Singleton whisky price in Kenya

Product Name Price ABV Availability
singleton sunray KES 7,800 40% In stock
singleton tailfire KES 7,800 40% In stock
singleton 12 years dufftown KES 6,800 40% In stock
Singleton glendullan double matured KES 15,700 40% In stock
Singleton Dufftown Trinite KES 20,900 40% In stock
singleton dufftown 15 year old KES 8,800 40% In stock
Singleton glendullan 18yrs KES 19,500 40% In stock
singleton dufftown artisan KES 29,000 43% In stock
singleton dufftown 18 years old KES 11,500 40% In stock
Singleton Luscious Nectar 12 Years KES 5,495 40% In stock
Singleton Glendullan Masters Art KES 14,850 40% In stock
Singleton Classic Glendullan Game Of Thrones KES 9,299 40% In stock
Singleton lucious nectar 15years KES 7,500 40% In stock
Singleton price in Kenya

About Singleton

Scotch whiskey has gotten to the hearts of many. Singleton whiskey is especially an incredible choice for single malt lovers. Singleton has three different types of single malt, each expressing a unique character that wins the hearts of Scotch lovers across the globe. The three expressions of Singleton are as follows: Singleton of Glen Ord (reserved for Asia | green grassy in flavor), Singleton of Glendullan (reserved for Canada and the US | fruity and grassy in flavor) and the third is Singleton of Dufftown (reserved for Europe | nutty and spicy in flavor). Although originally reserved for the regions mentioned, the three single malts are available worldwide, spreading rapidly across the globe.

In Kenya the best selling singleton whisky are

  • Singleton sunray
  • Singleton dufftown
  • Singleton tailfire
  • The different expression of Singleton Scotch has been expanded into various ranges from those with longer periods of aging to others with no age statement. The different expressions in each type express the originality and quality of Scotch whiskey. Singleton is an epitome of Scotland heritage designed to spread quality and elegance across the globe. Bartenders recognize the power of Singleton in making cocktails. Singleton of Glendullan contributes fruity character and freshness while Singleton of Dufftown imparts spice making rich cocktails, warm and refreshing. This feeling suits any occasion that has meals in it or one that seeks a touch of luxury and indulgence.

    The range of Scotch whisky Singleton provides gives you a chance to choose what suits your needs best. Each type expresses quality associated with single malt Scotch Whiskeys and absolute talent and skill in making of Singleton whisky. As they say, “Old is Gold!” The older versions of Singleton whiskey has greater power in expressing richness, freshness, and elegance. They provide a touch of luxury to your occasion, and as expected, it will cost you a little more for a bottle. Of course, the bottle is worth every coin! But make no mistake of shying off from buying the younger versions of Singleton whiskey if you cannot afford the expensive ones. The quality and taste of any Singleton are unmatched.

    Singleton Whisky can be enjoyed straight or mixed in cocktails. In any case, every sip will tickle your taste buds and bring exuberance. Our online liquor store enables you to buy whisky online in Kenya with absolute ease. We provide free alcohol delivery to your premises in minutes. Buy your Singleton whiskey and enjoy the best drinks delivery service. The quality of our services is one of the best rated in the country, and it is our primary goal to ensure we keep offering you the best platform to buy drinks online, from whiskey to wine to beers. Order now for the best experience.

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