Best beers for ladies in Kenya cover

Best beers for ladies in Kenya

At Dial a Delivery online liquor store, we have a vast collection of wines, spirits, and beers from all over the world. At times clients have a time choosing a single brand, which is why we have compiled a list of the best beers for ladies in Kenya. This list mostly comprises of the sweet alcoholic drinks loved by ladies all over the country. With our drinks delivery services, you order beers online and have them delivered to you from free. Here is the list of the top beers for ladies.

Best beers for ladies in Kenya
ProductPrice ABV Country
savanna dry KES 2856%South Africa
hunter's gold cider KES 2504%South Africa
tusker cider KES 3004%Kenya
smirnoff guarana KES 2335%Kenya
smirnoff double black ice KES 2504%Australia
snapp can KES 2505%America
sikera apple cider KES 2204%Kenya
  • savanna dry

    Savanna dry cider was created in 1996 by Distell Group Limited. The cider is sold in over 40 countries, and it is South Africa's leading cider in export. Moreover, it's one of the 3rd largest cider brands worldwide. Savanna dry cider is made from crushed apples grown in Elgin Valley of the Western Cape for quality and tasty beer. Point to note is that only the most delicious apples are selected and picked. The whole production process takes approximately two weeks, whereby during this period, the product is filtered through the microfiltration process three times and double chilled.

    The beer is clear pale to mid-golden with no lasting head. It has apple fruit aromas with faint notes of honeydew lemon. To the mouth, its semi-dry, light, and clean, with a purified apple juice flavor. The presentation of the bottle of this beer expresses luxury, and many Kenyans take pride in taking it. The cider is known to be gluten-free and vegan friendly. Savanna is the cider of choice among those who appreciate the brighter side of life. It is no secret that most classy girls in Kenya love savanna.

  • hunter's gold cider

    Hunters Dry Cider is a burst of real natural cider that refreshes like nothing else. The cider is an all-natural apple cider with a distinctively crisp and dry taste perfect for quenching thirst. It comprises of a natural blend of fresh apples delivering a distinctive refreshing dry cider. Hunters dry is the ideal thirst suppressor of all times. This natural cider is made from the most popular blends in South Africa, including Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Golden Dawn, and Pink Lady. The apples are grown to maturity and picked at their peak. Later, they are thoroughly washed and compressed before being fermented and undergoing cross filtration processes. The triple filtration process enhances the refreshing dry properties of the cider. Enjoy Hunters dry cider when cold and experience the clean apple flavor.

  • tusker cider

    First locally produced Cider in East Africa and specially made in Kenya. Tusker Cider is clean, luxurious, and a refreshing fresh apple beer. It's a trendy drink, especially to the Kenyan ladies. The bottle gives a rich, fruity aroma and a slightly carbonated and a fresh finish. Tusker cider is a delicious drink, premium-crafted, and a refresher drink made from fresh apples, which are balanced to give a perfect drinking experience. Judge a bottle by its personality but not looks, on opening the cider has a distinct apple scent, it has an alcohol by volume of 4.5%. On the first sip, the drink is sweet and has a likable flavor. Most women, especially those in Nairobi, associate it with favor and class.

  • smirnoff guarana

    Smirnoff Guarana is a product of Smirnoff Vodka. It's a robust 5.5% blend of Smirnoff vodka with a citrus mixer and a hit of Guarana for that extra boost. Smirnoff is the world's leading Vodka, which launched the new premium ready to drink brand of Smirnoff Guarana. This Guarana combines the refreshing and fresh taste of Smirnoff vodka mixed with soda and Guarana. The drink has targeted a young, bold adult woman who can turn an ordinary night to be extraordinary. The bottle has raised bars in the growing ready to drink category as the perfect drink for all your party nights. The brand represents a lifestyle, swag, and a great personality. This beer has 7.5% abv and is among the most popular beers in Kenya.

  • smirnoff double black ice

    Black ice is a premium cider with filtered Vodka, which has a lemon flavor. It's a popular premix of Vodka because of its light citrus flavor balanced with triple distilled Vodka for that rich taste. The drink is ideal for hot days with good friends. On opening black ice, you can get a refreshing and robust Smirnoff vodka mix and fragrance of orange soda. Black Ice is a modern tribute to the traditional Smirnoff standard and now packaged in a can. The beer is best enjoyed when served straight from the fridge, especially on hot days. Not all girls are made of sugar and spice; some are made of this exciting beer. The beer has an alcohol percentage of 7.5%, and the beer seems to bee loved by everyone, even men. When talking best beers for ladies in Kenya, this a major contender. For those looking for the best beer for first-timers, this is the one brand most people recommend.

  • snapp can

    A naturally refreshing, fruit-flavored alcoholic drinks. It has a very sweet taste you might mistake it for chilled apple juice. This beer is among the best-tasting beers in Nairobi. Snap can belong to the snap family and has alcohol percentage (ABV)4.5%. The beer is in a cute, small golden can. It has a fruity aroma for a modern, confident, and classic woman. The beer has a fantastic apple flavor with a fresh state. This brand celebrates a fun woman who is empowered, delicate, and stylish. It completes her lifestyle and achievements. The sweetness in this drink tells it's a feminine drink, if you are looking for the best girly beers, look no further.

  • sikera apple cider

    Sikera is one of the latest cider brands in the market. The cider beer has been produced by Kenya Breweries, which is a subsidiary of the East African Breweries. Sikera has a crisp, light, and refreshing taste. The beer is made from crushed apples with an alcohol volume of 4.5%. The new drink got its inspiration from surveys that revealed the alcohol beverage has a high demand in the industry. This is Kenya's first locally produced cider. The brewer was also in a new wave to discover and recruit new consumers to their changing tastes and preferences. This beer is just the best to enjoy, especially on those good days. On that day, you are in your stilettos sit on a bar counter, grab a few Sikera ciders and be sure it will treat you like a classy queen. This beer has been added to the category of alcoholic drinks for ladies in Kenya.

For the ladies who want something else, something great that is not in the beers category, In this article, we answer the question, which wine is best for ladies?

This beers are among the top ladies drinks list, but truth be told, many men love them because these beers are truly awesome. Kenyan women have taken ciders as the new craze. If you are looking for a refreshment that will leave you quenched? Look no further Dial a Delivery has made it easy for you. We have a burst of refreshing, real natural ciders on offer. Cider carries its flavor with dignity, and be sure to enjoy every moment you sip it. Women in Nairobi Clubs favor it, and the odd man who does not care if he will be judged. If you do not like hard liquor or draught beer, try to get your hands-on ciders to keep yourself refreshed and entertained. In an upcoming article, we will explore the best beers in Kenya, and in this post, we will explore the top beers in men's and ladies lists. Till then, cheers, and place your order online for any of the above beers; we will deliver to your doorstep at no extra cost. We are the most efficient online liquor store in Kenya. We are dedicated to offering you the best services when it comes to alcohol delivery Nairobi.

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