Top 10 Expensive Spirits

If you are looking to buy the best expensive spirit in Kenya or you are on a tour to know your spirits better, you are in the right place. Who knows? You might win a lottery someday! These expensive liquor brands are carefully crafted using complex procedures and long aging to create super alcoholic drinks that will keep your taste buds racing. Each alcohol type feature here has a unique quality that makes them special. The expensive alcohol list is dominated by whiskeys and cognacs.

These expensive drinks are available for orders and preorders. Here is the list of 10 most expensive spirits in Kenya and their prices.

Most Expensive Spirits in Kenya
ProductPriceAlcohol content (ABV)Country of origin
macallan no.6 Ksh 590,000 43% Scotland
Remy Martin Louis XIII Ksh 445,000 40% France
hennessy paradis Ksh 248,000 40% France
glenrothes john ramsay Ksh 141,000 46.7% Scotland
johnnie walker odyssey Ksh 141,000 40% Scotland
macallan oscuro Ksh 115,000 40% Scotland
Glenfiddich 30 years old Ksh 79,500 43% Scotland
camus XO borderies Ksh 68,000 40% France
Johnnie Walker King George V Ksh 78,000 43% Scotland
Courvoisier initiale extra Ksh 62,000 40% France

1.  macallan no.6

macallan no.6

Whiskey Macallan No. 6 is the most expensive Scotch in Kenya. It is a Single malt whiskey created exclusively from Spanish Oak sherry-seasoned casks (first fill). The Macallan Distillery collaborated with Lalique to form a stunning luxurious single malt Scotch whiskey encased in a beautiful crystal decanter made from the finest crystals, which is a true expression of class. The name is derived from the six Macallan pillars that make the brand unique: the natural color, the unique small stills, the peerless spirit, the spiritual home, the finest cut, and the exceptional oak casks. With its enticingly dark color, its richness, and elegance, Macallan No.6 whiskey is a true representation of luxury and class.

2.  Remy Martin Louis XIII

Remy Martin Louis XIII

This is the most expensive cognac in Kenya. It is named after the then reigning monarch, King Louis XIII of France. It is among the most expensive alcohol types with exceptional designer bottles. Expensive cognacs like Remy Martin Louis XIII are made with attractive decanters, making them an accurate representation of luxury and class. Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac is a blend of around 1,200 Eaux-de-vie from Grand Champagne appellation with some spirits distilled over 100 years ago. It is a Royal brand, served to Queen Elizabeth in 1957 during her visit to Versailles Palace. These amazing features and the association that comes with this spirit is the reason you will have to dive deeper in your pockets. You can order it now at Drinks Vine online liquor store.

3.  hennessy paradis

hennessy paradis

This cognac has earned its place in the luxury alcohol brands; available in a beautiful decanter that displays its coppery gold colors developed from many years of aging in oak casks. When you search for Hennessy paradis price in Kenya, the local and international rates depict the fact that this bottle is not your average cognac. It has a silky character with an incredible balance of its aromatic quality. It is often described as the Hennessy house's most sensual facet made to enrapture your senses then calm your taste buds with its subtle, light, and round character. Paradis cognac’s floral notes are a great introduction to those having a cognac experience for the first time. What follows is the indescribable feeling that can only be discovered sipping it yourself. Even though it is a costly liquor, it offers absolute value for money; a worthy top-shelf drink. Buy Hennessy Paradis at the best price at Drinks Vine.

4.  glenrothes john ramsay

glenrothes john ramsay

The Glenrothes distillery released this limited edition whisky to celebrate the retirement of John Ramsay, the malt master, after 43 years of service. It is a single malt Scotch made by John Ramsay himself, who made a whisky expression that he would be proud to be identified with. This whisky came from vatting second fill American oak sherry casks that have been racked into sherry butts. The end product is a carefully refined product that is a fitting tribute to John Ramsay’s legacy. With only 1400 bottles produced, this makes it a rare and a highly priced spirit, and among the best expensive whiskeys in Kenya.

5.  johnnie walker odyssey

johnnie walker odyssey

Johnnie Walker Odyssey whiskey is among the most expensive whiskey brands in Kenya. Johnnie Walker is a famous brand known for the production of the best blended whiskeys in the world. This whiskey expression is a blend of three single malts married together in oak to impart flavor and exquisite smoothness. The end product of this skillful blend inspired by Master Blender Jim Beveridge is an elegant whisky with a deep russet-red hue. The whisky has rich tannin flavors, honey and toffee notes, and excellent oaky flavors. It has a sublime finish and a lingering rich smokiness. It is a rare blend, made by the highly skilled master blender and refined into a classic liquor, which places it among the world’s costly spirits.

6.  macallan oscuro

macallan oscuro

Macallan Oscura is a giant tribute to the whisky world, available in a gorgeous decanter, then packaged in a full-grain leather box. The decanter is a perfect display of the red amber hue that creates an expression of luxury. The spirit itself is what steals the heart. It is a blend of best whiskeys from 1987 and 1997. The whisky is sherry seasoned, which imparts a luscious richness and perfectly harmonized flavors. It has a long and warm finish with soft hints of smoke and intense dark malt. You call it “liquid sun” and you will be close in describing its elegance. As expected, “liquid sun” will cost you a significant chunk of your stacks! Either way, it is an absolute value for money. You can experience the elegance of Macallan Oscuro whiskey when you order online from Drinks Vine where we offer the best whisky price.

7.  Glenfiddich 30 years old

Glenfiddich 30 years old

Glenfiddich is a renowned whisky brand with whiskeys of different age expression. Glenfiddich 30 years old is a costly whisky, aged in Olosoro sherry and Bourbon casks. The Malt Master picks barrels with exceptional whisky character and marry them together to achieve a sublime harmony, a whisky with impeccable character, rich and with a seductive complexity. This is a rare whisky with only a few vattings of 30-year-old expressions per year, making it a costly liquor that expresses luxury and indulgence. Enjoy the richness, complexity in taste, floral sweetness, oakiness, and an incredibly long, warm, and honeyed finish of this luxurious whisky when you order right here at Drinks Vine.

8.  camus XO borderies

camus XO borderies

Camus Extra Old Borderies is an expensive cognac made from a blend of the finest Eaux-de-vie sourced from Borderies, the smallest terroir in the Cognac region. This is a single growth cognac expressing Borderies terroir and famous mainly for its full-bodied character, a rounded flavor, and a long finish. Camus XO Borderies is the only single Borderies growth Cognac making it a rare and expensive spirit. It is an awarding-winning cognac, recognized for its simplicity and impeccable character. The eaux-de-vie are aged for at least 10 years with years of careful monitoring to ensure a top-quality cognac. It has delicate hazelnut and violet aromas and rich and smooth on the palate. For this awesomeness, you will have to pay more for it to have a taste. Order this cognac online at Drinks Vine online liquor shopto experience the luxury Camus XO presents.

9.  Johnnie Walker King George V

Johnnie Walker King George V

King George V is one of the most famous Johnnie Walker & Sons’ expensive special edition whiskeys. It is a blend of the rarest single malt stock, including Lochnagar, Cardhu, and the highly-priced and rarest Port Ellen. This special edition celebrates the first Royal warrant bestowed upon Johnnie Walker & Sons Company to supply Scotch to the British Royal household back in 1934. It combines the oldest grain whiskeys used during the reign of King George V, creating an opulent blend, sensuous and intense with rich flavors and aromas. Its smokiness combines elegantly with hints of citrus, honey, rose petals, and orange. It is an extremely complex luxury single malt Scotch available in a beautiful regal flint glass decanter, which is why you pay more for it.

10.  Courvoisier initiale extra

Courvoisier initiale extra

Courvoisier Initiale Extra is an expensive cognac, a rare blend of the high-quality eaux-de-vie, elegant in flavor and a perfect expression of luxury. It is available in a classic decanter that expresses class. It perfectly marries the Borderies crus and Grande Champagne, with the blend aged for a minimum of 30 years and maturing goes beyond 50 years. For a spirit aged for that long, it is expected that it will be costly. This is a spirit for a wealthy class. Spend your extra dimes in purchasing this elegant cognac. It is a rare chance to experience a rich truffle and humid forest aroma, a hint of cedarwood and port wine, then an incredible spicy hint of fruit cake. It is complex and delicious, a perfect costly spirit worth spending money on.

This expensive liquor list comprises only the top 10 most expensive spirits. However, there are other reputable expensive alcohol brands that are luxurious and elegant with an impeccable spirit experience. I haven’t even mentioned the billionaire vodka, other cognac brands, and many more.

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