Belaire Sparkling Wine Price in Kenya

Product Name Price ABV Availability
belaire rose KES 5,300 12% In stock
belaire brut KES 5,300 12% In stock
belaire gold KES 4,800 - KES 10,000 12% In stock
Belaire brut gold KES 5,600 12% In stock
Belaire Fantome Rose KES 6,000 12% In stock
Belaire Brut Gold Fantome KES 5,400 12% In stock
Belaire Brut Fantome KES 5,500 12% In stock
Belaire Bleu KES 5,600 12% In stock
Belaire Rose Fantome KES 5,950 12% In stock
Belaire price in Kenya

About Belaire

Belaire is a sparkling wine brand that belongs to the broader category of sparkling wines. It is among the newest and most popular Champagne style French sparkling wines in the world. Most people commonly refer to it as a Champagne. However, a wine nerd is well aware that for a sparkling wine to be called Champagne, it has to originate from the Champagne region of France. Belaire sparkling wines are available in different styles made in two different regions of France, Provence-Alpes-C’ote-Azur, and Burgundy. These regions are known for producing the best wines in the world. The different variants of the Belaire brand include rose, brut, fantome, luxe, and gold.

The popularity of Belaire sparkling wines has been made possible by endorsements from different celebrity groups from social media platforms and Hip-hop. Hip-hop stars such a Rick Ross, Dj Khaled, Lil Durk, among others, have played a significant part in making Belaire the most searched beverage on the internet. Luc Belaire rose has the majority of enthusiasts, and also the best-selling French rose, especially in the U.S. Its social media presence is phenomenal with global applause. It is also an award-winning and the leading sparkling wines in the globe.

So, what is so special about this brand of sparkling wine? Well, its fame is not exaggerated. Belaire offers top quality and best tasting wines. Each style has its own unique was of tickling your taste buds, generating a sensational experience. A Belaire Rose, for instance, skillfully crafted by 5th and 6th generation winemakers at Maison, has a history dating back to 1898, each year to date generating an exquisite Rose full of elegance. All Belaire sparkling wines are suited for all year round drinking. However, you may want to go the global trend of pairing Belaire Rose and the sun. That beach party, while enjoying the sun, will be made phenomenal by including Belaire sparkling wine as a toast drink of the day.

The night too, never gets better. Belaire glowing Fantome, with its luminescent label, makes it a great deal for celebration in the dark. The experience is amazing and full of luxury. Wait until you sip this wine. The greatness in each sip is unmatched. Belaire suits every group of persons ranging from a marrying couple desiring to have an amazing wedding to a group of friends or family planning a luxurious excursion. Belaire sparkling wine will serve as the best theme drink for either of the occasions. Our liquor store has Belaire sparkling wines at affordable rates. Order now for the best Belaire prices in Nairobi and free home delivery. We offer you excellent drinks delivery services in 20-30 minutes at no extra cost.

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