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Liqueur is a famous type of alcohol in the category of spirits. Locally and internationally liqueurs have enjoyed outstanding popularity. At dial a delivery we ease the search for the best liqueur brands in Kenya. We bring different types of alcohol, multiple alcoholic drinks available in Kenya, and non-alcoholic drinks on one platform, our online liquor store. We give you the option to purchase from one bottle and have the drink delivered to your desired location, we also process large orders and offer wholesale and retail prices.

Order liqueur online via WhatsApp, shopping cart, or by dialing us via 0743646618. Prices indicated here are retail prices, we have a slightly lower price list for those purchasing in a large scale. Choose your cream liqueur and get it at the most affordable prices, we have the best liqueur brands at the best rates e.g we have the best baileys prices in Kenya and also we have the best Amarula prices in town and delivery is free.

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