Best wines for ladies in Kenya cover

Best wines for ladies in Kenya

In Kenya, we have different wine types, from the broad category red and white wine to the more specific categories like sauvignon blanc, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, malbec, Chenin blanc, pinotage, shiraz, rose wines, sparkling wines, port wines among others. When it comes to the task of choosing the best wines for ladies in Kenya, the task can be daunting, but today we are highlighting the top 10 wines for ladies.

Best wines for ladies in Kenya
ProductPrice ABV Country
rosso nobile cioccolata KES 1,94910%Germany
four cousins sweet rose KES 1,550 - KES 2,8509%South Africa
almadi amarone della valpolicella classico KES 7,30015%Italy
gran verano merlot KES 1,500 - KES 2,20013%Chile
asconi kiss me now cabernet sauvignon KES 2,28012%Moldova
Birds & Bees white sweet Malbec KES 1,60012%Argentina
gato negro cabernet sauvignon KES 1,850 - KES 2,59513%Chile
nederburg chenin blanc KES 2,25013%South Africa
simonsig shiraz KES 3,90014%South Africa
KWV pinotage KES 2,20014%South Africa
  • rosso nobile cioccolata

     This wine belongs to the Nobile wines family, whose origin is Germany. It contains 10.0% ABV (alcohol by volume). It is a red wine with amazing chocolate aromas. It is enriched with silky tannins and richly flavored with chocolate with a crunchy feeling on the palate. You can best enjoy this wine with dark chocolate, cakes, or sweet desserts. Also, as it is evident, this wine is richly flavored, and its taste is exceptional; hence, it is one of the best wine to drink without food. The sips are fully refreshing with a feeling of pure satisfaction.

    Rosso nobile one of the top wine brands for ladies, especially for chocolate lovers. It brings out the best experience during that dinner date with your lover or a girls' night out. Toast a glass of Rosso Nobile Al Cioccolata red wine as you enjoy sweet desserts with alluring chocolate aromas filling the air. You can also surprise your chocolate-loving girlfriend with this wine available at affordable prices in our liquor store.

  • four cousins sweet rose

    This wine is a flame-colored South African wine with an aromatic Muscat fragrance and amazing floral perfumes. It belongs to the Four Cousins wine brand and with an alcohol content of 9.5% ABV (alcohol by volume). The fragrance to the nose while sipping this incredible wine is followed by delicious cranberry flavors. On the palate, notes of peaches and raisins are evident, which gives a consistent silky finish. This wine is made from Muscato grapes, which are known to be the most versatile family of grapes worldwide. The Muscat fragrance felt in this wine originates here. The fruity aroma and taste of this wine make it one of the best wine for ladies only, especially those who prefer sweet drinks. To fully enjoy this wine, serve when chilled. It also pairs well with spicy foods, white meat dishes as well as salads.

    While enjoying your dinner, be sure to enjoy this sweet red wine from Dial a Delivery, we also have the best Muscato wine price in Kenya. Considering its sweet taste and lower alcohol content than other red sweet wine brands in Kenya, Four Cousins Sweet Rose is a good wine for beginners. Try ordering this wine to enjoy the best times with friends and family.

  • almadi amarone della valpolicella classico

    Here is another ladies' red wine from Italy. It contains 15% ABV. The strength of this wine lies in its taste and aroma that originates from its production process. It's aged for around two years in oak vats. It is full-bodied with notes of tar, soft tannins and black cherry fruits which can be vividly felt on the palate. The finish is of dark bitter chocolate, which adds to its amazing taste. This wine is also the best wine to accompany that amazing meal of steaks, ribs, and stew. To pork, poultry, and veal dishes, the soft tannins and the red fruit intensity of the Amarones make this wine the best choice.

    Ladies can fully enjoy this wine together with flavored cheeses. The dark chocolate notes at the finish favor the chocolate-loving ladies who would truly enjoy the perfectly blended chocolate flavor in this wine. For ladies who prefer elegant dry red, full-bodied wine, we got you covered. This wine is available in our liquor store at pocket-friendly rates. We will make sure that you enjoy it in the comfort of your home or wherever you may wish it delivered.

  • gran verano merlot

    Here is another wine from Central Valley in Chile, a land widely known to have the best vineyard with high-quality grapes. World-class wineries are also found here. This product, Gran Verano Merlot, is one of the Chilean best red wines. It is ruby red-colored with fresh fruit aroma and a touch of cherry. It contains 13.5% alcohol. On the palate, a mild flavor and shades of cherry can be felt and a smooth finish complemented by round tannins.

    Every lady would yearn to take Gran Verano Merlot red wine prepared through world-class methods, blended with ladies' favorite flavors and aromas, ultimately producing the best tasting red wine. A glass of this wine is what you need to help calm your troubled mind after a tiresome task of the day. Gran Verano Merlot can fully be enjoyed with red meat, beef, pork, ham, grilled veal, and other meat dishes. Hard cheeses are also great complements of this red wine. However, if you would want your taste buds to capture the full elegance of this wine, it can be taken on its own. It will still have its full taste, and every lady would enjoy the feeling that comes with it.

  • asconi kiss me now cabernet sauvignon

    This is a Moldova red wine from the Asconi brand. Red wine lovers will enjoy this wine greatly; it has an alcohol content of 12.5% ABV. The best romance is expressed using symbols that express love. Red is a color of love. Asconi Kiss Me Now wine expresses love. This is the best wine to buy for your girl during that dinner date, Valentine's Day, or a gift after proposing. It is the best accompaniment of a romantic night or adventure. 

    It doesn't need to be a date to drink this wine; it is also the best wine for a ladies night. Asconi Kiss Me Now is a Merlot brand that is one of the best ladies wine brands. It is only in our stores that you will find the most affordable merlot wine price in Kenya. The beauty in the color of this wine is complemented by its elegant taste that illuminates the occasion. Its winemaking process is through using top quality grapes grown in the vineyards of Moldova, which has a well-established wine industry. You can be positive that this wine is of the best quality.

  • Birds & Bees white sweet Malbec

    It is one of the most demand in all types of white wine in Kenya. It belongs to the birds and bees product brand. It has an alcohol content of 12.5% ABV. This wine from Argentina fulfills the needs of a girl with sips full of pineapple and tropical mango flavors. To the nose, delightful aromas of pear, jasmine, and ripe fresh peaches bring a refreshing feeling. It is a sweet wine, as vividly expressed by the name, which makes it ideal for ladies preferring sweet drinks or for beginners.

    This White Sweet Malbec wine can be enjoyed on its own and also pairs well with food like pork, game meat, poultry, fish, cured meat, mild and soft cheeses, and spicy food. Besides, fruity desserts are also excellent accompaniments for this wine. The desired wine style for this wine is dessert, both lush and balanced. This product is available at the best Malbec wine price in Kenya. Nothing can stop you from having a delightful experience from this enchanting wine with robust blend flavors and aromas. You can fully enjoy this wine in the comfort of your home. Place your order and let us deliver it to you.

  • gato negro cabernet sauvignon

    This wine belongs to the class of red wines. It has an attractive dark ruby-red color originating from its two varieties of grapes composition; 95% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Syrah. This wine plus some other red wines contain antioxidants like flavonoid and resveratrol, which prevents aging, and this makes it one of the best wine for ladies skin. It is one of the best red wine in Kenya. Its complete fermentation process is followed by aging for three months in wooden vats to allow it to mature and give its incredible taste and aroma. This wine from Central Valley in Chile has intense aroma from red fruits such as berries, cassis, and cherries intertwined with vanilla and chocolate notes. On the palate, smooth tannins and a pleasingly long finish can be felt, and its medium body is just perfect. The best food pairing with this wine is game meat, beef, duck, lamb, and also cheeses. 

    This Chilean wine brings out the best spirit, and the fruity aromas and flavors are just like the ladies like it. Ladies can, therefore, be sure that they will enjoy this wine from the remarkable grapes from Central Valley, made with absolute expertise. The wooden vats used in aging the wine ensures that it retains its natural taste. Gato Negro Cabernet Sauvignon is available in our liquor store at the best rates.

  • nederburg chenin blanc

    This South African wine belongs to the Nederburg family. Its alcohol content is 13.5% ABV. It has a light gold color with a greenish tinge. This color makes it one of the best wine for a ladies' night out. To the nose, its fragrance is that of a flower bouquet and fruity smell like orange peel and ripe apricots. It is unique in its versatile nature and fruit flavors with an excellent creamy finish. The taste is so fulfilling that it will leave you yearning for more. But not to worry, because we got your back; we deliver it to your doorstep. If you are planning for a family dinner or a meal with your love, then you will need Nederburg Chenin Blanc since it is the best wine to accompany food. You can enjoy it with spicy food and with fruit or citrus seasoning. Meat like chicken, beef, lamb, rabbit, duck, or even quail goes well with this wine.

    This Chenin Blanc wine has expressive flavors and aromas that elevates mood and perfects the occasion or even that dinner date or ladies' night. You can also enjoy it on its own to help trigger that relaxing feeling that you need after a busy day.

  • simonsig shiraz

    This wine is from the Stellenbosch region in South Africa. It is a dry red wine containing 14% ABV with a bold taste. It has conspicuous plum color and pleasant blueberries notes and spice. Simonsig Shiraz is full-bodied with noticeable notes of cranberry, cocoa, tannins, oak, and light pepper. It has well-blend vanilla pods intertwined with palate sculpturing tannins, which arouses the taste buds, leaving you refreshed and stimulated while causing a lingering aftertaste of subtle oaks. Its finish is a long dry one with a captivating touch of delicious blackberries and cherries. 

    This wine pairs well with food like beef, game meat, poultry, and lamb. It is one thing to drink wine and another to enjoy it. This wine guarantees pleasure to the user from its incredible taste that has been carefully developed by the blending of flavors and the use of quality grapes to produce its unusual red color. Simonsig Shiraz brands of wine are widely known to be made with absolute expertise, and the quality is unmatched. There is more – this wine is available at a price friendly to your pocket, and it will be delivered at your doorstep. Dial us now for the best simonsig wine price in kenya

  • KWV pinotage

    Here is another wine that ladies will fully enjoy especially vanilla lovers. It is yet another wine from South Africa from the KWV wine line. It is a dry red wine with an alcohol content of 14% ABV. Its production process is exceptional, which involves the use of top quality grapes blended to bring out intense raspberry and plum flavors. It has a fresh and fruity dry taste whose abundance is complemented by pleasant vanilla and marzipan notes. The incredible taste is matched by its classic name, which will make you sound classy while ordering this wine. To the nose, the sip is accompanied by alluring aromas of plums, fruit cake, and red cherries. 

    If you need a wine that pares well with meat dishes, we got you covered because, this wine in addition to meat dishes, pairs well with tomato-based pasta dishes. As you can see, Pinotage wine is self-sufficient with an independently incredible taste. Hence, it can be enjoyed on its own. Pinotage is a favorite to many ladies. Order now to find out and let us deliver it wherever you are in Kenya.

he above list comprises of the wines preferred, some ladies, though prefer those with female wine names like Saint Celine and Saint Anna. Other wines worth mentioning in this category of ladies wines or ladies wine brands include

4th Street red wine

Robertson Winery Natural Sweet White

Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon

Nederburg Sauvignon Blanc

Boschendal Sommelier Chenin Blanc

Mouton Cadet Reserve Medoc

Luis Montfort Summer Red

Chamdor White (Non-Alcoholic-Wine)

Tommasi Amarone

Fragolino Red Duchessa

For the ladies, you now have all you need to select a good wine. You are now fully informed of the best wines for ladies in Kenya. The next step is to find your favorite. We are here to sort you out. We have only the best for you, check out the best wines in Kenya and their prices. If you are looking for more elegant wines, we still have a list of the most expensive wine in Kenya in our liquor store, and we are waiting to take your order and have it delivered to you. You might be wondering how much is a glass of wine in Kenya? Check out with us to have the best prices for your favorite wine and also get the best services for wine delivery in Nairobi.

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