Jameson Irish whiskey prices & brands in Kenya

Product Name Price ABV Availability
jameson coopers croze KES 8,000 40% Out of stock
jameson king size KES 16,950 40% In stock
jameson crested KES 5,999 43% In stock
jameson KES 3,150 - KES 16,500 40% In stock
jameson blender's dog KES 6,000 43% In stock
jameson black barrel KES 5,200 40.5% In stock
jameson select reserve KES 7,200 40% In stock
jameson distiller's safe KES 9,000 43% In stock
jameson gold reserve KES 6,700 40% In stock
Jameson Signature Reserve KES 9,000 40% In stock
jameson caskmates KES 5,500 40% In stock
Jameson caskmates IPA edition KES 7,399 40% In stock
Jameson triple triple KES 5,899 40% In stock
Jameson 18 Years KES 24,500 40% In stock
Jameson price in Kenya

About Jameson

Jameson is one of the most popular whiskeys in Kenya and across the world. It is spawned through the combination of grain and pot still whiskey. It is distilled at the New Midleton Distillery. Jameson uses a mixture of malted and unmalted Irish barley dried by firing a natural gas hence adding a distinct peat flavor. It is made from pure natural water from the Dungourney River. It is outstanding for its distinctive smooth-bodied taste and its ability to fully express richness in every sip, making it an international drink and a best-selling Irish whiskey in the world. Its triple distilled to exhibit elegance and ensure smoothness. It is the kind of commitment and skill exhibited in its production that makes it have that unique sensational texture.

Jameson Irish whiskey has this rich deep amber color, an expression of awesome flavors and greatness. It is housed in unique oak made barrels (bourbon and sherry) that greatly contributes to the spectacular flavors that the whiskey expresses. The aging is from 4 years, with each year adding bulk to the amazing taste. The whiskey has this mellow aroma with toasted wood and cherry undertones that strikes you every time you open your bottle. The woody and nutty notes with an incredibly smooth finish with hints of honey and milk chocolate give it the ability to satisfy your palate fully.

Jameson has this unique characteristic to blend well with a wide range of mixtures. It pairs very well with ginger ale, a very refreshing drink that brings out the floral notes of Jameson whiskey. It also mixes nicely with Coca-Cola, water, and lemonade. You can also decide to drink it neat at room temperature or over ice if that pleases you. It is quite a versatile drink. This is one of the few drinks that can suit any occasion. Beginners will find Jameson very much welcoming and perhaps even make it their drink of choice for its special ability to express greatness.

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