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Captain Morgan is a rum brand produced in Diageo Kingston Jamaica. It’s named after the 17th century Welsh Privateer of the Caribbean, Sir Henry Morgan. Captain Morgan Spiced is a brand made from fermented sugar syrup which is distilled in a continuous still. When done with distillation the clear spirit is then aged in oak barrels for a period of up to one year, and other fine Caribbean rums are blended to give it a smooth and sweet taste and golden color.

Captain Morgan Spiced has subtle notes of Vanilla and Caramel giving a classic rum cocktail distinctive and flavorful finish. Surprisingly it’s one of the rums known to have a little number of calories per shot. The flavor determiners are methods of distillation used, aging conditions, and yeasts used for fermentation and blending. The alcohol content is about 35% volume.

The brand has expanded with flavored rams like coconut and pineapple, a captain Morgan private, and a lighter white rum. Other brands include black spiced rum, dark rum, deluxe dark, lime bite, Original spiced gold, Limited edition spiced. Spices from the Caribbean Islands are used to improve the brand's taste.

Since 2011 Captain Morgan brand has used the slogan “To live, love and loot.” Captain Morgan Spiced is the best brand when you want to have memories with family or friends. You can order it online from Dial a Delivery Kenya and have it delivered at your doorstep in minutes if you are within Nairobi. Whether it is a celebration or a party? Captain Morgan Spiced claims to be real deal in the world of rum. Grab yourself one and blow up your party!
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Product Name captain morgan spiced
Volume 750 ml - 1 litre
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  • Country of origin Jamaica
    Alcohol content 35%
    Brand Captain Morgan
    Type rum
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