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ruinart brut KES 17,000 12% In stock
ruinart blanc de blancs brut KES 18,000 12% In stock
Ruinart Brut Rose Champagne KES 23,000 12% In stock
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About Ruinart

Ruinart came into existence in 1729 and is considered the oldest Champagne house. With over 290 years of champagne making, Ruinart has continued reinventing itself throughout history. With age comes experience and wisdom, which is expressed in the impeccable quality of Ruinart Champagnes. Among the expensive champagnes in Kenya, the Ruinart brand presents its vibrant expressions including the famous Ruinart Blanc de Blancs, Ruinart Brut, and the Ruinart Brut Rose.

Over the years, Ruinart has never failed to portray excellence and luxury presented in both taste and presentation in a uniquely shaped bottle. You will find Ruinart Champagne in the most elegant and luxurious restaurants, hotels, and the best liquor stores in Kenya. At Drinks Vine, we pride ourselves as among these eloquent establishments that bring to you this iconic French Champagne brand to your door.

Ruinart continues to maintain its innovativeness and authenticity as a way of reinventing itself in modern times. To keep the champagne intact and preserving it until tasting, Ruinart has come up with an eco-friendly innovation of a second skin casing. It is a fully recyclable design that perfectly marries the emblematic silhouette, the Maison Ruinart’s signature, into an authentic presentation of a luxurious bubbly. It is a stylish and intuitive design that has been made to protect the champagne from light waves and also withstand long periods on ice.

While the presentation is distinctively luxurious, Maison Ruinart has also dedicated enough time and resources to develop a perfect recipe. It creates sophisticated, fresh, and elegant champagnes with a refined structure. Each of Ruinart’s expressions is a masterful blend of the finest grapes, carefully harvested on different terroirs, contributing complementary characteristics blended into a single remarkable champagne. A precise selection of quality grapes and artful blending guarantees a unique taste, purity, and freshness that any champagne lover desires.

Ruinart Maison utilizes 2000 years old cellars, usually described as the most beautiful cellars in all the history of France. Extensive aging of champagne in these cellars and skillful blending from the best grapes brings out a distinctive French delicacy that has defined the true aspects of a perfect bubbly.

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