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Drinks Delivery Nairobi

Top picks
750 ml   Ksh 1,500
700 ml   Ksh 3,900
1 litre   Ksh 4,800
750 ml   Ksh 3,800
1 litre   Ksh 4,500
750 ml   Ksh 4,800
750 ml   Ksh 2,400
1 litre   Ksh 2,700
750 ml   Ksh 2,300
1 litre   Ksh 2,690
1 litre   Ksh 3,400
750 ml   Ksh 3,199
750 ml   Ksh 1,400
1 litre   Ksh 1,700
700ml   Ksh 62,000
1 litre   Ksh 2,950
750 ml   Ksh 2,700
700 ml   Ksh 6,000
1 litre   Ksh 2,800
750 ml   Ksh 2,460
Best selling wines
750 ml   Ksh 1,300
1.5 litres   Ksh 1,800
750 ml   Ksh 1,300
1.5 litres   Ksh 1,900
750 ml   Ksh 1,400
5 litres   Ksh 3,300
750 ml   Ksh 1,200
1.5 litres   Ksh 2,000
750 ml   Ksh 1,190
Best selling whisky
1 litre   Ksh 4,500
1 litre   Ksh 5,200
750 ml   Ksh 4,900
1 litre   Ksh 3,399
700 ml   Ksh 2,850
750 ml   Ksh 2,200
1 litre   Ksh 2,400
750 ml   Ksh 3,500
1 litre   Ksh 3,700
750 ml   Ksh 1,500
1 litre   Ksh 1,800

Buy liquor online Kenya

You are in Nairobi and it's environments and want to order booze online, we have the largest wines and spirts collection from all over the globe. Here is how you can buy drinks online from our online store.

  1. Visit our website or download our app (Android or iOS)
  2. Add products to cart
  3. Click on the cart icon on top of the screen then click check out
  4. Fill your details and checkout
  5. We will call you in less than 5 mins to confirm the order
  6. We will deliver the drinks in 20-30 mins
  7. If you have any challenge call 0743646618 and place your order via phone.

Alcohol delivery Nairobi

As technology continue to make our lives easier through online shopping, Dial a delivery have shifted focus from a traditional liquor store to an online liquor store and we are now focused at offering drinks delivery in Nairobi. We bring our services to your doorsteps offering liquor at retail and wholesale prices. We supply from a single bottle to large orders for parties and clubs. Today we are one of the best online wines and spirits in Kenya and we are delivering liquor to almost all parts of the country. We are the liquor store closest to you, whenever you think "liquor store near me", think Dial a delivery, our shop is always in your phone. Operating a near 24 hour drinks delivery services, we make sure you can have your drinks delivered at any time, all you have to do is dial a booze and we will deliver in less than 30 minutes. Our services i.e drinks delivery Nairobi, alcohol delivery Nairobi and Drinks delivery Kenya are trusted by thousands of customers in Nairobi and the entire country. Our quality standards have been approved by relevant authorities and most importantly by the customers. Our customers have rated and recognized us, as the best liquor delivery Nairobi service providers. We are here to revolutionize online drinks delivery by offering efficient and outstanding services to our clients. Today we among the major liquor stores in Nairobi serving hundreds of customers every day.

Dial a delivery

Dial a delivery - Alcohol delivery Nairobi, we are a leading liquor store in Nairobi, we deliver alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks all over the country in wholesale and retail prices. We are among the most reputable wines and spirits distributors in Kenya offering fast and efficient drinks delivery service in Nairobi. We are dedicated to offer the resident of Nairobi and surrounding areas an easy & fast way to order alcohol online. Having our liquor store located at Utalii St, Nairobi we are able to offer fast and efficient alcohol delivery. Our delivery service takes less than 30 minutes meaning you get your drinks in the shortest time possible. We have an easy to use application, our alcohol delivery app lets order via texting, calling or even emailing us, these option ensures that we give you the best liquor delivery service.

We make it easy for you to order drinks online by availing various checkouts; that is, you can order drinks via whatsApp, sms, shopping cart, email and by calling. Once you place the order we dispatch our riders and call the clients to confirm the order will be arriving in a few minutes.

Payment methods

Clients are allowed to pay cash on delivery, Mpesa on delivery, bank transfer, paypal and we also have card options. Our multiple payment methods makes it trivial for your to pay for your booze, our main focus is making it easy for you to buy alcohol online in Kenya and give you the best liquor delivery service

Drinks delivered

We offer legit original EABL drinks to ensure we always maintain the highest quality standards. Clients are allowed to return drinks in case wrong products are delivered or there is an issue with the delivered alcohol. We have put these measures to ensure you can buy drinks online in Nairobi without worrying about quality of service of products.

Free drink delivery

Unlike other booze delivery services, we offer free deliveries and we will never charge you an extra dime if you are within the city and the environs. We are a same day alcohol delivery with the wine and spirits prices in Kenya. We deliver in less than 30 minutes and whenever you need delivery or you are searching for 'alcohol delivery near me' or 'drinks delivery near me' we will always be there for you, to deliver the best wines in Kenya and the best liquor brands in Nairobi.


From a wide variety of whisky brands in Kenya to wine brands, we are always fully stocked with your favorite drink. We want to bring efficiency, affordability and variety to drinks delivery in Nairobi. We bring variety to your home via home liquor delivery, from comfort of your home, you can choose local or imported alcohol and have it delivered.

24 hour alcohol delivery

We are working towards achieving a 24 hour alcohol delivery to enable our clients order drinks round the clock. Ours services are aimed to offering solutions to every customer and we believe you should be able to dial a drink any time of the day.

We are here to serve you and offer you the best services when it comes to drinks delivery Kenya, alcohol delivery Nairobi. Get more benefits when you install our Android or iOS app, earn shopping points and get alcohol deals every week.

To get better experience add this app to home screen and get ready to enjoy the best drinks delivery Nairobi and related services.