Baileys price in Kenya

Product Name Price ABV Availability
baileys irish cream KES 3,495 - KES 3,800 17% In stock
Baileys delight KES 1,895 15% Out of stock
Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon KES 4,400 17% In stock
Baileys Red Velvet Cupcake KES 4,400 17% In stock
Baileys Strawberries & Cream KES 4,400 17% In stock
Baileys Salted Caramel KES 5,000 17% In stock
Baileys espresso creme KES 4,450 17% In stock
Baileys Chocolat Luxe KES 5,300 15% In stock
Baileys Chocolate Luxe KES 5,300 0% In stock
Baileys price in Kenya

About Baileys

Since 1974, Baileys, a product of Diageo, has been the world’s best-selling Irish cream liqueur. This is a unique type of liquor, a blend of Irish whiskey and dairy cream classified as a liqueur, with a characteristic cream composition that makes it one of the liqueurs in the whole world. The alluring taste is complemented by rich cream, vanilla, and cocoa notes. The soft aromas of chocolate and vanilla add to its unique complexity with a taste of quality. On the palate, the liqueur provides a lingering silky smooth, creamy finish. Its production and bottling are exclusively done in Ireland, a land full of perfection in distilling and dairy production and processing. The combination of cream and triple distilled whiskey is all a result of talent and skill, which led to Baileys Irish Cream to win awards every year since 2003. It remains to be the world’s most celebrated liqueur.

There you go, mate! Your pursuit for a luxurious, smooth, and best-tasting liqueur ends at Baileys Irish Cream. This is a drink that will rock your house party or that dinner date you have been yearning for. Baileys liqueur creates an indulging warm sensation from its velvety texture, a welcoming alcohol content, emancipating you from boredom and fatigue from a busy day you had at work.

To best enjoy this liqueur, you may choose to swirl it in your favorite coffee, drizzle it over vanilla ice cream to experience an indulgent treat, pour it over ice, and other baileys cocktails, or take it neat to have a full experience of the flavors and aromas. Baileys Irish Cream has its own unique taste that stimulates your taste buds, and if you are seeking to experience the flavors and aromas, then taking it neat will create the exuberance you have been yearning for so long. There is more to how you can best enjoy this liqueur – try it with pie, cheesecake, or muffins. This should be fun! You can also find out on your own how you can best enjoy this liqueur by experimenting with various delicacies until you find your perfect combination. The taste in this liqueur gives you an option to explore. There is no limitation on how to enjoy this whiskey-based Irish cream. Baileys cream also brings out the best in cocktails by providing warmth and style perfect for any occasion.

Baileys is available in a beautiful, professionally crafted, unique bottle and easily identifiable. This makes it a presentable gift to your chocolate, cream, or vanilla loving girlfriend. Its appearance is a complement to its taste. The luxury that accompanies this liqueur is unmatched when compared to other cream liqueurs. Baileys have won the hearts of many across the world. It is your turn now to experience the exuberance contained in this Irish drink. This liqueur is available in our liquor store at the most affordable price in Nairobi. You can choose to order the 1 litre or 750 ml bottle. Whichever you choose, we will deliver it to you in the least time possible at your most convenient venue. It is your turn to experience gloriousness attributed to this liqueur. Dial us now to order this drink or other alcohol delivery services. To continue your exploration, here is a list of liqueur prices in Kenya.

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