in Kenya and their prices, wines that will never disappoint you, any time, any day, any occasion.

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Valentine’s Day is a day to express love in a special, a time to be more romantic, time to right some wrongs, a time to open a great bottle of wine. Just like love, wine or liquor can be complex, sweet, bold and refreshing and selecting one bottle from thousands is no easy task. This guide will highlight the best whiskey, cognac, and wines for valentine’s day. You can order any of the following products coupled with flowers right here at Dial a Delivery and have them delivered to you or your partner. Let's look at the best liquor you can purchase for this year’s valentine's day.

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