Japanese whisky price in Kenya

Japanese whiskeys are among the rarest and expensive whiskeys in the world. These whiskeys echo the Scottish style, lying between the Speyside and Lowland in style. Most whisky lovers often describe them as smooth, but sometimes this is an understatement. Japanese whiskeys are crafted in a unique way that makes them smooth and delicious with an amazing character and flavors, and their unique style makes them one-of-a-kind whisky types. They are rich in floral and light sherry notes that complement the peaty and smoky character representing a quasi-Islay style.

Japanese whisky style was developed in Japan around 1870, but the commercial production took root in 1924, when the first distillery in the country, Yamazaki, was opened. The Japanese whiskey production is attributed to two Japanese figures: Shinjiro Torii, the founder of the Suntory brand and the founder of the Yamazaki distillery, and Taketsuru, who founded Yoichi on Hokkaido. Over the years, Japanese whiskeys have become popular worldwide in a style of their own, representing luxurious alcohol brands and considered among the best whiskeys in the world. Some of the notable Japanese whisky brands and distilleries, or rather the terms you will mostly hear associated with Japanese whisky, are Nikka, Yamazaki, Hibiki, Hakushu, Mars, and Suntory. You may find either of these names in a Japanese whisky bottle. They are rare whiskeys, and it is rare to miss them or even confuse them.

Different Japanese whiskeys are available in different styles ranging from single malt whiskeys to blended whiskeys. There are both aged whiskeys and newer blends. However, to find age statement bottles of Japanese whiskey will require persistence and enough cash, but you will often land on younger blends with no much hassle. The variety of production techniques of Japanese whiskeys result in multifaceted whiskeys. Although some Scottish style echoes can be detected, this whisky category has an identity of its own, differing from Scotch whiskeys in many ways.

Japanese whisky can be taken like Scotch whisky or like Japanese shōchū. Most blended Japanese whiskeys are mixed into cocktails making whisky highballs known as chūhai, while other fine whiskeys are taken neat or on the rocks just like Scotch whisky. Japanese whisky highballs and other mixed drinks are excellent accompaniments to food. There are many ways of consuming Japanese whisky, dictated by the Japanese culture and the distillery’s tradition. Buy your favorite Japanese whisky online in Kenya at Drinks Vine wines and spirits shop at the best prices and enjoy free whisky delivery in Nairobi.

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