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Best vodka in Kenya

With its origins in Poland and Russia, vodka has been around since the 15th century, although back then, it was used as a medicine. Since the 1890s, standard vodkas have been known to have 40% ABV (alcohol by volume), although if you go to the web and search for the strongest alcohol in Kenya, chances are vodkas will lead in this category. In this guide, we are going to explore the best vodka and best vodka brands in Kenya. With our drinks delivery service, you can order any of these brands and get free delivery to your desired location. Without much ado, here is the list of 10 best vodkas in Kenya.

Best vodka in Kenya
ProductPrice ABV Country
ciroc snap frost KES 5,200 - KES 5,60040%France
Stolichnaya elit KES 12,50040%Russia
belvedere KES 5,695 - KES 6,25040%Poland
absolut vodka KES 2,695 - KES 2,99540%Sweden
KES 0Non-alcoholicNot specified
smirnoff vodka red KES 1,850 - KES 1,99535%Russia
  • ciroc snap frost

    Best vodka in Kenya - null

    Ciroc brand is native to France in the Charente-Maritime region. It was founded in 2003 by Jean-Sebastian Robiquet and is owned and distributed by Diageo. It is the only vodka exclusively made from grapes rather than grain. The Mauzaz grape used is picked late when they have the highest sugar level, ideal for the fermentation process to produce alcohol. Distillation is done five times in copper pot stills to produce the best flavor. This spirit made from grape ensures a taste characteristic of grape, full of freshness and crispness. The spirit is gluten-free, unlike the typical grain spirits. The spirit is dominated by smooth and delicious citrus taste and aromas sourced from the natural character of the grapes. A crisp and clean finish works magic on the palate.

    The popularity of this vodka has been made possible by the Hip-hop artist, Sean Diddy Combs, who is the main ambassador of this brand. This has made it a pioneer as a celebratory brand that guarantees luxury and indulgence. You can choose to sit on the sand of a beach and let the sun scorch your skin, or you can choose to relax with a glass of Ciroc Snap Frost mixed with lemonade and garnished with a lemon wheel. You can try different Ciroc flavors such as Ciroc coconut, Ciroc pineapple, or any other you may prefer. Ciroc is among the most popular vodka brands in Keny

  • Stolichnaya elit

    Best vodka in Kenya - null

    This spirit, commonly known as Stoli Elit, is an ultra-premium vodka made in Russia. It is skillfully crafted using a traditional Russian recipe and filtered using freeze filtration. This process involves filtering at -18oC, which results in incredibly smooth vodka with amazing aniseed and spice flavors. It is made from the Alpha spirit, which is the highest grade of spirit. This spirit is distilled from winter wheat and rye, which are then filtered through Siberian birch charcoal, quartz sand, and cloth filters. The typical freeze filtration at -18oC, typical of this vodka, follows. To produce it in its purest form, it is passed through ion-charged filters.

    The sophisticated process of distillation and then filtration is the real deal in producing superbly clean vodka. It is crystal clear in appearance clean and minerally with nuanced charcoal aromas, cracked black pepper, and vanilla. It also has an almost creamy mouthfeel. It also has a grainy and charcoal taste with hints of black pepper and aniseed. An aftertaste of cracked black pepper, charcoal, and faint hints of aniseed is evident. However, if you choose to take this vodka, whether straight, on the rocks, or in cocktails, exuberance is guaranteed. The brand has more to offer, check out the products in the Stolichnaya brand.

  • belvedere

    Best vodka in Kenya - null

    Belvedere is a super-premium vodka, the first to be recognized in the world as a luxurious liquor. Its origin is Poland and was introduced in 1993. It got its name from a palace in Warsaw known as Belweder, which serves as the brand's heritage. The production is done with raw materials sourced from Polish soil. It's made from premium Dakowskie rye, and the purest water sourced from Belvedere's natural well. This is natural with no additives or even sugar and follows the legal requirements of Polish vodkas. The vodka is distilled four times to achieve its purest form.

    It is popularly known for its natural character and distinctive taste. It has a structured taste, a velvety rich mouthfeel, an elegant and well-balanced subtle sweetness, and a smooth, clean finish. You can choose to take it straight or in cocktails. It is a perfect base for cocktails, transferring its elegance in every sip. Different flavors of Belvedere, such as citrus, orange, and more, are available too. The choice is yours.

  • absolut vodka

    Best vodka in Kenya - null

    This is a Swedish vodka made from natural ingredients. It has no additives. It is therefore in its purest form and exclusively natural. It is among the most popular vodkas in the world. It is a highly celebrated vodka that expresses culture, art, and nightlife. It is made from wheat grown in Ahus, Sweden, and the pure water is free from impurities that come from a deep well in Ahus. Absolut vodka has become popular due to its excellence in making cocktails and imparting its unique flavors and freshness. It is full-bodied and highly sophisticated with a surprisingly smooth and mellow character and evident hints of grain and dried fruit.

    Absolut vodka is distilled in a method known as continuous distillation which means it is distilled so many times until it riches its purest form. This makes it one of the purest vodka in the world. It is stripped of any impurities and color, making it appear crystal clear. There are many ways of enjoying this vodka. It is perfect for making cocktails. You can choose to appreciate the elegance of this spirit by taking it neat, or you can decide to explore different tastes by adding lime juice, soda water, or lime slices. In any case, you will enjoy the elegance and luxury it generates.

  • Best vodka in Kenya - null

    Grey Goose VX vodka is one of a kind. It is unique in its form. It is a French vodka with a splash of cognac. Grey Goose is skillfully crafted using soft winter French wheat and water from the natural spring of Gensac-la-Pallu. It is then infused with 5% cognac, which is made from Ugni Blanc grapes grown in the Grande Champagne region of France. The Talent behind this distinctive spirit is attributed to the master of cognac, Francois Thibault, and his team.

    Grey Goose VX is a clear spirit filtered just like any other white vodka. The touch of cognac makes a significant difference to the body. To the nose, there are slight hints of nougat and plum. On the palate, this is where Grey Goose VX vodka begins to express its incredible character. Stronger notes of flower, cotton candy, sultana, and a distinct raisiny, sugar-cookie sweetness are characteristic of good cognac. Even the amount of cognac is tiny; it has a surprisingly significant impact on the taste. It has a satisfying but slightly astringent finish, a characteristic of the vodka within, which is then shortened by the presence of a sweeter cognac. It has a soft texture ap

  • smirnoff vodka red

    Best vodka in Kenya - null

    Smirnoff Vodka was founded in the year 1864 by a Russian known as Pyotr Arsenievich Smirnov, from whom its name was coined. Smirnoff vodka is the best-selling vodka in the world. It is made from corn and pure water, giving it its clean taste. Corn has no gluten; hence, this vodka is safe for people who are allergic to gluten. It is available in over 35 different flavors giving you a wide range of choices and a chance for you to discover different tastes. The purity in this spirit is further enhanced by the use of charcoal filtration to remove all the impurities.

    With over 35 flavors, the flavor profile of Smirnoff vodka has a wide range. However, the most common flavors in various Smirnoff vodka feature notes of citrus, grain, vanilla, and black pepper. The purity of the vodka enhances the expression of the flavors giving a refreshing feeling and a cool finish. Smirnoff can be enjoyed when taken straight, with tonic water or even club soda. This way, you will appreciate the aromas and an excellent Smirnoff experience. Browse through our online liquor shop (Smirnoff brand page) and pick your favorite Smirnoff flavor and enjoy yourself.

Vodkas are among the best spirits in the world and some of the most affordable alcohol in Kenya, serving a great purpose in ensuring enjoyment. Different vodkas generate different experiences. There is so much to explore in the world of vodka, from incredible cocktails to exceptional flavors of vodkas taken neat. Our online liquor store offers top-quality vodkas at the most affordable prices and, at the same time, a collection of the most expensive vodkas. Browse through various types of vodka and place your order. We will deliver your favorite vodka to your doorstep for free in less than 30 minutes. In a different guide, we will explore the most popular vodka brands in Kenya and their prices until then, cheers, and keep it #DialADelivery.

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