Ballantines price in Kenya

Product Name Price ABV Availability
ballantines 12 years KES 6,300 40% In stock
ballantines KES 2,790 - KES 3,200 43% In stock
ballantines 17 years KES 9,000 43% In stock
Ballantines 30 years old KES 58,000 43% In stock
Ballantines 21 years KES 17,800 43% In stock
Ballantines glenburgie 15 years KES 9,899 40% In stock
Ballantines barrel smooth KES 4,899 40% In stock
Ballantines miltonduff 15 years KES 9,899 40% In stock
Ballantines christmas reserve KES 5,950 40% In stock
Ballantines Finest KES 2,600 - KES 3,200 43% In stock
Ballantines price in Kenya

About Ballantines

Ever been trapped in quite a remote area, no internet, no electricity, no nothing, and you are wondering how you are going to escape all this emptiness and dampening of the soul? Well, I give you Ballantine's. There is no better and more befitting way to kill boredom and escape a busy day than taking this whiskey.

Ballantines Scotch whiskeys encompass a wide range of blended whiskeys produced in Dumbarton, Scotland. Its unique flavor is owed to the elegant selection of single malts and grain whiskeys, which are adequately blended and inaugurated in oak casks where they draw character and color out of the wood and then unhurriedly matured to produce incredibly tasting whiskey. This brand was one of the first Scotch whiskeys to gain a foothold in the market. It is by no surprise that the brand has won many awards due to the quality of its products. It was named the number one brand in Europe and the third-largest in the world. Ballantine's whiskey range offers smooth and easy to drink, triggering no burning sensation as it flows down the throat. When you raise a glass to the mouth, the blend leaves you with sweet vanilla and cocoa notes, a genuinely satin-smooth whiskey with a long lingering finish that will ignite a spark in your soul!

This brand has one of the most extensive ranges of blended and best quality Scotch. Ballantine's brands are available at quite affordable prices and guarantee immeasurable experience. Enjoying this whiskey needs no complication, you take it exactly the way you prefer it, whether with ice or water or neat if you like. This way, you will enjoy your whiskey, no stress. Ballantines offers more than a drink to enjoy. Your health is of most importance. Here is the good news – this whiskey is generally endorsed as suitable for both vegan and vegetarian consumers, and it is gluten-free hence highly safe for consumption.

Ballantine's is the solution for all occasions. A sip of this whiskey stirs up exuberance for every individual in your party. Well, this is the best gift you can give to a whiskey lover on that dinner date to lift their spirit and ensure that the night becomes all you hoped for. Sometimes you find yourself sitting all alone in your backyard, and you seem as alone as a chained bulldog, you will find a worthy companion in Ballantine's whiskey. It all comes with a budget price and won't eat into your budget list; it is economically friendly to anyone who wishes to break out of the norm and have some fun!!

The brand offers other products such as Ballantines 17 years, Ballantines 12 years, which will give you the luxury you have been yearning. We are a call away to ensure that you get top-quality whiskey to enjoy at the comfort of your home. We will deliver it for free in the least time possible at your most convenient venue. The prices of our products are affordable. Ballantines will never disappoint and guarantees worth for money. Call us now for the excellent whiskey delivery service or drinks delivery services in Nairobi.

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