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Best gin in Kenya

The world of spirits never gets smaller. This is a spirit that has gained popularity over the years due to its uniqueness and elegance. Gin is a Dutch work of craft and was made popular by the English. It was made by a Dutch Chemist trying to make an elixir for blood cleansing for kidney patients. Although the Dutch and English are commonly known for gin making, their production is worldwide. So, what is gin made from? Gin is made from cereal grains such as corn, rye, wheat, and barley and pure water, then re-distilled with botanicals, with a predominant juniper flavor that distinguishes this class of spirits. The different types of gin differ by their distinctive pine flavor expressed in a variety of ways. In this guide, we will explore the best gin brands in Kenya, why they are popular, and why you should consider them. Here is the list of best gins in Kenya.

Best gin in Kenya
ProductPrice ABV Country
tanqueray KES 3,050 - KES 3,40040%England
hendricks gin KES 5,780 - KES 10,99044%Scotland
bombay sapphire KES 2,800 - KES 3,15047%England
bulldog KES 3,600 - KES 4,20040%Not specified
Monkey 47 dry gin KES 6,80047%Germany
Gilbeys KES 1,695 - KES 2,59537%England
Musgrave gin KES 6,94043%South Africa
liverpool gin KES 5,59543%England
beefeater KES 2,600 - KES 2,80040%England
the botanist KES 4,995 - KES 5,40046%Scotland
  • tanqueray

    Best gin in Kenya - null

    Tanqueray is a London dry-style gin founded by Charles Tanqueray more than 200 years ago. His recipe is still celebrated to date. Tanqueray's recipe is pretty simple, but at the same time, a perfect mix of ingenuity, hard work, and heritage. It is a combination of four botanicals, Tuscan juniper, a key ingredient for all gins, angelica root, licorice, and coriander, which together present a blooming bouquet of this gin. 

    Tanqueray provides a crisp, dry taste with strongly expressed notes of juniper and a hint of spice, and a dry finish. Tanqueray has managed to maintain consistency over the years remaining unchanged. It is loved for its well-balanced nature and elegance in its taste. It remains the bartenders’ best choice for G&T (Gin & Tonic) and other cocktails. This gin is among the best-selling spirits in Kenya, and with Dial a Delivery swift drinks delivery in Nairobi, you can have it in your house in less than 30 minutes.

  • hendricks gin

    Best gin in Kenya - null

    This is a gin that needs no introduction. It was launched in 1999 by William Grant and Sons. The uniqueness in its taste is partly developed by its distillation in two different still. First, it is distilled in a traditional copper still and then in a Carter-Head-style still, which utilizes copper baskets from which the botanicals are held. More, it utilizes cukes and flowers that contribute to its round mouthfeel. It utilizes roses and cucumber alongside eleven other botanicals to impart its unique herbal flavors. As you swirl a glass of Hendricks gin, juniper aromas with a touch of floral hints hit your nose and make you even more curious to taste this amazing gin. Your palate is welcomed with notes of juniper, coriander, orris roots, and amazing citrus flavors. The gin has a long finish with hints of juniper, licorice, and black pepper.

  • bombay sapphire

    Best gin in Kenya - null

    Bombay gin is among the world’s popular premium gins. It is also an affordable gin that offers a London-dry style with distinctively well-balanced botanicals. This makes it a preferred option by bartenders in mixing cocktails. Bombay Sapphire is a versatile gin made from a skillful combination of ten botanicals that have been suitably sourced to impart fresh floral flavors and aromas. Its floral character makes it perfect for G&T. It is an exceptionally smooth spirit with a light and crisp character, and a peppery finish to the end. This gin gives its best whether taken straight or in cocktails. We offer the Bombay sapphire price in Kenya and free home delivery.

  • bulldog

    Best gin in Kenya - null

    Bulldog is a London dry gin that is bold and vibrant and, at the same time, refreshing. It stands out from other gins since it utilizes poppy and dragon’s eye as part of its 12 botanicals. Bulldog gin is made from wheat and water that undergoes four times distillation in copper pot stills to give a smooth premium gin. It has slightly floral aromas with juniper, lavender, and a hint of citrus. It has complex flavors expressing the Asian botanicals and, at the same time, is heavy with angelica and hints of juniper that is expressed as piney and a bit astringent towards the end. The complexity of flavor, as well as the quality and uniqueness, makes bulldog gin impressive in making cocktails. Our online liquor store has the best bulldog gin price in Kenya.

  • Monkey 47 dry gin

    Best gin in Kenya - null

    Monkey 47 gin is a unique gin from the Black Forest in Germany. Its uniqueness is attributed to its key ingredient, which is Lingonberries. The 47 in its name comes from the number of botanicals used in making this gin and also its ABV of 47%. It is also aged, unlike other gins, for three months in earthenware containers before diluting to a 47% ABV. It is an award-winning gin and among the most expensive gins in the world. It is a complex spirit with plenty of spice, herbs, flavors, and fruit. It has balanced and well-structured flavors expressing a citrus start, and then pine and woody note that transfer into a drying finish. It has grassy citrus notes and sweet herbal aromas imparted by the rich incorporation of botanicals.

  • Gilbeys

    Best gin in Kenya - null

    Gilbeys Gin is a London dry style type of gin made in the United States. It is one of the most popular gin brands in Kenya. It is a classic juniper-led gin that is crystal clear and with light floral aromas with hints of juniper and sweet orange. It has a sharp mouthfeel and expresses rich flavors from the botanicals. On the palate, it is expressed as clean, dry, and light with a moderately long finish with lingering citrus notes. Gilbeys is one of the most affordable gins, yet expresses elegance and vitality in every sip. It can be best enjoyed neat or in cocktails.

  • Musgrave gin

    Best gin in Kenya - null

    This is a South African gin expressive of African heritage, a rich history, and an ancient spice route. Musgrave pink gin creates a sense of indulgence and romantic nostalgia with a defined touch of luxury. The soft color and pink horizons are a true representation of beauty and delight, which is then complemented by the spirit itself. Musgrave Pink Gin is made of eleven botanicals and features top notes of cardamom, grains of paradise and African ginger, and of course, the juniper flavors characteristic of all gins. The floral perfume and exotic flavors are enhanced by infusion with rosehips and rosewater, which also help soften juniper contribution. What results is a super-premium gin that offers a delightful experience.

  • liverpool gin

    Best gin in Kenya - null

    Liverpool gin from the city of Liverpool offers a dry gin style. Liverpool gin is an aromatic organic spirit made from certified organic botanicals such as hand-picked juniper berries, angelica, coriander, and citrus. It is a complex gin with complex flavors, a perfectly balanced nose, and a long bright citrus finish. This gin has a crystalline appearance and a pleasant body with a dominant juniper flavor with a great level of complexity. This gin is made using a secret recipe that presents a high-quality gin made from the finest ingredients and top skill. What you taste in this gin is complete elegance in every sip. This gin has also been classified as one of the premium and expensive gins in Kenya.

  • beefeater

    Best gin in Kenya - null

    This pink gin is made using the London-dry style recipe infused with natural strawberry flavors, juniper, and citrus. It belongs to the beefeater brand, which happens to be one of the best-selling gins in the world. It has a delicious strawberry taste that gives a fulfilling and refreshing experience. The aroma of this gin is vivid, just like its color. An amazing strawberry fruity aroma hits the nose offering an incredible first impression. Upon tasting, a candied sweetness takes over, accompanied by a growing warming spice finish. This is a unique type of gin. While still maintaining the elegance of a gin spirit, its color, flavors, and taste add bulk to its possible uses. It represents a color of love, making it an incredible theme drink of a love encounter. It is one of the best spirits for ladies in Kenya.

  • the botanist

    Best gin in Kenya - null

    The botanist is a world-class gin, and very unique. It is made of nine classic gin botanicals and 22 other local botanicals foraged by hand from the Island of Islay. As expected, it has a complex, highly distinctive, and floral gin with an incredible harmonized taste. Each of the botanicals has something to contribute imparting elegance in every drop of this spirit. A lot is expressed to the nose, but notes of citrus, menthol, and flowers are dominantly expressed. On the palate, it is first expressed as cool, then quickly mellows out, and a growing warmth of citrus is evident, which imparts freshness throughout. It has a long spicy finish that leaves you yearning for more.

These are just some of the examples of gins in Kenya that are highly ranked locally and intentionally also regarded as top-ranked gins globally. Gin is a worthy choice for anyone seeking to have a good time. The gin brands range from affordable, delicious options to expensive and luxurious spirits that guarantee exuberance. Our liquor store has the best gin brands in Kenya and at competitive prices. The quality of our products is unmatched. We deliver the fastest of all the online liquor shops. You are one dial away from having a great gin delivered. Browse through the available gins and pick your favorite, if you want us to deliver a drink, be ready for excellent alcohol delivery service.

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