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Best whisky brands in Kenya

If you are looking for something classy, complex, sweet, spicy, rich in flavors or you just want to stretch your palate, then I'm glad to let you know where to explore, the whiskey world. With so many whiskies from different parts of the globe, you have endless choices. One problem though, you will quickly realize that you have thousands of options and not only that, you also have different styles and types of whiskies including but not limited to single malt, blended, bourbon, Irish, Scotch, Japanese and many more, this makes it almost impossible to select just one bottle. Scotch whiskey takes the lion’s share of glory when we start talking numbers but there are so many other exceptional whiskeys from all corners of the world and in this article we will try to shrink that list down to 10, "10 best whiskeys you can buy online in Kenya"; practically it is impossible to list the 10 best whiskeys in the world, that's why I will clearly tell you that this is just a whiskey guide to help you get one of the best whiskeys in Kenya at a fair price. When elevating a whisky and giving it the title "best", there are so many factors we can consider but in this article, we will consider the popularity here in Nairobi, affordability and how much we love the liquor (flavor, complexity, and smoothness). In a different article, we will explore the most expensive whiskeys in Nairobi, the cheapest and also look at the best selling whiskeys in Kenya.

Our focus will be on the whisky brands in Kenya, the ones you can find at the liquor shop near you or the ones you can order from online liquor stores. I can confidently say that these are some of the most popular whisky brands in Kenya but the list isn’t comprehensive but you can’t go wrong with any of these brands.

Best whisky brands in Kenya
ProductPrice ABV Country
jack daniel's old No. 7 KES 3,700 - KES 17,50040%America
johnnie walker black label KES 3,700 - KES 4,30040%Scotland
Glenfiddich 15 years KES 9,750 - KES 10,40040%Scotland
chivas 12 years KES 4,195 - KES 4,60040%Scotland
glenlivet founders reserve KES 6,200 - KES 7,20040%Scotland
singleton tailfire KES 6,00040%Scotland
glenmorangie original KES 6,500 - KES 7,20040%Scotland
famous grouse KES 2,350 - KES 2,95040%Scotland
jameson KES 2,750 - KES 14,50040%Ireland
  • jack daniel's old No. 7

    This whisky from the Jack Daniel Distillery Lynchburg, Tennessee is one of the most loved whiskey in the world. The mystery with this spirit is how it fits in all classes, it finds its way in the high class and the middle class, unlike any other whisky. if you love whiskey chances are Jack Daniel’s is among the list of spirits you love. It simply irrepressible no matter the occasion, season or your class. Mellowed drop by drop through 10-feet of sugar maple charcoal, then matured in handcrafted barrels. This whiskey has no age statement, Since its early days (the 1800s), it is deemed ready only when the color, taste, and flavor meet the standards set in the early days by Jasper Newton. To the nose, it is very smooth with oaky and a hint of a fruity undertone before the flavor launches into a mingling of caramel, vanilla and of course the signature notes of oak and fruit. Although this is the best selling spirit in this family, there are other complex and outstanding whiskeys in this family, here are the jack daniels products.

  • johnnie walker black label

    This blended scotch whisky form Scotland is a true icon, recognized as the benchmark for other deluxe blends. It is made using whiskeys aged for a minimum of 12 years which are sourced from the four corners of Scotland. When you smell it you will feel the luxurious scent of rich and tropical dark fruits with hints of sweet vanilla. It delivers a smooth and warming smoke finish, characteristic of all Johnnie Walker whiskies. In Nairobi, this is probably the best selling scotch. You can always get it at a budget; It is at our online store that you get the most affordable Johnnie Walker black label price in Kenya.

  • Glenfiddich 15 years

    This is a brand that hardly needs an introduction. The Glenfiddich 15 Year Old Whisky is mainly loved for its sherry, oak, honey, and spicy flavor notes. It is a single malt whisky from Scotland and its popularity here in Kenya is immense. This whiskey is unique as it is aged via a “solera” process. It is matured in American bourbon, Portuguese sherry, and virgin oak. The Glenfiddich brand has other products some aged for a minimum of 12 years, 26 years and more. Most of the whisky lovers who love this whisky tend to find no alternative at the same price. To many this is the best whisky in Kenya, one thing is you can never go wrong with a bottle of Glen 15yrs.

  • chivas 12 years

    Chivas Regal is a world-famous Scotch blend which was first made in the early 20th century by Chivas Brothers. Often referred to as "the blend for grown-ups", it is one of the best whisky brands in Kenya. It is a well-refined blended scotch whisky, with herbs, honey, and fruit leaping forth on the palate. In its price range, this is a superior blend, representing great value for money. It has an aromatic infusion of wild herbs, heather, honey, and orchard fruits. The taste is creamy with a full, rich taste of honey, and ripe pears, with vanilla, hazelnut and butterscotch notes. If you still have the question, what is the best whiskey? buy this liquor and be ready to taste one of the best whiskeys on in Nairobi.

  • glenlivet founders reserve

    Often described as the distillery which started it all, Glenlivet was Scotland’s first officially licensed whisky distillery in 1823. Founder's Reserve is a new addition to the core range that is meant to honor the spirit of pioneering founder George Smith. It has a flavor of toffee and caramel, mixed with apple and a touch of banana, oozing with ripe juice and a hint of vanilla spice. The numbers buying this product from our online store tell us one thing, among all the types of whisky in Nairobi, you can’t go wrong with this one. Whether you are taking it in a party or you want to celebrate success in the office this whiskey could be what you exactly need it represents both quality and class. If you are there looking to order whisky online in Kenya, this is one of the best scotch you can try today

  • singleton tailfire

    The Singleton Tailfire is one of two no age statement single malt expressions released by the brand in 2014. The name Tailfire is inspired by the brand's logo of a leaping fish. It is aged in a combination of European and American oak casks which making it attain a vibrant, fruity and fresh style of whisky. It is distilled in the Dufftown distillery of Speyside, one of the largest distilleries in Scotland, where fine Single Malts have been produced since 1896. All the products in the singleton brand are exceptional and those who love them buy them interchangeably if they don’t get singleton tailfire they willing to buy singleton sunray or singleton Dufftown.

  • glenmorangie original

    The Glenmorangie original sets a high standard for Highland whisky, and has gone from strength to strength for the last few couples of years. Aged 10 years in American oak barrels, this is a really classic malt, creamy and fruity. To the nose, this malt is thick and ripe with citrus fruits. Lemons, limes, and oranges flavors are in plenty and give an amazing zesty tang to the dram. There are garden peaches and green apples to give a nice taste. These flavors are brought together by overriding spicy vanilla that is both sweet and creamy. In the last 2 years, the demand for this malt has been going up and this means more people are continuing to love it. It is also one of the best whiskies you can buy in Kenya.

  • famous grouse

    This is of the world's most popular blends and the best-selling Scotch whisky in Scotland. This blended whisky is a perfectly nicely balanced, malty blend which was first made in 1896. In fact, it was created by Matthew Gloag's company after he was asked to supply wines for a royal banquet with Queen Victoria in attendance. His son, William, perfected a blend named The Grouse, renaming it The Famous Grouse in 1905. To the nose, this whisky has a well-balanced oak, Sherry with a hint of citrus. It has a medium-full flavor, Mature, Speyside fruitiness. This is one of the most affordable whiskies, it has managed to offer superior quality in its price range. It is among the top whisky brands in Kenya and if you are a beginner, this could be a perfect choice.

  • jameson

    This is another whisky that does not need an introduction, it has the highest popularity especially among the younger generation. It is an Irish whiskey and its a smooth, reliable whiskey for shots and cocktails. Jameson is aged in various casks including sherry, bourbon, and port and it is these woods that give it the complexity. For most of the whisky lovers, this is where their journey begins, the reason being its cost and quality. The whisky has 40% alcohol percentage, it has a sweet fragrance of malted barley with butter tones and subtle oak. If you want a budget whisky that will not disappoint then this might be your go booze.

Above are among the most popular drinks in Kenya and the best whisky brands but the list is not exhaustive, here are some of the other whiskeys worth mentioning, black and white whiskey, ballantines, bushmills, talisker, maker’s mark, and Caol Ila. This guide can partially answer the question, which are most popular whisky types? or which is the best classic whisky in Nairobi. There are more whiskies out there that we have not covered, this is a simple whisky shopping guide. The article will be helpful especially if want good alcohol delivery services. In the future, we will cover a more detailed classification with regards with whiskey types, country of origin, style, classification and more factors. For now, explore the list of all whisky brands and prices in Kenya, order drinks online and enjoy our fast and reliable whisky delivery services in Nairobi.

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