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The terminology blended in the whiskey world can be confusing. The term blend means a combination of two substances, in this case, whiskey. However, in describing whiskeys, the terminology goes further than this basic definition. There are two ways to use the word when it comes to whiskeys – either formally or informally. Formally, and the most appreciated definition, blended whiskey is a product made by combining malt and grain whiskeys from one or more distilleries. Blended whiskeys are very common in the world. They give satisfaction to customers since they are an expression of art involving a combination of different components to give rise to one harmonious and consistent product exhibiting exuberance in every sip.

When the term blended whiskey is used informally, then many of the whiskeys available, even single malt whiskeys, can be referred to as blended. For instance, the term “single” represents a distillery. Single malt whiskeys hence mean, malt whiskey from one distillery. However, malt whiskeys from different barrels from the same distillery can be blended to produce a consistent taste. The reason for blending is exclusively to achieve consistency. To fully understand the distinction between different blended whiskeys, check out the following definitions.

Blended grain whiskey – A blend of different single grain whiskeys from more than one distillery.

Blended malt whiskey – A blend of different malt whiskeys from more than one distillery.

 Blended whiskey – A blend of both malt and grain whiskeys from more than one distillery.

Some of the most iconic brands, such as Johnnie Walker and Chivas Regal, are examples of blended whiskeys. While the misconception that single malt whiskeys are always the best may hold firm, the truth is that blended whiskeys are a combination of art and science and together forms a masterpiece. The strengths of different whiskeys from different distilleries are amplified, and all put together in one bottle.

To form a perfect blend, the blender decides on a flavor profile then selects whiskeys from different distilleries and form a blend with preferred characteristics. As is expected, blended whiskey has a wide range of flavors. In the blended whiskey, the soft grain whiskey makes the intense malt whiskey taste bearable for the tongue hence leveling the extremities of both whiskey types. Blended whiskeys have a huge market share accounting for 90% of the sales worldwide. This means that it is the most consumed type of whiskey. This is also the starting point for beginners in the world of whiskeys. Chances if you are selecting one of the best whisky types in Kenya and probably an affordable one, you will end up in this category.

The variations in blended whiskeys range from entry-level brands, which are relatively cheaper to premium level whiskeys that provide the luxurious experience a consumer seeks. It is easy for the single malt or single grain fans to dismiss blended whiskeys with a misconception that they are uninteresting, but there is so much in blended whiskeys that awaits to be discovered. Blended whiskey is a fun-generating beverage that will impart vigor and enjoyment on that occasion that you have been so eager to make perfect. However you choose to take it, neat or on the rocks, this whiskey will tickle your taste buds and generate the feeling of luxury and complexity that you so much yearned for. Browse through our blended whiskeys and order your favorite at the most affordable whiskey price in Kenya.

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