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Let us explore the world or white wine, from types of white wine, white wine brands, white wine grapes, and white wine prices in Kenya. It’s normal to find yourself confused about what wine to purchase. In the vast universe of white wine, there are so many varieties of grapes as well as wines from different wineries and origins that will make your head spin. It will be easier for you after you have learned about white wines, and you will not be in the dark anymore. First things first! Let’s highlight wine types in this category.

Types of white wine in Kenya

  1. Chardonnay
  2. Sauvignon blanc
  3. Chenin blanc
  4. Pinot grigio
  5. Riesling
  6. Moscato

The most popular white wines are dry white wines. They are amazingly refreshing, clean, and with an incredible fruity fragrance. The development of fruity flavors is a result of the cool fermentation. Storage and serving of white wines under cool temperatures is therefore essential to maintain the fruity aromas and flavors. Aging of white wines is not really a strength, with the exception of a few grape varieties which have aging potential, such as Chardonnay, Riesling, and Sauvignon Blanc.

White wines are generally light-bodied as compared to red wines, except for a few which can be full-bodied. They are often rich in acidity but lack tannins present in red wine, which is usually derived from the grape skin. You will not find those in white wines since the grape skins are not incorporated in the fermentation process. White wines are generally described in terms of richness. Even though you are a red wine enthusiast, there is so much to explore in white wines.

A distinguishing characteristic of white wines is that they are fermented without contact with grape skin. Only the juice is needed in the fermentation. What is produced is a wine with a varying color spectrum ranging from yellow-green, straw yellow, or even yellow-gold generally referred to as white wine. The difference in colors and the wide variety of white wines is attributed to the different grape varieties, the method of production, region, and also the residual sugar ratio which determines whether the white wine is classified as dry or sweet. White wine comes from white grapes whose color is usually green or yellow. Some white wines are also derived from light red grapes while taking caution to prevent staining of the wort obtained.

Dry white wines undergo complete fermentation whereas, for sweet white wine, fermentation is interrupted to prevent the complete conversion of grape sugars into alcohol, a process called fortification or mutage. The residual sugars give the sweet. So, whenever you are sipping from a high quality sweet white wine, do not develop ideas of the possibility of sugar addition. The sugar is natural from the grape skillfully retained in the course of fermentation. There are several methods utilized to enrich wort with sugars, including passerillage, which involves exposing the harvested grapes to the sun to concentrate sugars, allowing full ripening, and lastly, using the noble rot that is caused by a beneficial fungus known as Botrytis cinerea. Sounds scientific? Yeah! I Know! Winemaking is both an art and a science, probably the reason why it is so exciting to learn about wines.

If you have encountered sparkling wines, you may have noted that the majority are white wines. The difference with the rest of still white wines is the bubbling, which is developed by keeping the carbon dioxide from fermentation dissolved, which is the gas let out when a bottle of sparkling white wine is opened.

White wines are an excellent accompaniment to food, especially light food. The combination with food achieves a balance attributed to the fresh crisp acidity which enhances food flavors. The sweeter versions of white wines can be used as dessert wines, at times a substitution of dessert rather than an accompaniment to dessert. The best wine glass most suitable for white wines is the thinner type rather than the wide tulip-shaped glass used for red wines.

Now, what remains is you to take a step and explore the world of white wines to find out your favorite. Some of the most popular white wines are Chardonnay (Oaked and unoaked), Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Moscato, and the list goes on. We have also outlined the best white wine brands bellow or read our comprehensive guide on wine types in Kenya. To order, you can call us or purchase the desired bottle from our website or android/iOS app; drinks delivery is free in Nairobi and environs, contact us now for the best wine delivery service.

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