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About Gin

Gin is a clear spirit, which by law must be infused with juniper flavors as the dominant botanical. The neutral spirit must also be ethanol from agricultural origin. Gin must also have a minimum of 40 percent ABV. Other botanicals, spices, and flavors may be added as long as juniper is present, for the spirit to be regarded as gin.

Gin can be produced from any part of the world, but England has become synonymous with gin production, especially with the London dry style, making gin its national spirit. Although gin has been inextricably linked to England, historically, gin originated from Holland. The name gin is derived from the word genever, which is a derivative of the Latin word Juniperus, which means juniper. Gin was first used for medicinal purposes to improve blood circulation and treat other ailments. The Dutch distillers popularized gin re-distillation from malt spirit then infused it with juniper and other spices, and used it to treat an array of ailments. The English troops stationed in Holland brought the spirit with them from the Dutch. The English then took the idea of making gin and developed it over the years to the current styles enjoyed today.

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Gin price in Kenya

There are both expensive gin as well as cheap gin brands in Kenya. Each type has the characteristic that makes it priced as such. Luxurious gins are made using great skill and expertise, finding a perfect balance of flavors and use of rare and carefully chosen botanicals and quality ingredients for making the base spirit. Some are made by a simpler process, hence the difference in cost. Either way, each type follows all set quality standards. At Drinks Vine, we offer the best gins at the best gin prices in Nairobi. It is only at Drinks Vine that you get the best Gilbeys gin price in Kenya, the best beefeater gin price, Gordon's gin price, and many other reputable gin brands at affordable prices.

Types of Gin in Kenya

Most gin in Kenya is imported, although there are few gin brands produced locally. Gin can be categorized into three major types; distilled gin, redistilled gin, and compound gin.

Distilled gin is made by distillation of fermented alcohol base or mash, a process resembling that of making whisky or brandy.

Redistilled gin, on the other hand, is made by the second distillation of an existing neutral spirit. Both types must be infused with either fresh or dried juniper berries alongside other botanicals.

Compound gin is rather a less common and a cheaper type, made by mixing a neutral spirit with juniper extracts and other aromatics that give it flavor.

From these classifications emerge different popular gin styles:

London dry gin - the most common and usually a benchmark for gin quality. It is very dry, highly aromatic, and light-bodied with highly pronounced juniper notes. This style does not allow the addition of botanicals or artificial flavors after the distillation process.

Plymouth gin - By law, Plymouth gin must originate from Plymouth Coates & Co. distillery. This gin style is lighter and more citrus-forward.

Flavoured gin - While typically by definition, all gins cab be described as flavored, this subcategory reimagines different ingredients that can be used to flavor this spirit category. There are vast options of flavored gins ranging from herbaceous, fruity, floral, and earthy to sweet varieties, and others infused with different spices.

Sloe gin - Although classified as gin, technically sloe gin is a liqueur. It is a gin-based liqueur made by infusing the gin spirit with sloe berries. The liqueur takes on the berry color and sweetness from sloe berry sugars.

Other gin styles - As mentioned earlier, gin can be produced in any part of the globe, as long as juniper flavors are present. Therefore, you will find international-style gin, craft gin, and dry gin made in different parts of the world.

Gin Brands in Kenya

At Drinks Vine online liquor store, we have a vast gin collection from all over the world, all from reputable brands. We also have EABL drinks such as Gilbeys gin, which is among the best-selling gin in Kenya. We have popular gin brands such as Tanqueray, Beefeater gin, Gordon's gin, Hendrick's gin, Bombay Sapphire, and many other gin brands. There is something for everyone, ranging from affordable gin to luxury gin brands.

Best gin in Kenya

Everyone has a favorite gin type. When classifying best gins, quality is the most considered factor. The flavors, taste, and preferred style depend on personal preference. How you experience gin, whether taken on its own or in classic gin cocktails, narrows down to personal preference. At Drinks Vine, we only stock the best quality gins from reputable brands. Anytime you order gin online, you are guaranteed a quality drink. However, in mixing cocktails, some gins do better than others. You can check out popular gin cocktails, which have recommendations on the best gin type to use.

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