Single malt whisky brands Kenya

Single malt whisky refers to a whisky made of a single malted grain, usually barley, and produced in a single distillery. This also means that a single malt whisky may be a blend of other single malt whiskeys from different barrels of the same distillery. The age statement on a single malt whisky bottle indicates the age of the youngest whiskey used in the blend but can contain much older whiskeys. Hence, Glenfiddich 15 years means that the youngest single malt was derived from a barrel with whisky aged for 15 years, from Glenfiddich Distillery. Single malt whiskeys can be produced anywhere in the world. However, the Scotch single malts are the most famous and known for their high quality. Other countries such as Japan, Canada, America, and others also produce equally good single malts that are enjoyed worldwide. A single malt Scotch whisky is made in Scotland, but anything else not labeled as such is made elsewhere.

The barley used in crafting these whiskeys may be sourced from anywhere in the world, but single malt is defined by the country in which the whiskey is made, or rather from a single distillery in a specific country. This can be confusing to new fans but understanding the basics ensures they are not lost altogether. Blending single malt from different barrels is how distilleries achieve consistency in their whisky every year. Single barrel whiskeys are different from single malt whiskeys. A distillery may produce thousands of single malt bottles at a time, but a single barrel can only make 200-600 bottles at a time. There are whiskeys sold as single barrel whiskeys but are usually rare and expensive considering only a few bottles can be produced. If the distillery relied on a single barrel, the whiskey’s profile would not remain consistent, and customers expecting a similar taste as the previous bottle they had years ago may be disappointed. That is why single barrel whiskeys are reserved for special releases only.

Most single malt whiskeys are bottled at 40% alcohol content, but the value can go higher for some. Single malts are usually mellow and superiorly smooth. Aging in oak imparts oaky flavors, vanilla, caramel, and nut notes. Scotch whiskeys have a peaty and smoky character as a result of using peated malt.

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