Amarula price in Kenya

Product Name Price ABV Availability
amarula gold KES 3,795 17% In stock
amarula fruit cream KES 2,495 - KES 2,895 17% In stock
amarula vanilla spice cream KES 3,000 15% In stock
amarula raspberry chocolate KES 3,000 15% In stock
Amarula Ethiopian Coffee KES 3,100 15% In stock
African secret marula cream KES 1,900 15% In stock
Amarula Limited Edition KES 3,100 17% In stock
Amarula price in Kenya

About Amarula

Amarula is one of the best liqueurs in Kenya. It is a sweet and creamy liqueur made in South Africa. It is Africa's most awarded cream liqueur that has gained popularity in Africa and the entire world. It is shipped in 100 countries, including Kenya, where it represents Africa's finest in its class. It is a true representation of African heritage, encapsulating the magnificence of African land and the beauty of nature in every bottle. This liqueur has an alcohol content of 17% that perfectly balances with a rich, creamy flavor. With drinks delivery services in Nairobi, you can have a bottle delivered to your doorstep at no extra cost.

The name Amarula comes from the Marula tree which is indigenous to South Africa. The tree is also found in other countries of Sub-Sahara Africa. It has yellow fruits with a white pulp, which it bears once a year. The fermented and distilled juice from Marula fruits is blended with cream and sugar to form a sweet, butterscotch-flavored liqueur. The fallen ripe Marula fruits are gathered for fermentation. These ripe fruits are rich with sugars that are essential for fermentation using yeast and added sugar. The resulting alcohol is then distilled twice to produce a pure product, which is then aged in oak for two years to add bulk to the nutty and lightly spiced flavor. The final product is made by blending the boozy brew with whole cream and sugar, which forms Amarula's signature rich and silky base.

So, what's up with the elephant symbol on Amarula's bottle? The ripe Amarula fruits attract wild animals, especially elephants, which travel miles to eat their favorite snack. The marula tree is sometimes called the 'elephant tree' because of the elephants. They ram the tree to dislodge the fruits if none has fallen. This explains the elephant symbol. The tree is also a representation of African culture since the fruits are believed to have aphrodisiac properties, and until now, tribal weddings are done under this tree as a form of fertility rite. The bark of the tree is also believed to have healing properties. When you take a sip of Amarula cream liqueur, it is more than just alcohol. It is true African heritage and culture all contained in one bottle.

Amarula is dominated by a rich, sweet, creamy flavor. It is vibrantly fruity, plus notes of peppery spice, caramel, and hints of citrus, which together tickles your taste buds. Its unique flavor is attributed to the Marula tree. The liqueur has an irresistible taste full of elegance that leaves you yearning for more. It can be enjoyed on its own, over the rocks, or shaken into Amarula cocktails. The traditional way of taking Amarula is mixing with milk, and coffee to complement its creamy character. Other modern recipes for taking Amarula are also available. For instance, you can mix with vodka or rum or even pineapple juice. There are different types of Amarula near me, where the major distinction between types is the flavor. This liqueur gives a Friday night out with friends, a luxurious touch. Get the best Amarula prices in Nairobi from our online liquor store. We deliver all types of liqueur to your premises for free in minutes. Other drinks making the list of cream liqueurs worth checking out include Baileys, Sheridan's, and Kahlua. Order drinks online from us and enjoy easy and fun booze shopping.

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