Chivas Regal whisky price in Kenya

750 ml   Ksh 3,500
1 litre   Ksh 3,700
4.5 litres   Ksh 20,000
750 ml   Ksh 7,000
1 litre   Ksh 8,200
750 ml   Ksh 7,000
700 ml   Ksh 34,999
700 ml   Ksh 24,500
700 ml   Ksh 24,000
1 litre   Ksh 32,500
750 ml   Ksh 16,500
750 ml   Ksh 8,850
Chivas Regal price in Kenya
Product Name Price Alcohol contentCountry of origin Liquor category
chivas 12 years 750 ml Ksh 3,500 40% Scotland whisky
chivas 12 years 1 litre Ksh 3,700 40% Scotland whisky
chivas 12 years king size 4.5 litres Ksh 20,000 40% Scotland whisky
chivas 18 years 750 ml Ksh 7,000 40% Scotland whisky
chivas 18 years 1 litre Ksh 8,200 40% Scotland whisky
chivas regal extra 750 ml Ksh 7,000 40% Scotland whisky
chivas 25 years 700 ml Ksh 34,999 40% Scotland whisky
Royal salute 21 yrs old Sapphire Flagon 700 ml Ksh 24,500 40% Scotland whisky
Royal salute hundred cask 700 ml Ksh 24,000 40% Scotland whisky
Royal salute hundred cask 1 litre Ksh 32,500 40% Scotland whisky
chivas mizunara 750 ml Ksh 16,500 40% Scotland whisky
Chivas regal 15 years XV 750 ml Ksh 8,850 40% Scotland whisky

Chivas Regal brand

Are you looking for the best luxury whiskey in the Nairobi? Then Chivas regal might be the answer. Chivas Regal whisky range offers some of the best blended whisky in the world and the brand has won numerous awards due to the products outstanding quality. Whatever is done with passion, yields splendid results. The history of the Chivas whiskey brand is dominated by the story of the continual aspiration of blending to obtain an elegant, smoother, and complex tasting whisky to ensure customer satisfaction. The Chivas brand’s ultimate goal has always been to ensure the perfection of the end product, and it is through that inclination that one of the world’s best selling whisky was born. A combination of passion and talent has been passed on since the time of James Chivas, the founder of the Chivas brand, to date.

Now you know why you should buy Chivas Regal Scotch whisky. There is more to the origin and the process of production. It has a smooth and rich taste perfectly blended to give absolute pleasure. The malt used is of top quality. The whiskeys used to blend various Chivas regal whiskey products have been given ample time to mature. The art and science used for blending work in tandem to produce the world’s best tasting whiskey.

The story behind each Chivas Regal brand has a unique character ranging from maintaining the tradition and the roots as in the Chivas Brother’s Blend to creating customized blends such as Chivas Regal The Icon, from whiskeys matured for at least 25 years. Chivas Regal whiskeys are known to have the best flavors and aromas from infusions of wild herbs and a smooth lingering finish. Chivas Regal is the best choice for luxurious excursions or home parties with friends.

The experience it generates is unmatched, with each brand having its unique characteristic and joined by excellence in the feeling they generate. It is fair to say that every party will be complete with shots of Chivas Regal whisky. You do not have to dig so deep in the pocket if you have a restrained budget. The blends from younger whiskeys like the 12 years old are affordable, and they maintain the same elegance. This whisky brand also has luxurious whiskeys that are expensive and guarantees value for money. The luxurious blends vary from those from whiskeys matured for 25 years, to 18 years. Chivas Regal brand has a smoky taste with a lingering long and smooth finish.

The Chivas Regal whisky can be best enjoyed straight or on the rocks. Either way, you will taste the richness of this whiskey to the last drop. Enjoy the best Chivas Regal prices in Kenya right here at Dial a Delivery, the best alcohol delivery platform in Nairobi. We will deliver it to your doorstep at no extra charges. So, whether you need a taste of luxury or you are looking for an affordable alluring sip of this incredible whiskey, we got you covered. You just need to browse through your options and give us a call to deliver the spirit of your choice, and if you also need a bottle of wine, we have an extensive collection of wine types to choose from.