Absolut vodka

Product Name Price ABV Availability
absolut elyx KES 5,500 40% In stock
absolut vanilia KES 2,850 - KES 3,395 40% In stock
absolut vodka KES 2,695 - KES 2,995 40% In stock
absolut watkins KES 3,500 - KES 4,100 40% In stock
absolut raspberri KES 2,895 - KES 3,300 40% In stock
absolut mango KES 2,800 - KES 3,450 40% In stock
absolut citron KES 2,850 - KES 3,200 50% In stock
absolut mandrin KES 2,800 - KES 3,200 40% In stock
absolut kurant KES 2,800 - KES 3,350 40% In stock
absolut unique KES 3,600 - KES 4,100 40% Out of stock
absolut ruby red KES 2,800 - KES 3,200 40% In stock
absolut peppar KES 2,800 - KES 3,800 40% In stock
absolut pears KES 2,800 - KES 3,200 40% In stock
absolut level KES 7,400 40% In stock
Absolut Extrakt KES 3,095 35% In stock
Absolute Apeach KES 3,750 40% In stock
Absolut Exposure KES 3,999 40% In stock
Absolut Lime KES 3,899 40% In stock
Absolut price in Kenya

About Absolut

Whether you drink vodka or not, you are probably familiar with Absolut due to its successful known marketing strategies. Absolut vodka brand is manufactured in Ahus in Southern Sweden. The brand's history goes back to 1879, founded by Lars Olsson Smith. Test it yourself today here in Kenya when you buy Absolute vodka online at the comfort of your home. Absolut is part and parcel of Pernod Ricard, which is a French Group. Absolut was bought in 2008 from the Swedish state. The brand is one of the largest worldwide after Smirnoff, officers Choice, and Bacardi. The brand has a loud and proud cultural innovator that helps them keep up with the modern world.

The art is in Absolut's DNA to produce an iconic vodka. Absolut has one production philosophy; hence all the production processes take place in Ahus, Sweden. The company has committed to controlling the entire production process in each bottle. All ingredients are sourced from southern Sweden. The water and wheat come from one source, one village, and one community, making the vodka maintain its high quality and fame worldwide. Absolut only uses hardy winter wheat produced from the fertile fields in southern Sweden, which has high production yield twice as that produced globally. The vodka is made using Pristine water, which is fetched locally from their wells. Absolut vodka's distillation process is one of the most energy-efficient in the world, which has been done for more than 100 years; therefore, creating vodka of impeccable quality. The Absolut community works hand-in-hand to ensure the best quality wheat production for a more sustainable brand. Absolut is crafted with care, and hence the real taste of the premium vodka will never change. The company strives to make a better brand for everyone everywhere.

Absolut is a perfectly clean vodka that expresses richness, a complex and full-bodied character, yet mellow and smooth. It also expresses a distinct grain character followed by a hint of dried fruit. Absolut vodka is best taken straight due to its crystal-clear texture. You can make cocktails of all kinds. Here in Kenya, it's one of the favorites to the vodka lovers. Buy liquor online in Kenya and get the best

Absolut vodka price in Kenya

at dial a delivery online liquor shop. Millions of vodka fans are enjoying this premium drink worldwide. In Kenya, we got you covered. Dial for a vodka today and enjoy the best alcohol delivery services in Nairobi.

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