Highland Park whisky in Kenya

750 ml   Ksh 8,000
700 ml   Ksh 29,900
1 litre   Ksh 13,800
Highland Park price in Kenya
Product Name Price Alcohol contentCountry of origin Liquor category
highland park 12 years 750 ml Ksh 8,000 40% Scotland whisky
Highland Park Sigurd 700 ml Ksh 29,900 43% Scotland whisky
highland park einar 1 litre Ksh 13,800 40% Scotland whisky

Highland Park brand

Highland Park whisky has a hard-to-ignore smoky and rich character. It is a whisky with an exciting history and an excellent reputation. These have placed it among the world's best single malt whiskeys. It is a whisky with a luxurious nature and a rich culture. It is among the most popular whiskeys in Kenya. Drinks Vine sells Highland Park whiskeys at best Highland Park price in Kenya.

Highland Park was founded by Magnus Eunson, who was a butcher; a church officer during the day, and a whisky smuggler at night. Sounds funny, right! The name was based on the distillery area since it was on higher ground than the nearby locations. Majorly what has made this brand stand out for centuries in the world of single malts is the use peat from Orkney. Moreover, the weather is consistently cold and full of breeze throughout the year. Highland distillery ensures the peat burns slowly and thoroughly, giving a distinctive aromatic smoke that makes the brand unique. Also, Orkneys Island's temperate climate has provided the best environment for whisky's casks to mature evenly, without exposure to extreme temperatures.

Whisky lovers know that most whisky flavors come from the cask in which it matures. Highland Park uses barrels made from European or American oak, which are known for their quality. The distillery has a sherry seasoned oak cask signature, making it have a unique profile.

When you raise a glass of Highland Park, its fresh, clean, and intensely aromatic floral notes are released with a light grassiness. It has notes of creamy Manuka honey and juicy citrus. It has a well-balanced sweetness, and a pleasant depth of grilled oranges—notes of granary toast and green tea with jasmine expressed on the palate. The finish is quite long with a spice of pepper and wood shavings. Highland Park Scotch whisky can be enjoyed straight, adding a little bit of water, club soda, or ginger ale on the rocks. The whisky also pairs up with most foods, depending on your preference.

Highland Park is the most fabulous all-round malt whisky in the world. This is a whisky that will never let you down, suitable for any event. Whether you have a wedding celebration, a bachelorette party, or just embracing a holiday, Highland Park is your perfect choice. The drink is readily available at our online liquor store and many more brands. Choose Drinks Vine whenever you pick your device and search for alcohol delivery near me. We will deliver liquor to your doorstep within minutes. Dial a drink today, and we will deliver your favorite liquor to your home.