Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What time Do you close?

Drinks Vine online liquor store operates for straight 24 hours. You order your drinks 24/7, but it is advisable to pre-order and have the drinks delivered after hours. Don’t hesitate to call us for late-night alcohol delivery services.

How to buy alcohol online?
Ordering alcohol online involves 3 easy steps.
  1. Visit, search for the products you want eg Jack Daniels. Add it to the cart and checkout indicating your location.
  2. Wait for a call from a representative but if they don't call within 5 minutes, you can call them via 0743646618. Confirm the order.
  3. Pay on delivery. Pay when the drinks you ordered are delivered.
Alternatively, call 0743646618 and place your order or order via WhatsApp. Deliveries take 30 minutes or less.
Which is the most expensive whisky in Kenya?

At Drinks Vine liquor store, we have a list of the most expensive whiskey in Kenya and the most expensive wines and spirits. Here is a list of the 5 most expensive whiskeys and their prices.

5 Most expensive whisky
Product Price Alcohol content
Johnnie Walker Odyssey 700ml Ksh 150, 000 40%
Glenrothes John Ramsay 700ml Ksh 150, 000 46%
Macallan Oscuro 700ml Ksh 128,000 40%
Glenfiddich 30 Years Old 700ml Ksh 95,000 43%
Johnnie Walker Private Collection Ksh 90,500 46%
Is drinks delivery free?

We offer free delivery services around Nairobi. However, some parts of Nairobi we charge delivery depending on the distance and the value or cost the clients order. For example, if a client orders beers, less than a six-pack we will charge delivery. For the distance, some of the Nairobi environs are quite far; therefore, we charge for delivery, but it also depends with the size of your order, if you buy more than five drinks, the client will not be charged and extra delivery fee.

Do you have a wine & spirits price list?
Yes. We have both wholesale and retail price list for all our products. We supply liquor to small businesses, clubs, restaurants, and resorts at wholesale prices, but for clients who need a single bottle or two delivered to their homes or offices, we offer the retails prices. Check out our price list using the following links.
  1. Wine prices in Kenya
  2. Whisky prices
  3. Cognac prices
  4. Champagne prices
  5. Vodka prices
  6. Beer price list
  7. Gin price list
  8. Rum prices
  9. Tequila prices
  10. Liqueur prices
  11. Brandy prices
Which is the most expensive alcohol in Kenya?

Alcohol consumption in Kenya is mostly regarded as a leisure activity; however, the cost of every drink is associated with either your class or just partaking the alcohol content to feel high. There are a few alcoholic beverages that are considered the most expensive, and it is only the rich or big men who can afford them. These rare drinks are clearly not for everyone from the way they are made, aged, packaged and priced. Some of the most expensive alcohol in Kenya include:

  1. Remy Martin Louis XII 700ml @ Ksh 435,000
  2. Hennessy Paradis 700ml @ Ksh 270,000
  3. Johnie walker odyssey 700ml @ Ksh 150,000
  4. Glenrothes John Ramsay 700ml @ Ksh 150,000
  5. Macallan Escuro 700ml @ Ksh 128,000
  6. Dom Perignon 750 ml @ Ksh 24,999
Do you have a return policy?

All drinks should be returned on delivery when they are not opened. However, if a drink has any defect or a broken seal that was identified earlier, the client should immediately contact us via call, text, email or WhatsApp to report the problem so that we can replace the product or find a solution.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes, we do have a liquor delivery app. We have an Android mobile app and iOS mobile app. You can download it from google play store for android or apple store for iPhone users. Once you have downloaded the app when you place the first order through the app you will be given a five percent discount. Our mobile app is user-friendly and it has amazing features that would make your online shopping worthwhile.

How much is Johnnie Walker Directors Blend in Kenya?

The Johnnie Walker Directors Blend is among the expensive and rare drinks in the world. The Johnnie Walker Company produces limited amounts since they have a specifically targeted clientele. This product is not available in Kenya as of March 2020; however, if a client is looking for one, we can make arrangements to order it or any other drink on their behalf, but we have an agreement and terms of purchasing.

Which is the best wine in Kenya?

There are over two thousand wine brands in Kenya; however, most of the highly consumed wines come from South Africa. This does not mean that wines from South Africa are the best wines in Kenya, but basically, it is because most of the highly affordable wines are from South Africa.

Some of the best wines brands in Kenya are from other parts of the world; however, wines from Italy are highly regarded as the best wines in the Kenyan market. Some of the best wines in Kenya include;

  1. Tommasi Amarone
  2. Tilia Malbec
  3. Rosso Nobile
  4. Prosecco
  5. Nederburg
  6. cellar cask Johannisberger
What time can you buy alcohol in Kenya?

You can buy alcohol in Kenya at any time. Drinks Vine is among the liquor stores in Nairobi striving to achieve a 24 hour alcohol delivery, enabling you to buy alcohol around the clock. While bars and wines and spirits shops may close in the evening, Drinks Vine continues to offer you alcohol delivery service to your doorstep at any time of your choosing.

Which wine should a beginner drink?

We all want to introduce our close friends to our love for wines and any other alcoholic drink; however, most beginners find themselves entangled in taking drinks that their friend takes basically because of peer pressure. When you are new to wine tasting, it can be extremely frustrating putting your choices and preferences together simply because one does not know how to differentiate the terminologies used and their true tastes and differences.

At Drinks Vine, we always recommend sweet red, white, or rose wines with low alcohol content for our clients. Some of the wines that we highly recommend for our new beginner's clients include;

  1. Robertson red sweet
  2. 4th street
  3. Rosso Nobile
  4. Bianco Nobile
  5. Four cousins red sweet
  6. Frontera
Can I order a gift/liquor for someone?

Yes, you can. At Drinks Vine we have the gift option at website menu whereby we give you two options, the first option is what we offer and is well stipulated while the second option is where you customize your gift.

In all this, we will ensure that your order is well wrapped; the recipient of the gift package is well taken care of, and in case you have any specification i.e., any instruction, rest assured we will follow it to the letter.

Which is the most expensive wine in Kenya?

Here is a list of the five most expensive wines in 2021, the complete list of costly wines in Kenya, check out the list. You can order all these products online and have them delivered to you.

5 most expensive wine in Nairobi
Product Price Alcohol content
Bottega Stardust Spumante 750ml Ksh 19,799 11%
Scala Dei Cartoixa 750ml Ksh 17,000 15%
Catena Zapata Malbec Argentino 750ml Ksh 13,000 14%
Adrianna Vineyard Fortuna Terrae Malbec 750ml Ksh 11,700 14%
Simonsig Frans Malan 750ml Ksh 11,000 14.1%
How much is alcohol in Kenya?

In Kenya, we have different types of liquor, and all have different prices, with cognac prices being some of the highest prices and beers prices being the lowest. A bottle of whisky costs Ksh 1500 - Ksh 150,000, cognac Ksh 3,000 - Ksh 435,000, wine Ksh 1,200 - Ksh 15,000, vodka Ksh 1,200 - Ksh 5,000. Check Drinks Vine price list.

Can you buy alcohol in Nairobi?

You can order alcohol online in Nairobi at any time and enjoy free drinks delivery. Online liquor stores like Drinks Vine gives you the convenience of buying alcohol in Nairobi at the comfort of your home then deliver to your doorstep at no extra cost.

Which is the best wine for ladies in Kenya?

There are different types of wines in Kenya, ranging from red wines, white wines, sparkling wines, champagnes, etc. At Drinks Vine liquor store, we have compiled a list of the best wines for ladies. Here is a highlight of the 5 best wines for ladies and their prices.

5 great wines for ladies in Kenya
Wine Price Alcohol content (ABV)
Rosso Nobile 750ml Ksh 2,000 10%
Four cousins sweet rose 750ml Ksh 1,200 9.5%
Almadi amarone della valpolicella classico 750ml 7,300 15%
Gran verano merlot 750ml Ksh 1,500 13.5%
Asconi Kiss Me Now 750ml Ksh 2,000 12.5%