Robertson winery in Kenya

Product Name Price ABV Availability
robertson winery natural sweet white KES 1,700 - KES 2,450 7% In stock
robertson winery rose KES 1,900 - KES 2,800 7% In stock
robertson winery cask KES 3,950 8% Out of stock
robertson winery sweet red KES 1,700 - KES 2,450 8% In stock
Robertson Winery Dry White KES 4,300 12% In stock
Robertson Winery Chenin Blanc KES 2,300 13% In stock
Robertson Winery Cabernet Sauvignon KES 4,600 13% In stock
Robertson Winery Sauvignon Blanc KES 4,600 13% In stock
Robertson Winery Ruby cabernet KES 2,400 13% In stock
Robertson Winery Chardonnay KES 4,600 13% In stock
Robertson Winery Chapel Sweet Rose KES 1,850 8% In stock
Robertson Winery Chapel Sweet Red KES 1,900 8% In stock
Robertson price in Kenya

About Robertson

Robertson wines are distinguished wines from Robertson Valley, South Africa; these are some of the best wines in Kenya. The valley is popularly known as the valley of wine and roses, and it is the heart of the wine route 62. The Robertson wines ware named after a Scottish minister, Dr. William Robertson, who settled in this town and purchased an abandoned missionaries church to establish Robertson Winery in 1941. He converted it for winemaking and cellaring operations, involving everyone from farmers to bottlers in creating the best wines to share. Robertson Wines have become a global brand recognized for its quality and price value. It is the second-largest wine brand in South Africa and its exported globally.

The Robertson wine valley benefits a lot from the region favorable conditions for the growth of quality grapes that are superb for the production of diversity best wine styles. It has a magnificent holistic climate, good soil structure, sun-drenched mountain, and the Breede River that feed Robertson vines. The company also has an excellent team behind the production, involving the community to create the best wine brands. The region has a passionate, big-hearted society who embrace the world around them, hard-working and welcoming. This collaboration between nature, workers, farmers, winemakers, and grape; results is a great wine.

At Robertson winery, winemaking is a natural process. Grapes come from selected vineyards in the Robertson region, and the desired wine style determines the choice of the vineyard. The best grapes are always picked at the right time, gently pressed to capture the natural fruit flavors, fermented and blended by Robertson winemakers, to craft the award-winning wines as we all know. The Robertson wine valley is also famous for other types of wine, both red and white wines, including; Sauvignon Blancs, Cabernet Sauvignons Chenin blanc, pinotage, Shiraz, etc. as well for the sparkling wine ranges and rose brands.

The natural sweet red wine is uniquely blended with various varietal grapes, easy to drink, low in alcohol with smooth fruity sweet cherry, and ripe berry flavors.

The natural sweet white wine is a blend of young, fresh, fruity varietals resulting in a wine packed with naturally sweet flavors.

The natural sweet rose is very easy to drink wine with a deep coral pink color. It blended from fruit character varietal with the fresh floral flavor, making it a sweet wine.

The sparkling wine range is elegant and fresh that impresses from start to finish. These wines are made from selected white and red grape varieties giving it deliciously vibrant flavors followed by gentle sparkle. Enjoy and share this beautiful wine by placing an order with the best online wine shop in Kenya at the best Robertson wine prices and expect the best alcohol delivery Nairobi services yet.

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