Popular spirits under ksh 3000

For a great drinking experience at home, a decent bottle of liquor can cost as little as Ksh 3000. It is a common misconception that price defines quality. While some shitty alcohol types that might set your tongue on fire are ridiculously cheap, there are some iconic brands that make high-quality booze that are astonishingly affordable. Most of these liquors you may have come across them and some you may have already tried out. To make an informed decision whenever you need quality booze under a restricted budget, we have found 10 most affordable spirits that will cost you less but will give you the satisfaction you need. Whether you prefer whiskey, liqueur, rum, vodka, or gin, there is something for everyone. These are the most popular and inexpensive spirits that you may want to keep on your radar for the next time you want to buy alcohol online.

Affordable Spirits in Kenya
ProductPriceAlcohol content (ABV)Country of origin
jameson Ksh 2,700 - Ksh 3,050 - Ksh 14,500 40% Ireland
Gilbeys Ksh 1,500 - Ksh 2,500 37.5% England
absolut vodka Ksh 2,000 - Ksh 2,300 40% Sweden
baileys irish cream Ksh 2,400 - Ksh 3,100 17% Ireland
captain morgan spiced Ksh 1,900 - Ksh 2,300 35% Jamaica
johnnie walker red label Ksh 2,000 - Ksh 2,200 40% Scotland
smirnoff vodka red Ksh 1,600 - Ksh 1,900 35% Russia
amarula fruit cream Ksh 2,100 - Ksh 2,500 17% South Africa
ballantines Ksh 2,200 - Ksh 2,400 43% Scotland
grants Ksh 1,900 - Ksh 2,200 - Ksh 6,000 - Ksh 12,500 40% Scotland

1.  jameson


Jameson is an Irish whisky and among the most popular inexpensive whisky in Kenya. Jameson whisky brand is available in different expressions differing in size and type. The unifying factor in all Jameson whiskeys is the history they all share. All the whiskeys are made from the passion, dedication, and expertise of Jameson’s masterful craftsmen. Jameson represents the blended Irish whiskeys, setting standards on quality, smoothness, and elegant structure. For over two centuries, Jameson has shown consistency, craft, courage, and a bold appreciation of taste. The secret is on the whiskey-making process and the skillful art and talent of Jameson’s craftsmen. The whiskey is made by blending pot still whiskeys. These whiskeys are made from the finest barley grains locally grown. These whiskeys are made from both malted and unmalted barley and have been triple distilled and oak-aged to achieve smoothness, structure, and flavors that distinguish Jameson from other similar types of whiskeys. Enjoy the best tasting Jameson Irish Whiskey at the best prices in Kenya. Buy online at Drinks Vine and enjoy free delivery in Nairobi.

2.  Gilbeys


Gilbey’s is a common whisky in Kenya that is low-priced but with the best quality and delicious. If you are a gin lover, you may have come across this elegant gin. Most gin lovers appreciate the amazing flavors and freshness of Gilbey’s that effuse a natural scent. It feels like a compression of nature into a bottle, and drinking it introduces you to the best nature has to offer. Gilbey’s is juniper led gin, available in London-Dry style. Gilbey’s gin recipe goes back to almost 150 years ago, building character and quality over the years while remaining true to its roots. It contains 12 botanicals but has juniper led flavors and aromas. It is distilled from grain neutral spirits and infused with botanicals to impart a tropical feel. It is crystal clear, expressing a classic nose with intense juniper notes and hints of angelica and orange zest. On the palate, it is sharp and assertive showcasing pine notes, coriander, and bitter orange. The finish is citrus led, moderately long, and lingering. This is among the best cheap gin in Kenya that you will ever taste.

3.  absolut vodka

absolut vodka

This is a Swedish made from natural ingredients and no added sugar. It is bold, original, and made from the creativity of skilled and talented craftsmen. It has a unique character in both taste and design. Its bottle design takes after a medicine bottle found in an antique shop in Stockholm in the 18th century, which inspired the iconic bottle of the Absolut Vodka brand. It was founded in 1879, and the recipe is still used today, linking the ancient and the modern. It is a clean vodka, rich, complex, and full-bodied, yet mellow, smooth, and has a unique grain character and dried-fruit hints. It has an admirable consistency, maintaining its quality and delicious taste year after year. It forms a perfect mix for any occasion and an ideal alcohol gift for Christmas, weddings, dinners, birthdays, Father’s Day, and any other special occasions that you may surprise a loved one. It is also a perfect base for popular cocktails such as Bloody Mary, Elderflower Collins, or Espresso Martini. You can also take it neat or on the rocks. Whichever way you chose to enjoy, Absolut vodka will always deliver the ultimate vodka experience showcasing purity, freshness, and purity.

4.  baileys irish cream

baileys irish cream

Baileys Original Irish Cream liqueur is a perfect marriage of Irish daily cream, cocoa beans, vanilla, and Irish whiskey. This cream liqueur is the best-selling liqueur in the world. The Spirit whiskey used uniquely preserves the classic taste of the Irish cream. There are no preservatives added since the spirit prevents the dairy cream from going bad. There is no need for refrigeration. Baileys can last for up to two years, whether opened or not, as long as it is stored away from direct sunlight. On sipping, the cream melts on your tongue, releasing the whiskey that offers a sensational warming delight on your taste buds and the chocolate and the silky cream graces your tongue with incredible smoothness and sweetness. It provides a memorable experience considering its elegant structure, richness, and sweetness. You can enjoy Baileys liqueur by blending or shaking with ice, neat, or in martinis or coffee. Buy Baileys online have an indulgent dessert at the comfort of your home. Delivery is free in Nairobi.

5.  captain morgan spiced

captain morgan spiced

Captain Morgan Spiced Gold is a rum blended from the finest Caribbean rums, adventurous spices, and other natural flavors. The spirit is triple distilled, then matured in charred American oak that imparts this rum’s distinctive dark qualities. It is made with real vanilla and other spices, then refined into a deliciously smooth spirit, a complex blend of spices, and natural fruitiness. It has rich layers of flavors and a harmonious blend of flavors. When you take a sip, you will be introduced to rich notes of vanilla, warming spices, brown sugar, and hints of oak. These complement its perfect balance and a smooth finish. Captain Morgan Spiced Rum is an adventurous spirit that expresses a true pirate spirit. Grab a bottle and pour over ice with a slice of rum, or mix into cocktails. You can also take neat to appreciate the remarkable character and flavors. Captain Morgan is the best rum for your celebration that you can enjoy without straining your pocket. Buy online at the best prices and enjoy free delivery in Nairobi.

6.  johnnie walker red label

johnnie walker red label

Johnnie Walker Red Label Scotch whisky is a best-selling Scotch globally. Johnnie Walker brand has an expansive whiskey classified under the brand’s color wheel. It begins with the affordable whisky selection showcasing an immense versatility in making worth cocktails, drinking neat, over ice, and worthy choices as theme drinks for events and celebrations. As you climb up the ladder, you find luxury whiskeys sipped and savored during a special occasion or whenever you are in for a luxurious treat. The red label belongs to the inexpensive category but surprisingly rich and with an aromatic nose revealing notes of heather honey, soft smoke, mixed peels, and rum spice. The palate is graced with cedarwood, butterscotch, oak, malt, and aniseed. It is an exotic combination of fresh black pepper and cinnamon that delivers a taste bud tickling experience. It also has Johnnie Walker’s signature long, spicy and smoky finish. Grace your party, family get-together, or a night out friends with Johnnie Walker Red label whiskey, a genuinely inexpensive jewel.

7.  smirnoff vodka red

smirnoff vodka red

Smirnoff vodka was created in 1864 and is now a best-selling premium vodka brand worldwide. This vodka is crafted by blending different neutral grain spirits, triple distillation, and filtered ten times in seven charcoal aligned columns. This provides immense purity, smoothness, and an incredibly clean palate. The spirit is then reduced to the bottling strength using more demineralized water. The vodka is crystal clear, with a clean and faint black pepper and charcoal aroma. It has a clean taste, a subtle minerality, a soft peppermint sensation, and black pepper spice. It has a hard-to-miss smoothness and purity that distinguishes it from other vodkas. It forms a perfect base spirit for major cocktails such as Bloody Marys, Moscow Mules, Vodka Martinis, and even Cosmopolitans. It is also incredible on its own and is popularly used in a wide range of drinks. Invite a few friends over, mix some cocktails, or just enjoy the purity and freshness of the vodka. Dial us now and let us grace your party with the best Smirnoff prices in Kenya and free delivery.

8.  amarula fruit cream

amarula fruit cream

Most people get confused when classified cream liqueurs as spirits. Liqueurs are spirits that are infused with dairy cream or any other types of flavors. Amarula Fruit Cream is a South African liqueur made from Malura fruits. The Marula fruits are gathered and fermented, then double-distilled to produce a spirit that is then oak-aged for a minimum of 2 years and blended with cream to make Amarula cream liqueur. This cream liqueur is the only one that used authentic Marula fruits from the Marula tree that grows in the wild. The sun-ripened Marula fruits used together with aging the spirit in oak barrels brings out the distinctive Amarular cream taste of caramel and vanilla with unrivaled smooth and rich texture. This cream liqueur is an authentic African spirit made from African ingredients that makes it uniquely African. It is among the top-quality low priced spirits in Kenya that you will most enjoy. It tastes incredibly over ice, neat, or in an espresso martini cocktail. Buy Amarula Fruit Cream Liqueur at Drinks Vine online liquor store at the best prices and enjoy free alcohol delivery in Nairobi.

9.  ballantines


Ballantines Finest is a blended Scotch with no age statement. It represents a classic blend of over 50 single malt whiskeys and 4 grain whiskeys. It is an excellent modern whiskey that combines the talent and expertise of Ballantine’s best craftsmen and the urge to produce an exceptional whiskey enjoyed worldwide. Ballantine’s Finest has a light gold color and elegant, soft, heather honey aromas with a hint of spice. It is slightly sweet with a perfect balance of subtle chocolate, vanilla, and red apple flavors. Ballantine’s whiskey has stayed true to its roots with a recipe dating back to 1910. Each step of the way, Ballantine’s has shown resilience and continued to produce super-premium whisky celebrated globally and a popular choice to many whisky lovers. In Kenya, Ballantine’s makes at the top of the best whiskeys, most affordable whiskeys, and best-selling whiskey. Drinks Vine stocks Ballantine’s Finest along with other Ballantine’s brand expressions that are epitomes of an ultimate whiskey experience. Buy online at the best prices.

10.  grants


Grant’s blended Scotch is an award-winning whiskey from Grant & Sons Company. The first Grant’s distillery was opened in 1887 in Scotland. Five generations later, the distillery still stands, remaining true to its roots and following a closely guarded recipe that makes Grant’s an exceptional whiskey. The distillery has highly skilled coopers and maturation experts responsible for making Grant’s a unique and top quality whisky with the best character and taste. When you pour a glass of this whisky, you are welcomed by soft and light notes of malted barley and roasted cereals. The palate is quite sweet and of a good body. You will also taste caramel, toffee, and vanilla fudge, and a gentle touch of supple oak. It has a medium-length finish. Grant’s whisky makes perfect cocktails that you will most enjoy. Check out insights of the best Grant’s cocktails here. It is also delicious on its own, with a mixer or over ice. Enjoy the best-tasting whiskey without spending too much. Order online at Drinks Vine wines and spirits shop in Nairobi at the best Grant’s whisky price.

There you go! You now have what you need to have a good time with family or friends without having to spend too much. These cheap alcohol brands are just a few of the most popular cheap worthy drinks. Drinks Vine online liquor shop stocks only the best quality liquor. You may want to check out our wines and spirits pricelist and pick alcohol types that suit your budget. We also have expensive alcohol brands, including expensive wines, champagnes, and others that you can order online whenever you need a luxurious treat. Enjoy a free home alcohol delivery service in Nairobi and its environs whenever you order drinks from us. We have 24-hour drinks delivery. This means that you can keep the party going without worrying about running out of alcohol. We will be there to fill you up! Dial a drink and order your favorite liquor.