Mount Gay prices in Kenya

Product Name Price ABV Availability
mount gay silver KES 3,500 40% In stock
mount gay eclipse KES 3,900 40% In stock
mount gay black barrel KES 7,150 43% In stock
mount gay XO KES 14,999 43% In stock
Mount Gay price in Kenya

About Mount Gay

Mount Gay is a rum that strives to maintain and set its standards with the growing community. This brand has been in business for more than three centuries. Mount Gay is an iconic rum with a rich culture celebrated to-date. The brand has boasted million of sales worldwide, including here in Kenya. You can order this celebrated rum from the comfort of your home. You may be wondering, is there alcohol delivery near me? The good news is that Drinks Vine offers free and fast alcohol delivery in Nairobi. Order and have us deliver it to you.

Distillation of Mount Gay rum occurs in a distillery located in Barbados, in West Indies Island. The brand got its name from its founder, Sir John Gay Alleyne. The distillery was later purchased by his friend John Sober. Sir John Gay was appointed as the company manager as he was exceptionally experienced in the Rum industry. He carried a big reputation all over the world regarding rum-making expertise. To appreciate John Gay's commendable contributions to this rum brand's growth, it was named after him after he died in 1801.

Mount gay rum is made molasses and water and the filtration is done in natural coal. The combination has to go through fermentation using selective yeast, distilled copper stills, and column stills, then aged in oak. Mount gay has released several rums that honor its production history and commemorate the crucial occasions in Barbado's history. Mount Gay Rum is a true representation of elegance and luxury.

Mount gay is an excellent drink with caramel, oak, spicy, honey, and molasses aromas. It has a rich, delicate, and lengthy finish. The rum can be enjoyed neat, but most people prefer to make cocktails, which bring out the Barbadian culture. You can try a variety of cocktails, and be sure to find a new level of enjoyment in each of them. Once you start drinking this rum, you will stop when the bottle is empty.

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