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Champagne is the most iconic among the sparkling wines with approximately 300 years of history. Even for someone who is not a big fan of liquor, has a rough idea about Champagne even if it is as basic as "the wine that pops on opening." Well! It is not by surprise that this wine is the most celebrated and popularly used in celebrations. Graduation, wedding ceremonies, birthday parties – all these are made special by toasting a glass of Champagne. A noble gesture to your guests. The Champagne price depends on what type you choose. There is something for everyone. Drinks Vine online wine shop offers the free Champagne delivery in Nairobi. We are never late to grace your celebration or pleasurable moments with the best bubbly. It only takes 30 minutes or less to deliver. So, what is so unique about Champagne? Let's find out!

First thing first! You should probably know, like what they say about gold, not all that sparkles is Champagne. For a sparkling wine to be called Champagne, it has to originate from the Champagne region of France and be made following sophisticated guidelines known as Methode Champenois. What is formed is a spectacular bubbly with inimitable elegance, high acidities with an unmatched freshness that balances remarkably well with the warm sweetness of its alcohol. The alluring yeasty and nutty aromas are developed from the sophisticated fermentation process and unhurried aging.

Most Champagnes are made from blending of three grapes: Chardonnay (white grape), Pinot Meunier (red grape), and Pinot Noir (red grape). The two red grapes are not fermented with their grape skins hence giving rise to white wine. Most Champagnes are typically non-vintage, which blend multiple vintages (wines from different years). This is to ensure a consistent taste of Champagnes throughout the years. In exceptional years, winemakers may decide to declare a vintage year where the best grapes of the year make wine that is released as vintage Champagnes, which can age for years in a bottle longer than the typical non-vintage Champagne. Vintage Champagnes are expensive and are suitable for a toast during luxurious occasions. You can also decide to purchase to take it alone to appreciate the elegance contained therein.

Let's talk about the bubbling in Champagne. Champagne's sparkling nature is caused by the effervescence that happens when carbon dioxide gas contained in the bottle is released upon opening. Methode Champenois guides on how to make the bubbles. This is usually by a secondary fermentation that happens in the bottle upon adding a little sugar and yeast, which on fermentation releases carbon dioxide, which is then trapped in the bottle. Besides forming carbon dioxide, which is essential in the bubbling, the secondary fermentation increases the alcohol percentage by 1.5%. The popping sound you hear when a bottle of Champagne is opened comes from the trapped gas that escapes to the air while forming bubbles. Most of the questions you will find online revolves around champagne alcohol content; most champagne brands have an alcohol content of around 12.5%.

Champagnes are available in various styles from which a consumer can choose according to preference. Regarding sugar levels, Champagnes can have brut taste profile, dry, demi-sec, or doux – where the Nature Brut style has no sugar and doux has the highest sugar level. With the current trend, Champagne is becoming drier, with sweeter styles becoming increasingly rare. Most people's popular choice is the drier styles of Champagne. There as many types of Champagne as there are styles. There is also non-alcoholic Champagne in Kenya that you can buy online and use in a celebration with a mixed audience. Such include persons under the legal drinking age, expectant mothers, or those who do not drink alcohol.

The experience brought about by Champagne is mind-blowing. Champagne is the best choice for anyone looking for an expensive treat. Serve it in flute glasses to appreciate the flavors and proper visibility of the bubbles. Depending on the style, Champagne pairs well with different types of foods. So, the food to match with this wine depends on the choice of style for your occasion. For instance, brut Champagne pairs well with most food due to its rich texture. The effervescence in all Champagnes tickles the palate creating a refreshing effect that goes pretty well with roast chicken, oysters, and cream sauce-based meals. Sweeter Champagne types are excellent accompaniments to desserts that are comparably equal in sweetness with the wine. There is so much to explore in food pairing, and you can play with different dishes to find the perfect match.

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