Belvedere vodka

Product Name Price ABV Availability
belvedere pink grape fruit KES 5,400 40% In stock
belvedere bloody mary KES 5,400 - KES 6,000 40% In stock
belvedere orange KES 5,400 40% In stock
belvedere citrus KES 5,400 - KES 6,000 40% In stock
belvedere KES 5,095 - KES 5,599 40% In stock
belvedere lemon tea KES 9,900 40% In stock
Belvedere Intense KES 7,399 50% In stock
Belvedere Smogory Forest KES 10,200 40% In stock
Belvedere price in Kenya

About Belvedere

Belvedere Vodka is considered one of the most luxurious and iconic vodkas. Belvedere is an Italian name meaning “beautiful view.” Belvedere is a Polish vodka manufactured and distributed by LVMH. The vodka got its name from Belweder, a Polish Presidential palace located Warsaw. Belvedere vodka bottles are inscribed with this palace as a reminder of its strong heritage. The brand was first introduced in 1996 in the U.S as a luxury liquor and then sold as the best premium vodka in the world. The vodka is regarded as the International Standard for quality and excellence in the spirits category. After entering the U.S market, Belvedere sought partnership with celebrities such as John Legend, Usher, and Chelsea Handler to promote the brand. In 2015, it was featured James Bond Film as the official vodka. In 2017, for the third time, Belvedere acquired the title the Vodka Producer of the year at the spirits Challenge. In 2018, The Company partnered with Janelle Monae, an actress, and songwriter, to feature the brand in several short films. This brand is one of the best vodka brands in Kenya.

For the brand to get the label super-premium Polska, it must be made using specific Polish grains, potatoes, and water. The secret behind the celebrated brand is the combination of quality, locally sourced ingredients with distinctive characteristics. The original Polish vodka has no additives. It uses Rye varieties harvested from Dankowskie, one of the best luxury vodka farms, and artesian water from its wells. After harvesting, the rye is simmered to form a mash that is taken through fermentation and distilled four times at the Belvedere distillery. The bottling process is a slow one with many quality control checks put in place.

Belvedere has a variety of flavored vodkas produced through a maceration process. However, this is done to maintain essential oils that carry fruit flavors and taste. The hidden treasure in this vodka is its purity and hence makes it retain its fame. The choice in rye variety, quality of water, methods, and techniques used for fermentation, distillation, and bottling make Belvedere stand out from other vodkas in the world. The taste structure is elegant, balanced with a velvety, creamy mouthfeel, a subtle sweetness, and a clean and smooth finish. The vodka may be enjoyed neat or as a cocktail. Many people in Kenya love Belvedere Vodka as it has its own unique family of cocktails. Good news! Dial a delivery offers this vodka at the best Belvedere price in Kenya. Buy vodka online in Kenya and enjoy free alcohol delivery in Nairobi.

Cheers! Look out for Belvedere to keep those happy hours going.

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