Moet and Chandon champagne

Product Name Price ABV Availability
moet & chandon imperial brut KES 10,400 - KES 26,300 12% In stock
moet & chandon nectar imperial rose KES 12,800 12% In stock
moet & chandon nectar imperial KES 12,500 12% In stock
moet & chandon ice imperial rose KES 13,500 12% In stock
moet & chandon ice imperial KES 13,500 12% In stock
moet & chandon imperial rose KES 12,800 - KES 24,500 12% In stock
Moet & Chandon price in Kenya

About Moet & Chandon

Moet & Chandon is a prominent champagne house which produces champagnes that embodies prestige, excellence, and luxury. It is the world’s popular brand known for producing luxurious champagnes. It has over 250 years of history in making sparkling wines. Moet & Chandon is the largest house in the world, offering different styles, including Moet Imperial, Ice Imperial, Rose Imperial, and more. Then there is the Grand Vintage champagne, which varies in different years. This is when the house decides to offer the best vintages of a particular year in their Grand Vintage, which is in every aspect luxurious and of top quality. With services offering drinks delivery Nairobi, you can have any of champagnes from this house delivered right to your doorstep.

Moet & Chandon wines are made through a delicate process that pays close attention to quality as well as maintaining the uniqueness of the brand and diversity of its styles. The wines are majorly based on three grapes – Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, and Pinot Noir, which are grown in the five major regions of Champagne in France. These grapes impart different characteristics to the wines, each contributing their strengths to give a blend with a well-balanced flavor. Pinot Noir will contribute notes of berry and give intensity and structure. Chardonnay imparts its incredible freshness, acidity, and elegance, and Pinot Meunier supplements the wine with roundness, fleshiness, and suppleness. All these are then brought together in one bottle.

The flavor profile of Moet & Chandon wines varies with style. In the Mot & Chandon Imperial, which is the signature wine of this house, you will experience notes of vanilla, subtle floral notes, bread, and grapefruit. It is a light and delicate champagne with small active bubbles that are beautifully expressed in a clear flute champagne glass. Rose Imperial is pink and dominant with wild aromas of strawberries and red currants. Nectar Imperial has a dominant fruity character, full and rich. Moet Grand Vintage has unique green apple flavors, coupled with flavors and aromas of pineapple, fresh-cut grass, apricots, and a long after taste, a characteristic inherent to an exceptional vintage.

The champagne has the most amazing champagne with a touch of quality and elegance in all styles it offers. Dom Perignon is one of the premium champagnes from this house. Wines from this house are the most convenient for anyone seeking a luxurious treat and indulgence. Moet & Chandon is the best champagne for a celebration, whether featuring a luxurious cruise excursion or a high-class wedding. A toast of this champagne will charm your guests. These champagnes are available at our liquor store at the best prices in Kenya. Buy moet online in Nairobi now to experience luxury and indulgence Moet & Chandon Champagnes offer.

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