Balvenie price and brands in Kenya

Product Name Price ABV Availability
the balvenie KES 12,350 40% In stock
the balvenie doublewood 12 years KES 12,350 40% In stock
the balvenie tripple cask 12 years KES 16,500 40% In stock
balvenie 16 years tripple cask KES 21,900 40% In stock
the balvenie doublewood 17 years KES 25,900 43% In stock
the balvenie caribbean cask 14 years KES 19,200 43% In stock
the balvenie portwood 21 years KES 35,000 40% In stock
The balvenie 25 years triple cask KES 74,800 40% In stock
Balvenie 12 Years The Sweet Toast Of American Oak KES 19,700 43% In stock
Balvenie 12 Years Single Barrel KES 12,950 47% In stock
Balvenie 14 Years Carribean Cask Gift Pack KES 22,799 43% In stock
Balvenie price in Kenya

About Balvenie

Balvenie Whisky

What is Balvenie Whisky?

It is a peated single-malt scotch whisky that is produced in Dufftown, Scotland. The Balvenie distillery is owned by William Grant & Sons. This brand has an extra layer of delicate smokiness and is rich with vanilla, honey, and citrus notes.

Brief History

The Balvenie was founded by William Grant in 1889. In 1866, William was employed as a bookkeeper at the Mortlack distillery, where he learned the skills of distillation for 20 years. As clerk and manager, William Grant acquired incomparable skills and knowledge about whisky and the distillation processes.

He resigned from being the manager at the distillery and purchased land which was located beneath the towering shadow of The Balvenie Castle. He laid the foundation of his distillery in 1886 and completed the entire structure in about fifteen months.

The company worked closely with David Stewart, the whisky expert who invented the wood finishing process. Stewart crafts all types of Balvenie whiskies with a unique expression of luxurious smoothness, distinctive honeyed character, and distinguished oak characteristics.  

Tasting Notes

The brands are rich with toffee, hazelnut, sultana, and nutmeg, all well blended with flavors of different casks. The marriage in different casks results in whiskies with a very definite distillery character.

The most sought-after Balvenie brandy is the 12 years Double Wood. Others include the Tripple Cask 12 Years, Caribbean Cask 14 Years, and Balvenie 12 Years.

You can enjoy these brands neat, on the rocks, or adding a few drops of water.


Food Pairing

The smoky notes in this whisky go well with the smokiness of grilled Haloumi, endives, asparagus, and semi-dried tomatoes. Another pairing is a dish of chives, sautéed forest mushrooms, and Madeira. The last dish can be roasted duckling, Armagnac sauce with ratatouille.

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