Martell in Kenya

martell VS product image from Drinks Vine
700 ml   Ksh 4,700
1 litre   Ksh 5,500
martell cordon Bleu product image from Drinks Vine
750 ml   Ksh 19,000
martell vsop product image from Drinks Vine
700 ml   Ksh 6,000
1 litre   Ksh 7,500
martell xo product image from Drinks Vine
700 ml   Ksh 23,000
 martell blue swift vsop product image from Drinks Vine
700 ml   Ksh 6,899
martell VS single distillery product image from Drinks Vine
700 ml   Ksh 4,700
1 litre   Ksh 5,500
Martell price in Kenya
Product Name Price Alcohol contentCountry of origin Liquor category
martell VS 700 ml Ksh 4,700 40% France cognac
martell VS 1 litre Ksh 5,500 40% France cognac
martell cordon Bleu 750 ml Ksh 19,000 40% France cognac
martell vsop 700 ml Ksh 6,000 40% France cognac
martell vsop 1 litre Ksh 7,500 40% France cognac
martell xo 700 ml Ksh 23,000 40% France cognac
martell blue swift vsop 700 ml Ksh 6,899 40% France cognac
martell VS single distillery 700 ml Ksh 4,700 40% France cognac
martell VS single distillery 1 litre Ksh 5,500 40% France cognac

Martell brand

Martell is among the oldest brands of Cognac in the world with 300 years of history. This brandy is made from white grapes exclusively grown in Cognac, specifically Charente and Charente-Maritime regions of France. The resulting wine from grapes is then distilled twice in copper stills to make eaux-de-vie. This is then aged in oak for a minimum of two years for the VS then blend to make specific flavors of Cognac. Martell production is unique, following a strict method of production and distillation called Charentais Alambic. Martell is amongst the most popular brandies in the world and is celebrated for the elegance in its taste.

Martell cognac undergoes distillation in copper stills and filtered to strip off all sediments, lees, and other impurities. Fine-grain Troncais oak is used in aging, mostly new wood and some level of toasting. The use of this oak gives lighter and more fragrant flavors. When the aged eau-de-vie has reached the desired potential in oak, they are then put in glass demijohns to await for the next step, which is usually blending under neutral conditions. A characteristic of Martell production that is transferred to the end product is that the distillation is done with wines free of lees. This results in a purer, learner, and fruitier end products with an expression of flower and fruit aromas. The fine oaks used infuse smoother tannins and softer expression of oaky notes. Also, most of the cognacs used in Martell production originates from the Borderies sub-zone, where the eaux-de-vies from this region are known to have a distinctive floral expression and a smooth texture.

Martell cognac is available in different types, mostly differing from each other with age, such as the VS, VSOP, and XO. The VS is made from the least aged eaux-de-vie while VSOP has four years of age in the least and the XO, at least ten years old. The flavors in each differ where the VS category offers more fresh and fruity flavors. You will find stewed fruits and jam aromas in VSOP category and flowery and spicy aromas in the XO category of Cognacs.

Martell Cognacs are among the best cognacs in Kenya. The company produces great tasting brandies that are ideal for cocktails while also being perfect for taking neat, on the rocks, or even diluted with a little water or a mixer of your choice. Serving on a chilled tulip-shaped glass ensures that the alcohol is not expressed too strongly, and the aromas are not released too quickly. Martell cognac is the best option for a celebration. It guarantees exuberance every moment it is you take it. Order from us today any Martel Cognac at the best prices in Nairobi and have it delivered for free at your premises. Now you no longer have to look for an online liquor store where you can buy martel online in Kenya, give us a call, and we will offer you the best services; drinks delivery in Nairobi.