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Our quest to enable you to order whisky online and offer the best alcohol delivery services in Nairobi has compelled us to go beyond the boundaries to find all the great whiskeys from all the corners of the world. From our drinks delivery app or website, you can explore our collection of whisky brands and prices in Kenya. We believe that to be recognized as the best online whisky shop offering excellent drinks delivery Nairobi, we have to stock the most popular whisky drinks as well as the rare and unique types, which we have successfully achieved. Drinks Vine offers the best whisky prices in Kenya and free delivery in Nairobi and the surrounding areas.

Every Maison is equipped with talented and skilled whiskey craftsmen, noble whiskey recipes, a rich source of quality raw materials, modern distillation techniques, and the urge to set world standards of the best whiskey. Therefore, each bottle of our stocked whiskeys reflects the resilience, commitment, and enthusiasm of noble distilleries in different parts of the world. There are many types of whiskeys in the world that can be broadly categorized as in the following list.

Types of whisky

Single Malt

Single malt is a malt whisky produced from a single distillery. Single malts are usually associated with Scotland though they are also made in other countries. There are different terms used to describe whiskeys that might be confusing to most people. There are single grain whiskeys, single malt whiskeys, and single barrel whiskeys. Here is the difference between all these. Malt means that the whiskey is made from malted grain. In Single malt Scotch whiskey, the grain is always malted barley, but other countries like the United States use malted rye. The word single means that the whiskey is made from a single distillery. To ensure consistency of single malt whiskeys year after year, distilleries blend whiskeys from different barrels of different ages but the same distillery. The age statement on a single malt bottle indicates the age of the youngest whisky in the blend. On the other hand, single grain whiskey is any whisky made from grain, whether malted or unmalted but produced from a single distillery. The grain does not need to be barley. Single barrel whiskey is whiskey made from a single barrel from a single distillery. Single barrel whiskeys are extremely rare and are only made for limited editions. Single malt Scotch, which is the most popular single malt, must be produced in Scotland and must use malted barley, and aged for a minimum of three years. Single malt price varies depending on the brand and also the age statement.

Blended Whisky

As the name suggests, this is a combination of different whiskey, which sometimes may have additives like grain spirits, flavors, and colorings. Unlike single malt whiskeys, blended whiskeys can be made from whiskeys sourced from other distilleries. Examples of blended Whiskey include Johnnie walker, Hibiki, Chivas regal, among other brands. The whiskey has a lower aging time hence making its price point lower compared to the single malt. Most blended whiskeys make delicious cocktails due to the combination of premium whiskeys, which brings out a flavor that many whiskey lovers enjoy. However, most drink establishments sell the blended whiskey as a top-shelf premium liquor as some of the blends are from high-grade whiskeys.

Bourbon Whisky

Bourbon Whisky is an American Whisky that is primarily made from corn. The origin of the name is uncertain, but its inspiration is founded in the French Bourbon dynasty. For the whiskey to be branded as bourbon, it must meet a minimum of 51% corn, with the remaining being any cereal grain. It should be aged in new oak barrels without putting any additives. The whiskey has a rich sweet taste, a bit smoky, and has a reddish color due to the fermentation process and maturation in charred oak casks. If the whiskey is not blended, then it's called "straight bourbon."

Tennessee Whisky

Lovers of country music have probably come across the song "Tennessee whiskey," written by Dean Dillon and Linda Hargrove, describing their love for liquor. The only contrast between Tennessee whiskey and Bourbon whiskey is the method of filtering.

The Whiskey production is in the state of Tennessee in the U.S. Previously, the brand was officially labeled as bourbon whiskey, but currently, the manufacturing company never labels them as such on their bottles or their advertisement.

Irish Whisky

Irish Whisky is made on the island of Ireland. The whiskey has three operational distilleries hence offers a varied, rich array of styles and production methods. Irish whiskey has a smooth finish compared to other types of whiskey. It is usually triple distilled copper pot stills or continuous column stills, made from unmalted barley (though some may use malted barley) blended with grain whiskeys, although there are single malts too. It is then aged for a minimum of three years oak barrels. The easiest way to go about Irish whiskey is with a glass of water and straw. You can as well sip it neat or on the rocks or mix up Irish whiskey cocktails.

Japanese Whiskey

Japanese Whisky is a style of whiskey produced and prepared in Japan. It has gained popularity for its high-quality standards that have been maintained over time. The whiskey was crafted to taste close to the Scotch Whiskey hence used similar distilling methods. Japanese whiskeys are rare and often expensive, making them among the most sought-after luxurious whiskey brands. The whiskey goes hand in hand with highballs, or you may as well serve it neat to enjoy the complexity and depth of flavor.

Scotch Whisky

The whiskey is made in Scotland with either malt or grain. All scotch whiskeys have rules put in place that distillers must adhere to. Recently, commercial distilleries have started producing whiskey from wheat and rye. Scotch Whiskey is divided into five categories, namely: single malt scotch, single grain scotch, blended malt scotch, blended grain Scotch, and blended Scotch Whiskey.

All scotch whiskey must age for a minimum of three years in oak barrels. Scotch whiskeys with age statements indicated on the bottle represent the youngest whiskey's age in the blend. However, some Scotch whiskeys have no age statement, but none is aged for less than three years.

Indian Whisky

Indian whiskey is an Indian made liquor prepared by blending neutral spirits usually distilled from fermented molasses. Indian whiskey has no set standards like distillation from cereals or maturity period; hence outside India, many would refer to it as rum. Most Indian whiskeys have not qualified in the E.U. standards due to the use of molasses, neutral alcohol, and use of flavorings. Such spirits are generally cheap to produce compared to other genuine whiskeys.

With the above list of the common whiskey types, you can now make an informed decision when choosing a whisky to enjoy with your friends or whisky for an event. The next question is where to buy whisky online in Kenya. Drinks Vine is an online liquor store in Nairobi with a vast selection of the best whisky types. We present to you the convenience of buying liquor online and further extending a free whisky delivery service in Nairobi. We do home and office delivery. That is not all! We have spirits that suit your budget, from affordable to the most expensive whiskey. We offer competitive whisky prices, regular offers, discounts, and redeemable points to our loyal customers. We also give you a chance to send your favorite person their best whiskey gift, customized to suit your needs and delivered for free in Nairobi.

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