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monkey shoulder KES 4,950 - KES 5,895 40% In stock
Monkey shoulder price in Kenya

About Monkey shoulder

William Grant is attributed to putting together the Scotland Glenfiddich distillery in 1886 on the Speyside. The process of flipping and turning barley manually was tiresome, and most of the workers ended up having one hand hanging down a little. This was referred to as the “monkey Shoulder.” Long after modernization of distillation processes, the William Grant’s distillery began making a Scotch whiskey in the early 2000s by combining malt whiskey from the Glenfiddich, the Kininvie and Balvenie distilleries (which all shares a common site) to create a blended malt which was a much-coveted rare brand and in 2005, the Monkey shoulder was launched of a premium and fun brand that became a darling of the revelers.


Monkey Shoulder is owned by the William Grants & Sons and is produced at the William Grant’s Lowland Distillery in Ailsa Bay. The Monkey Monkey Shoulder has been named the “most trendy scotch whisky brand in the world” in early 2016 from a poll conducted among the worlds best bars dubbed Drinks International. Due to the high demand, Monkey Shoulder began falling short of supply in 2014 as its unforeseen popularity began starving the malts for the full malts portfolio. In 2018, Monkey Shoulder was named the best-selling Scotch whiskey beating Johnnie walker who’s held the long-standing title. The recipe for Monkey Shoulder is a closely guarded secret combination. The whiskey is matured in ex-bourbon casks and aggregates 40% ABV

Monkey Shoulder Taste profile

Derived from the combination of the three malts, Monkey Shoulder bears a combined characteristic of the smooth, malty and fruity character of the three Speyside distilleries malts (Balvenie, Glenfiddich, and Kininvie). Monkey Shoulder has a zest of orange, vanilla, spice, and floral flavors. The nose has a stylish, elegant marmalade, Crema catalane, cocoa and malt, strong vanilla sprinkled with Nutmeg, Cloves and cinnamon presents a mouth-watering anise hint.

The palate is creamy and very malty with a berry fruit suggestion. Toasted barley, cloves and butterscotch, manuka honey, buttered toast, and dried apricot add to the rich, juicy flavor. The finish is of spicy oak with a peppermint hint tail. Its no wonder this is a highly coveted whiskey.

Monkey Shoulder availability in Kenya

The whiskey is readily available at Dial a delivery with its price being a modest Ksh 3,800/= Though little known; once you discover the smoothness of the whiskey, it is unlikely one would settle for anything else.
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