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About Beer

Beer is one of the oldest and also the most consumed alcoholic drink in the world, with so many alcohol brands in Kenya and in the world. Historical records suggest that beer was invented in Sumeria, which is modern-day Iraq, some 4000 years ago. For a history such long, you wouldn’t expect to find a “who”. Beer brewing has existed for a while now, just with a few adjustments made to the modern beer for flavoring. Beer is an alcoholic product of fermentation of a mixture of grain, water, hops, and yeast. This is the basic backbone of beers, although other additives can be added for flavoring purposes.

There are different types of beer and the distinction is the type of yeast used for fermentation. Beer can be categorized as an ale or a lager. Ales utilize top fermenter yeasts that act at warmer temperatures and settle at the top of the beer. Lagers, on the other hand, uses bottom fermenter yeasts that act on cooler temperatures and settle at the bottom. The process of lager fermentation takes longer, and the yeasts used are less tolerant of alcohol than in ales. Every beer starts as a lager or an ale then proceeds to their specific styles and flavors. Ales are known to be fruitier, brighter, and with spicy flavors, while lagers have more subtle and smooth-finished flavors. There are lots of options in our store and you can buy beer online and enjoy our excellent drinks delivery service.

Beer is formed from the yeast fermentation of sugars that come from grains. The most commonly used grain is malted barley. Hops are added to impart bitterness and to balance the sweetness from sugars contained in malt. Hops also act as preservatives and also impart flavor. Some brews use other grains such as corn, wheat, or rice to act as a source of sugar for fermentation. The body of such beers, as well as the taste, differs from that of barley. Fruits, herbs, and spices may be used in brews to give unique flavors in some types of beers. Depending on the recipe and style of the beer, the alcohol content may range from less than 3% to 40%, with most pale lager ranging from 4% to 6% of alcohol.

When ordering a bottle of beer, at least you know what to expect. As you browse through the beer list in our online liquor shop, you will at least know what to order. Whether you need beer desperados, tusker malt, or a light beer like savanna cider or tusker cider, we have all sorts of beers with different flavors to cater for your needs. We are one call away to making your night all fun. We are the number 1 online liquor store in Kenya, and we offer the best beer prices in Nairobi. We make it possible for you to buy beer online from the comfort of your home and make sure we deliver your order in less than 30 minutes. Call us now and order alcohol online at pocket-friendly rates plus free home delivery in Nairobi.

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