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pierre marcel sweet red KES 1,850 - KES 2,850 11% In stock
pierre marcel sweet white KES 1,850 11% In stock
Pierre Marcel price in Kenya

About Pierre Marcel

In the mention on Pierre Marcel wine, think mellow and best French feeling. Pierre Marcel is a French wine available in sweet white and red variations. The Pierre Marcel wine brand represents the French finest wines made to arouse a youthful exuberance and guaranteed quality wine experience. France is the world’s most important wine-producing country, with among the best and most famous wines globally. It has a rich terroir and an outstanding winemaking tradition that many people in the world appreciate. For centuries, France has presented the best wine styles ranging from sweet red wine varieties, white wines, dry styles to rare red blends and their white counterparts; all meant to quench your thirst and give you the best wine experience. Pierre Marcel sweet red wine and Pierre Marcel sweet white wine are among the France finest consumed in many countries globally, including Kenya.

Pierre Marcel sweet red wine is a rare red blend made from a rare grape combination of French origin grown in the optimum condition, carefully harvested, and skillfully used to craft a sweet red wine with a great flavor profile and a rich taste. Pierre Marcel sweet red wine has a ruby red color that hints at its fruity character and an expressive bouquet that presents the delicate fruit aromas of black currant, red berries, and blackberries. It is seductive to the palate, delicious with subtle spicy notes, and slightly ripe red fruit flavors. You can buy online at the best Pierre Marcel sweet red wine price in Kenya.

Pierre Marcel sweet white wine is the white blend of Pierre Marcel wine brand. It has a glimmering gold color with inviting tropical fruit aromas of sweet melon, apples, and guava. It has well-integrated spice nuances that complement fruit fragrances and flavors. Its sweet taste makes it a perfect table wine. It can also be used as a dessert wine or just enjoyed alone. It has all the flavors, aromas, and character that you need to have a good time.

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