Most popular wines and spirits cover

Most popular wines and spirits

Catching up with friends and family over a drink or two certainly warms up the atmosphere and creates a base for new memories. You can vibe with your friends over a glass of classic brandy, pop the best champagne brand while celebrating some good news, or even send a gift to your whisky-loving friend. You can also make cocktails with Gin, Vodka, or whisky for your home events. A dessert wine will spice up your romantic dinner with your spouse when paired with your favorite meal. These events occur frequently, and one might be on the fence about which drinks to choose for specific events. So we came up with a list of popular wines and spirits to drink and share with your guests during your occasions. Discover the fans' favorite booze and why they are top-selling liquors. Find out what each has to offer and pick your favorite. You can place your order with Drinks Vine and have it delivered to your doorstep. Here is the list of the most famous wines & spirits:

Most popular wines and spirits
ProductPrice ABV Country
Gilbeys KES 1,695 - KES 2,59537%England
Jack Daniels Old No 7 Legacy Edition 2 KES 7,89943%America
hennessy vs KES 5,800 - KES 8,30040%France
johnnie walker black label KES 3,700 - KES 4,30040%Scotland
glenfiddich 12 years KES 7,500 - KES 8,20040%Scotland
ballantines KES 2,500 - KES 2,80043%Scotland
hendricks gin KES 5,600 - KES 10,99044%Scotland
chamdor red (non-alcoholic wine) KES 1,180Non-alcoholicSouth Africa
robertson winery sweet red KES 1,700 - KES 2,4508%South Africa
moet & chandon imperial brut KES 10,400 - KES 18,50012%France
belaire luxe KES 5,10012%France
jameson KES 2,750 - KES 14,50040%Ireland
  • Gilbeys

    Most popular wines and spirits - null

    Gilbeys is a common and popular gin in Kenya known for its affordable price and quality. It is a perfect drink to consider when you plan to have friends over but have a tight budget. Gilbey's boasts an ideal mix of complexity and balance, achieved by blending 12 natural botanicals with a juniper-led flavor. While Gilbey's works perfectly in classic gin cocktails, you may take it on its own to enjoy the flavors delivered by the botanicals or even add a chaser to neutralize the taste. Buy a bottle of Gilbey's gin at the best price at our online liquor store.

  • Jack Daniels Old No 7 Legacy Edition 2

    Most popular wines and spirits - null

    ack Daniels is a Tennessee whisky, whose exceptional smoothness, purity, and flavor make it famous among whisky lovers. Technically, Jack Daniels can be classified as bourbon. But unlike other straight bourbons, it undergoes an extra process called the Lincoln County Process, which entails filtering the whisky in sugar maple charcoal chips before letting it age in oak barrels. It is known for its sweet and oaky flavor, unmatched purity, a light body and mouthfeel, and notes of perfumed wood, cinnamon, and chocolate. The Jack Daniels price in Kenya would not make you break a sweat as it is very affordable. Drinks Vine has it in stock, so place your order now for the top-selling Tennessee whisky online.

  • hennessy vs

    Most popular wines and spirits - null

    Among Cognacs, Hennessy is known for its high quality and affordable prices. The Hennessy brand boasts a legion of fans worldwide, including Kenya. Matured in new oak barrels, Hennessy VS presents a vibrant and dynamic character, boldness, and intense fragrance unique to Hennessy. It is easy to enjoy and a perfect cognac for high-energy occasions. The robust flavors and roundness make the VS expression a versatile cognac that is used in making classic cocktails or consumed on its own. Grab your bottle and enjoy this French Glory at the most affordable price.

  • johnnie walker black label

    Most popular wines and spirits - null

    The black label of the Johnnie Walkers series takes the most market share in the blended Scotch whisky category. It is uniquely blended, with a touch of smokiness imparted using peat during the kilning process. The black label is one of life's true icons, representing a class of Scotch of the best quality and best-selling whisky with a touch of luxury. This expression of the Johnnie Walker series is a masterful blend of single malts and grain whiskeys sourced across Scotland. Only the best grain is used in making these whiskeys and pure water from natural springs. Each of these whiskeys used in the blend is aged for at least 12 years, which imparts richness, complexity, depth, and flavor balance. You will enjoy a bold scent of fruits and sweet vanilla, then taste creamy toffee, spice, and fruit and experience a warm smoky finish.

  • glenfiddich 12 years

    Most popular wines and spirits - null

    In the world of single malt Scotch whiskeys, the Glenfiddich brand takes a significant percentage of the market share. Glenfiddich boasts a huge fan base. The 12-year-old expression is the signature single malt of the brand. It is the best among single malts for sharing with friends, giving a touch of luxury at a very affordable price.

    Glenfiddich 12 years is the most awarded single malt Scotch in the world. The whisky boasts distinctive fruitiness and unique freshness from using the same pure water from natural springs since 1887. The whisky is matured in American oak and European sherry casks for not less than 12 years. Mellowing in oak imparts sweet and subtle flavors. Buy Glenfiddich 12 years at our online whisky shop and enjoy its unique flavors and a creamy, smooth, and long mellow finish.

  • ballantines

    Most popular wines and spirits - null

    Ballantine's Finest is a No Age Statement Blended Scotch enjoyed worldwide as a good quality budget whisky. It is a perfect regular drink for sharing with friends. With the affordable Ballantine's price, it is a drink that you can order from Drinks Vine for that impromptu party.

    Ballantine's is expressive with aromas of soft and elegant honey with a hint of spice. The palate is sweet with a perfect balance of subtle flavors of chocolate, milk, vanilla, and red apple and the finish is sweet, fresh, and floral.

    Find out what else strikes your fancy in the Ballantine's Finest Blended Scotch whisky brand by dialing a bottle from our shop and enjoy free delivery services.

  • hendricks gin

    Most popular wines and spirits - null

    From the renowned William Grants and Sons distillery, Hendricks gin is an all-time masterpiece that is oddly infused with cucumber, Rose petals, and other botanicals. While the usual happens again in many gin types, this gin invites you to escape the conventional and embrace the delectable. It gives you a chance to taste the finest from Scotland, a distillery known for quality and innovation. Hendricks is versatile, perfectly fitting in an array of dazzling cocktail recipes. Enjoy extraordinary flavors to satisfy your palate with Hendricks gin available at the best price at Drinks Vine.

  • chamdor red (non-alcoholic wine)

    Most popular wines and spirits - null

    Do you have a baby shower coming up? A toast to the unborn baby will be the prime moment. Of course, the mother will toast too. Chamdor is a non-alcoholic sparkling wine, perfect for celebrations for any group of people. Chamdor brand is available in both red and white sweet sparkling variants.

    Chamdor is a refreshing and sensational wine made from high-quality Muscat and Chenin Blanc grapes. The grapes have a high sugar content and low acidity which is important for making this phenomenal smooth and fruity sparkling non-alcoholic drink. Its price is affordable hence an excellent choice for a celebration with many guests and a tight budget

  • robertson winery sweet red

    Most popular wines and spirits - null

    Robertson Wine brand is a South African sweet red wine. It is renowned for its high-quality and popular red, white, and rose wine expression. It is among the best wines in Kenya, selling at affordable prices at wine stores.

    Robertson red is a fruity wine expressing smooth flavors of ripe berry and sweet cherry. The natural sweet red expression is made uniquely by blending varietals to showcase fresh floral and fruity flavors. With no added sugars, the sweetness comes from the residue of grape sugars. It is low in alcohol and very quaffable. It is ideally best served chilled. If you have an occasion coming up, you can order Robertson wine online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

  • moet & chandon imperial brut

    Best moments call for a toast, and Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut is more befitting. The brand boasts a series of high-quality champagnes enjoyed worldwide. Moet Imperial Brut is the signature champagne of Moet and Chandon Champagne house. It embodies the unique style of the house, distinguished by a seductive palate, bright fruitiness, and elegant maturity. Moet Imperial brut champagne is among the best luxury champagne brands in Kenya.

    Moet & Chandon Brut should be on the top of your list when looking for the best festive season drinks. Toast for best moments with friends and family with this affordable drink.

  • belaire luxe

    Most popular wines and spirits - null

    What else would you call perfect other than indulging in French luxury? Luc Belaire Luxe is an extraordinary Cuvee brewed in the Burgundy region of France. The wine is made from 100% Chardonnay and dosage of oak-aged wine from Chabliswhich, a renowned home to the most famous vineyards. Belaire sparkling wine brand has luxurious and high-quality wine expressions, which are affordable substitutes to Champagne. Belaire is commonly confused with Champagne. However, for a wine to be a Champagne, it must be produced in the Champagne region of France. Belaire is made in Burgundy, making it sparkling wine.

    Belaire Luxe is decadent yet refreshing, rich and crisp with well-balanced complexity. It is fruit-forward and with a fine effervescence. It is available at our wine shop at the best rates & free shipment.

  • jameson

    Among the Irish whiskeys, Jameson takes the crown. It is triple distilled, hence twice as smooth. Jameson Irish whisky is the signature blend of the Jameson brand. The brand is known for its unique and high-quality blended whisky expressions enjoyed worldwide.

    Jameson Irish whisky is left to age in oak for a minimum of 4 years, which along with triple distillation gives the whiskey a unique and refreshing taste. It leaves a distinctive light floral fragrance, peppered with spicy wood on the nose. You will experience a perfect balance of spicy, nutty, and vanilla notes when you consume the drink. There are also sweet hints of sherry, and it exhibits an exceptional smoothness. Its price beats other whisky types of its caliber.

This list is not exhaustive. The next time you order liquor online, you have a reference to the most in-demand liquor brands in Kenya, with each having a unique characteristic that makes it lovable by most. We are dedicated to availing exceptional alcohol brands at the best prices. Order in bulk for an upcoming event or party at wholesale liquor prices. You can also order a single bottle for yourself or a friend as a gift. We offer free wine and spirits delivery for most locations within Nairobi.

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