Best wines in Kenya and their prices cover

Best wines in Kenya and their prices

Every now and then we are celebrating milestones, appreciating how far we have come and endured, treasuring the people who have become part of our lives among other achievements. During these times, knowing the best wines in Kenya and their prices is integral, since buying the best wine could mean you are about to create yet another beautiful memory. Easier said than done, when talking best wines and prices, the first questiong that pops to your mind is what standards are we using to quality the wine as best, alcohol content, grape used to make wine, aging, rating, and reviews, price, where the wine is made or how it is made? Again, how do you select just 11 wines from thousands of wine brands in Kenya or around the world? Well, turns out it is really hard to choose just a few wines and say this is the best but at the same time it is not that difficult to identify some of the best selling and highly rated wines in Kenya. Most of the wines included in this list have been rated either best red wine or best white wines in other parts of the world too.

There are many types of white wine in Kenya but we will narrow down to 11 best wines. Since there are way too many best wines, we pick wines from different countries, from different grape types, from different price ranges and also include aged wines. The list will comprise French wines, Italian wines, South African wines, Chilean wines, Spanish wines wines from Germany, wines from Portugal and also from Moldova. When qualifying the wine as best, we will not necessarily select the most expensive wines since we also have affordable wines in Kenya that have been largely accepted and appreciated due to their quality. I will try to strike a rational balance between expensive and affordable while at the same time select the top-rated wines from the best wine-producing countries.

If you are here, chances are you have a preferred wine type, may it be a red sweet wine, dry wine, white wine, rose wine, sparkling wine or any other type of wine in Kenya. But today let us be explorers, let us feed our curiosity, let us discover some of the hidden gems together and once you find yours give us a call for the best wine delivery services in Nairobi Let me walk you through the 11 best wines brands in Kenya and their prices, wines that will never disappoint you, any time, any day, any occasion.

Best wines in Kenya and their prices
ProductPrice ABV Country
Tommasi amarone KES 9,60015%Italy
simonsig shiraz KES 3,90014%South Africa
tio pepe sherry KES 2,70015%Spain
Cesari Amarone KES 7,80014%Italy
robertson winery sweet red KES 1,700 - KES 2,4508%South Africa
Barton & Guestier Cuvee Speciale KES 3,50012%France
asconi kagor lux KES 2,28012%Moldova
rosso nobile cioccolata KES 1,94910%Germany
Cockburn's fine ruby KES 3,50020%Portugal
nederburg sauvignon blanc KES 2,15014%South Africa
Upper Valley Nabygelegen dry white KES 2,200 - KES 2,95012%South Africa
  • Tommasi amarone

    If “class” or “premium” is the message you want to communicate then here is the perfect wine to do just that. It is produced from Valpolicella grape varieties Corvina, Rondinella, Corvinone, and Oseleta grapes cultivated in Valpolicella Classico high hillside vineyards. This wine is aged for at least three years in oak barrels and a minimum of one year after bottling it. On the nose, Tommasi wine displays deep fruit flavors of black cherry and ripe plum fruit along with raisin and spicy notes. On the palate, this wine is complex and smooth. Serve it with roasted meat, game dishes and cheese and you will enjoy it even more. In festive season it is always advisable to preorder your bottle since this is one the wines that get sold out, it is one of the wines that have earned a place at the best wines in the world ranking. This wine also falls under expensive wines since a bottle goes at around Ksh 5,700 wholesale price.

  • simonsig shiraz

    This is a lively, opaque ruby red wine from the Simonsig estate of South Africa's Stellenbosch wine-producing region, which was established by Jacques Malan. The Simonsig estate climate and soil is very favorable for the growth of high-quality Shiraz grapes which are fully ripe and suitable for producing excellent quality wine. This ensures Simonsing Shiraz is a balanced full-bodied wine with rich aromas of blackberries and cherries. On the palate, this wine has ripe fruity, spicy, smoky and lingering subtle oak notes and aftertaste tannins. Simonsig Wine is matured for three to five years, giving it unique quality and character. Simonsig Shiraz is among the best wine brands in Kenya and at its price range, it's hard to get something else of better quality. It is excellent for different occasions; from a dinner party to barbecues, so have it served in your most treasured occasions. It is best served with meat dishes. The Simonsig wine brand has a huge fan base in Nairobi and all over the world and this is another assurance that it's one of the world’s finest. You can get Simonsig wine price list Kenya and explore other wines in this brand.

  • tio pepe sherry

    Tío Pepe is classified as sherry port and is the most famous Sherry from Jerez, Spain. It is named after its founder (José Ángel de la Peña, “Uncle Pepe”). It is produced by the González Byass Sherry house, crafted from palomino grape and it is best known for its dry sherry fino style. The grapes are fermented in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature. It obtains 12-13% alcohol content and later fortified to give it an alcohol content of up to 15% ABV. Tio Pepe sherry has a pale golden yellow color with dry flavors of almonds and salty on the palate with a refreshing touch of austerity. On the nose, it is fruity mainly apples with fresh notes of lemons and green olives and elegant aromas of yeast and toasted almonds. This wine is perfect as an aperitif with olives, almonds, and ideal for seafood dishes. Tío Pepe is served on many special occasions. It is one of the best dry white wine in the country and all over the world.

  • Cesari Amarone

    Cesari Amarone is a premium, complex full-bodied red wine from Veneto, Italy. It is one of Italy’s, most prestigious red wines and the first Italian wine to be exported to all five continents, which quickly made it synonymous worldwide. This wine was founded by Gerardo Cesari in 1936 and is uniquely made with an exclusive method to the Veneto region. He crafted the best red wine that will be able to compete with other best red wines in the world. Casari Amarone is blended from dried grapes Corvina, Rondinella, and Molinara, cultivated at the Classico area. Cesari Amarone has pretty aromas of cherry, blackberry, tobacco, and plums. It is smooth in the mouth with a persistent finish of bold tannins. It is fermented in stainless steel tanks and matured for three years in French and Slavonian oak barrels. The outcome is one of the best wine in Kenya. Although the Cesari winery has been incorporating changes and evolving, it has kept true to its original roots, assuring its customers a high-quality, world-class wine. This award-winning wine also falls under expensive or premium wines in Kenya and is one of the preferred wine when one wants to impress.

  • robertson winery sweet red

    Also recognized as one of the best red sweet wine brands in Kenya. Robertson Natural Sweet Red wine is very easy to drink and strikes a perfect balance between quality and cost. It offers premium quality at the price of usual wines and this explains why there is such a huge demand for this product in Nairobi. It is uniquely made in its very own way of blending Ruby Cabernet varietal, which is harvested at an early stage to ensure its low alcohol content of 7.5%. The Robertson Natural Sweet has a lively fruity, fresh, and floral scent that is packed with natural sweet cherry and ripe berry flavours. Robertson Winery has other wine brands in Kenya that you can buy at Dial a Delivery online wine shop. These wine brands are; Robertson Natural Sweet White, Robertson Winery Rose. Place your order with us to complement your meal or to spice your occasion with this outstanding sweet red wine.

  • Barton & Guestier Cuvee Speciale

    Cuvee Speciale is a perfectly balanced fruity, refreshing, and easy to drink wine from France. B&G Cuvee Speciale B&G Cuvee speciale nature red is characterized by pleasant scent and a lively red cherry flavours along with round tannins and fruity aromas. The Cuvee Speciale white elegant with a light and balanced flavour along with ripe fruits and flower aromas. Red Pairs well with grilled meats, and fine cheeses while white brands go well with seafood and game dishes. Buy this fruity and friendly wine brand in Kenya at the best prices in our wine store. When exploring the outstanding types of white wine in Kenya, the B&G Cuvee speciale white sweet would probably be listed among the top 5 since it’s quality, aromas, and the affordability.

  • asconi kagor lux

    Made by the Asconi winery from Moldova and is classified as red semi-sweet wine. This is a deep red wine with flavours of plum and cherry jam with sweet notes that leave a long and pleasing smooth aftertaste. Kagor lux comes in 750 ml bottle size and has an Alcohol content of 12% ABV. It excellently goes well with fruit salads and desserts. Asconi winery offers other great wines brands such as; Asconi Pastoral, Asconi Moscato and Asconi kiss me now, Dial us now for the best Asconi prices in Kenya.

  • rosso nobile cioccolata

    Rosso Nobile al Cioccolata is a great red wine from Germany which is chocolate flavored. It is produced by Wein-Und Sektkellerei Ostrau, which is one of the largest wineries in Germany, known for producing high-quality wines. Rosso Nobile has a smooth taste which is not too sweet with a silky texture. It is known for its intensive ripe black fruit and dark berries aromas followed by soft vanilla notes which are perfectly blended with the finest chocolate flavours to give it an irresistible wine and chocolate taste experience. The winery has other brands such as Bianco Nobile which is sweet white wine, Nero Nobile al Espresso which is coffee flavored and Crema Nobile which is a cream. This is one of the best wines you can buy on Valentine or even a wedding. This is one of the best wines for ladies and makes a perfect gift any day.

  • Cockburn's fine ruby

    Cockburns fine ruby is classified as a ruby port from Portugal which is lively and full-bodied. It is blended from young wines from different harvests and aged in oak vats for an average of two to three years. The young wines and vat aging gives this wine a balanced lovely softness and ripe red-fruit flavours which gives it a long elegant finish. It also retains the intense red color of the young port giving it a rich, fruity, sweet taste and it has an appealing fresh youthful red fruit aromas on the nose. You can serve this wine slightly chilled or at room temperature. It pairs perfectly with cheeses and chocolate desserts. This Portugal popular port wine has an alcohol content of about 19%. Other types of wine in Kenya in this brand include; Cockburns fine tawny and Cockburns special reserve. Dial a drink Nairobi for the best wine deals, and enjoy our fast and free delivery services.

  • nederburg sauvignon blanc

    Nederburg is one of South Africa's most prominent, repeatable and the largest wine producers with a long winemaking legacy. It is the winery with the most prizes and accolades than any other South Africa's winery. It has a dedicated team of experts who have consistently crafted the very best wines brands possible of each vintage that please the palates. The Nederburg winery has a vast list of world best wines, which are perfect for any distinguished palate. They are refreshing, richly fruity with vibrant flavours and classic structure that blends both Old World wines and New World wines complexity. The vast range of Nederburg wines includes; Nederburg Rose, Nederburg Pinotage, Nederburg Shiraz, Nederburg Merlot, Nederburg Chardonnay, Nederburg Cabernet Sauvignon, Nederburg Sauvignon Blanc, Nederburg Chenin Blanc, and Nederburg Riesling. The Nederburg winery craft wines that range from exotic and expensive wines to the affordable wines you can checkout Nederburg wine price in Kenya. Nederburg Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most bought wines in Nairobi and its quality doesn’t disappoint.

  • Upper Valley Nabygelegen dry white

    The upper valley is premium wine crafted by Nabygelegen winery. The Nabygelegen winery is situated in the heart of Bovlei “upper valley” outside Wellington, South Africa. Nabygelegen has a long history of winemaking with excellent consistency and delivers premium wines of superb quality, crafted in South African style. It takes advantage of the unique interaction of climates, diverse soils and the slopes in this region that makes it produce the best grapes and consequently, great wines. The upper valley wine is unique, known by few and those who taste enter into a long relationship with the brand. This wine is perfect for office meetings, end of year parties and many more occasions. It is both affordable and quality.

This list is not exhaustive of all the best wine brands in Kenya. If your favorite wine brand is not featured here, be sure to visit our wine shop to explore our extensive wines, spirits and their prices. We have a wide range of the best wines from all over the world. We also have best of champagnes, cognac, rum, vodka and much more. We have the most affordable wine prices in Kenya, we also offer recommendations for every wine buyer whether they want cheap wines or the most expensive wines in Kenya. Dial us today for awesome wine delivery services in Nairobi. Cheers as you place your order.

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