Talisker whisky brands

Product Name Price ABV Availability
talisker 10 years KES 7,050 40% In stock
talisker storm KES 6,500 40% In stock
talisker 18 years KES 12,400 40% In stock
Talisker port Ruighe KES 9,500 40% In stock
Talisker Dark Storm KES 13,800 45% In stock
Talisker Neist Point KES 17,200 45% In stock
Talisker Select Reserve Game of Thrones KES 8,899 45% In stock
Talisker Skye KES 9,899 45% In stock
Talisker 57 North KES 14,200 57% In stock
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About Talisker

Talisker is a Scotch whiskey made in Isle of Skye of Scotland. It is the oldest single malt whiskey to be made on the shores of Isle of Skye, which is remote and rugged yet having the most beautiful landscapes. The making of this whiskey is empowered by the beauty of the island and sea, the exuberant and free character of the sea and land. This whiskey expresses salty and peaty notes offered by the natural waters of the Isle of Skye. Each expression of Talisker Scotch whiskey possesses a unique character distinct from the rest and at the same time converge in offering an adventurous and natural touch; after all, they belong to the same breed.

Talisker whisky brand is an award-winning Scotch whisky recognized for its quality and unique character. It is considered a premium single malt Scotch whisky expressing exuberance in every sip. Talisker distillery has over a century of history and progressive growth. All through history, Talisker has strived to produce a top-quality whisky. It utilizes two wash stills and three spirit stills using worm tubs. These worm tubs impart a fuller flavor to the whiskey. It utilizes double distillation that strips off impurities from the spirit making it available in its purest form.

Talisker Scotch is most enjoyed for its peaty and smoky flavor that is intense and powerful. This flavor is developed from burnt peat during the malting processes. The salty character is natural to the land from which the waters originate. This character contributes to its complex nature that expresses the island’s natural making, a land battered by waves and winds. Apart from the salty and smoky character, soft fruit and cereal notes are evident while the older expressions have rich oaky notes, especially vanilla imparted by the American oak casks used for the aging process.

Talisker Scotch whiskey has a lot to offer. You can take it straight to appreciate its complex flavors. Sea lovers will love this whisky as it is an expression of nature with every sip expressing elegance. It is easy to buy this whisky brand online at Dial a Delivery online liquor store. We offer the best alcohol delivery service in Nairobi to ensure that you experience elegance from top quality whiskeys in the least time possible. Our drinks delivery takes minutes, and it’s reliable. We have top quality products available at affordable prices. Order your Talisker whiskey now and enjoy!

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