Tanqueray gin

Product Name Price ABV Availability
tanqueray no. 10 KES 5,095 - KES 5,400 47% In stock
Tanqueray sterling KES 5,900 40% In stock
tanqueray KES 3,350 - KES 3,750 40% In stock
Tanqueray flor de sevilla distilled gin KES 3,200 37% In stock
Tanqueray lovage KES 7,899 47% In stock
Tanqueray Malacca KES 4,200 41% In stock
Tanqueray rangpur KES 4,200 41% In stock
Tanqueray Blackcurrant Royale Gin KES 3,099 41% In stock
Tanqueray price in Kenya

About Tanqueray

Not only is Tanqueray almost 200 years into the gin game, but the company has also grown its brand to be one of the biggest gin brands in the world. To successfully capture Tanqueray brand's story, a book or even an archive wouldn't be enough as it has a rich history with loud moments.

Tanqueray is a brand of gin produced in Diageo and marketed worldwide. Although its origin was in England, the spirit production today takes place in Scotland. The gin was an idea of Charles Tanqueray, whose bold ideas and a unique style led to the invention of a gin recipe that its celebration runs hitherto. The iconic brand has been distilled in small batches using only the most beautiful botanicals and fresh citrus. The main botanicals used include juniper, coriander, angelica root, and liquorice, which remain unchanged since their first usage. The combination creates a well-balanced and smooth gin that any gin lover would enjoy. The gin is famous worldwide for a good reason.

The gin expresses elegance in every sip and coupling it with premium tonic water and a slice of pink grapefruit guarantees full enjoyment. When you raise your glass of Tanqueray and sip, you get a crisp, dry taste, with strong juniper notes harmonized with a hint of spice and a dry finish. The gin is well balanced and very popular in making G&T. Given that it is one of those drinks that customers will not take neat, it makes a good cocktail drink. You can enjoy the gin in many cocktails, or create a simple cocktail of gin and lemon juice; you mix and enjoy. You can as well add some ice and top with a full bottle of sparkling wine.

Moreover, you can craft your inventive cocktails at home. This gin's easy-drinking nature can have you sipping your drink quickly and forget how strong it is. Enjoy responsibly with your friends! Are you having a party today? Tanqueray gin will elevate you to James Bond's status at a bar, and you can be sure this is the best gin you will ever have. As the famous song by The Weekend would suggest, this drink will get the party started. You can grab your bottle today from our online liquor store at the best Tanqueray price in Kenya. Enjoy and enjoy fast drinks delivery in Nairobi. Check out gin prices in Nairobi from more info.

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