Captain Morgan price in Kenya

Product Name Price ABV Availability
captain morgan dark rum KES 2,450 - KES 2,795 35% In stock
captain morgan spiced KES 2,495 - KES 2,795 35% In stock
captain morgan black spiced rum KES 3,950 40% In stock
captain morgan white spiced rum KES 2,350 - KES 2,550 35% In stock
Captain Morgan Mango & Pineapple KES 3,099 37% In stock
Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum KES 3,099 37% In stock
Captain Morgan Private Stock KES 7,599 40% In stock
Captain Morgan price in Kenya

About Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan rum has never failed to deliver the charm required for any moment, especially where there is a party. From college all the way to holiday breaks from work or weekends with your buddies, when you are all grown up, Captain Morgan never falls out of fashion. It reinvents itself in every moment. Its ability to convert regular moments into memorable ones has brought pleasure and spice to budget drinking.

Captain Morgan brand has different spirits, each with its distinctive character and flavor. These variations allow you to discover your favorite expression - from the crisp, clean, and refreshing Captain Morgan White Rum to a sumptuous spiced and richly flavored Captain Morgan Spiced Gold, to the smooth, rich, and oaky Captain Morgan Dark Rum, and the darker, bolder spiced Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum.

Each of these expressions presents an undeniably elegant rum experience, whether enjoyed straight, in cocktails, or other mixed drinks. Discover the wide range of classic rum cocktails that you can make with Captain Morgan rum, to give you that mood boost you desire after a busy day at work.

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Captain Morgan price in Kenya is low enough to make it a regular drink. It is one of the most popular quality budget drinks that can suit any occasion. Order from a single bottle or in bulk at Drinks Vine online alcohol shop and enjoy the fastest and most reliable alcohol delivery in Nairobi and its environs. We also deliver countrywide. Shop now and get the best rum prices in Kenya!

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