Most Expensive Gin in Kenya

Looking for a worthy spend on a truly exceptional drink? Enjoy a luxurious treat with the most expensive gin in Kenya. Gin is regarded as among the most accessible alcoholic drinks with several cheap gin brands readily available in the market. This is because gins are produced quickly and have a myriad of flavors and styles. However, there are some exceptions. There are rare gin bottles that command steep prices due to their exceptional quality and exclusivity. Here is a list of the most expensive gin brands available at Drinks Vine online liquor store, best for luxury and indulgence:

The Most Expensive Gins in Kenya
ProductPriceAlcohol content (ABV)Country of origin
Sakurao Limited Japanese Dry Gin Ksh 12,400 47% Japan
Berkeley square gin Ksh 11,699 46% England
Four pillars navy strength Ksh 9,900 58.8% Australia
Botanic W & H gin Ksh 9,899 45% Spain
Alkkemist gin Ksh 9,850 40% Spain
lakes explorer edition Ksh 9,300 47.1% undefined
liverpool gin Ksh 9,000 43% England
Inverroche verdant gin Ksh 9,000 40% South Africa
No. 209 Chardonnay Barrel Reserve Gin Ksh 8,899 46% America
Christopher wren gin Ksh 8,899 45.3% England

1.  Sakurao Limited Japanese Dry Gin

Sakurao Limited Japanese Dry Gin

Sakurao Limited Japanese Dry Gin price in Kenya may be the highest in all gins making it the most expensive. The Sakurao distillery was open in 2018 in Hiroshima intending to produce whisky. While they waited, they produced this fabulous gin that has gained popularity around the world. Sakurao gin brand is famously known for the Sakurao Original and Sakurao Limited edition gin that have won the hearts of many gin lovers around the world. Sakurao limited edition gin is made using 17 botanicals, specially selected from Hiroshima. Among the notable botanicals includes juniper berries, oyster shells, Sakura cherry blossoms, Hinoki, and wasabi. Most of these botanicals are locally sourced from Hiroshima, and the gin is distilled using England’s traditional gin-making techniques.

Sakurao Limited gin has vibrant aromatic notes of citrus, juniper earthiness, rich yuzu fragrance, and balanced by coastal waft. On the palate, the gin has a rich juniper presence and white pepper spiciness that is complemented by a clean and refreshing finish of juniper and mint. Buy Sakurao Limited Edition Dry gin online at Drinks Vine and enjoy our free alcohol delivery services in Nairobi.

2.  Berkeley square gin

Berkeley square gin

Berkeley Square Gin is among the costly gin brands offering value for money with its brilliant flavors and fragrance. It is a London dry gin and among the world’s most luxurious gins. Berkeley Square is a handcrafted gin, made by World’s oldest gin distillers. Its traditional gin recipe dates back to 1761, which gives rise to an ultra-smooth gin, a spirit that is worth sipping neat. It is made in small batches using copper stills. Berkeley Square utilizes a unique method called “Bouquet Garni”, which involves wrapping botanicals in a fine cotton muslin bag which is then submerged into the spirit. The gin is triple distilled, and botanicals such as save, kaffir lime, basil, lavender, and others impart herbaceous aromas.

If you are going to buy expensive gin, you better sip it neat first to learn what makes it a luxurious spirit. Berkeley Square gin can also be enjoyed on the rocks, in a classic martini, or mixed in other popular gin cocktails.

3.  Four pillars navy strength

Four pillars navy strength

Four Pillars Navy Strength gin is among the best expensive gins in the Four Pillars gin brand. Four Pillars Spiced Negroni, Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz, and Four Pillars rare dry gin are the other luxury gins of this brand. The Navy Strength gin variant is intense and smooth, distilled using native fresh ginger, turmeric, and finger limes alongside other botanicals including juniper. Turmeric is an interesting and worthy ingredient that gives power to the palate and maintains a fresh earthy quality. Four Pillars Navy Strength gin warms the palate with a sweet, juicy, and clean presence. The quality is unmatched, making it an ideal luxury gin perfect for cocktails.

4.  Botanic W & H gin

Botanic W & H gin

Botanic W&H gin is a perfect costly gin for gin lovers, as well as its black variant – Botanic W&H Black gin. The Williams & Humbert Company is known for its popular Spanish Sherries and brandies. The gin is made from high-quality grain and carefully selected botanicals and distilled in English stills of more than 100 years old. It is made using the following botanicals; Buddha's hand lemon, coriander, lemon and orange peel, juniper, angelica root, licorice, cassia bark, orris root, almond shells, bergamot, and sweet orange. It is a light, dry and refreshing gin, showcasing prominent notes of juniper, almond shells, and a sweet light citrus fragrance. Botanic W&H gin is a worthy companion in a luxurious treat.

5.  Alkkemist gin

Alkkemist gin

Alkkemist gin is among the top expensive gins, unique, and of unmatched quality. It is made from a triple distilled alcohol base and then infused with 21 carefully selected botanicals. Notably, Alkkemist gin uses the best Muscat grape strains of the Mediterranean, which is usually added towards the end of the gin-making process to impart the exclusive scent. It also contains samphire, thyme, mint, orange and lemon peel, juniper, among others. On the nose, lavender, apple blossom, lemon peel, and a touch of fennel are evident. On the palate, fruit notes are expressed first and grape sweetness, followed by supporting notes from peppery juniper, clove, and rose floral notes. This premium gin is available at Drinks Vine at the best Alkkemist gin price in Kenya.

6.  lakes explorer edition

lakes explorer edition

Lakes Explorer Edition is a complex and super-premium gin bursting with brilliant flavors and aromas – a real-life fantasy of any gin lover. For its incredible character, you will have to to dig deeper into your pockets. At Drinks Vine, we offer you the best Lakes Explorer Edition gin price in Kenya. The gin-making process of the Explorer Edition is expertly performed, first by using handmade copper pot stills where this fine wheat spirit is distilled, purest Cumbrian water from River Derwent, and carefully selected botanicals. Juniper and other botanicals are steeped overnight, which allows the extraction of essential oils. The steam is then introduced the following day which begins a long and unhurried distillation. The resulting spirit is a luxurious gin, complex with zesty notes and vibrant herbal notes. Explore the Lakes Gin brand for more expensive gin options of this brand.

7.  liverpool gin

liverpool gin

Liverpool gin brand is among the best gin brands in Kenya offering a luxurious touch. Liverpool gin alongside Liverpool Valencian and Liverpool Rose Petals are among the best expensive gins, made from organic botanicals and producing a highly distinctive and aromatic spirit. Liverpool gin is crystalline in appearance with a complex and well-balanced botanical expression and an intense juniper presence. All of these marry to form a brilliant spirit with a luscious body, and distinctive and bright citrus finish. The experience generated by Liverpool gin makes it worth the value. Buy Liverpool gin online and enjoy great discounts and unbeatable gin prices at Drinks Vine.

8.  Inverroche verdant gin

Inverroche verdant gin

Inverroche is a South African gin brand comprising expensive premium gins. Notable examples that have become popular choices by gin lovers include the Inverroche gin classic, Inverroche gin amber, and Inverroche gin verdant. Verdant gin is infused with fynbos from the Cape floral kingdom in the mountainous region. It has a green translucent hue and expresses soft floral notes including the delicate aromas of elderflower and chamomile, subtle juniper, a touch of spice, citrus notes, and a refreshing liquorice presence on the palate. Inverroche gin is a worthy evening companion, whether enjoyed in cocktails with friends, neat, or on the rocks. Buy online at the best Inverroche gin price at Drinks Vine online liquor store.

9.  No. 209 Chardonnay Barrel Reserve Gin

No. 209 Chardonnay Barrel Reserve Gin

The No. 209 gin expressions are famous and unique, usually aged in used wine barrels sourced from Edge Hill Estate winery in Napa Valley. The No. 209 barrel reserve chardonnay is a wine drinker’s gin with a distinct complexity and richness lend by Chardonnay casks. It presents a grassy nose alongside hints of oak and buttery toffee. The gin is subtly sweet with a juniper-led palate, a hint of eucalyptus, cardamom, and orange. The finish is long, rich, and with a hint of lingering tannin, toasted oak, a highly perceivable butterscotch note, and a refreshing sweetness. This is a unique gin together with the No. 209 Barrel Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Cask Finish gin; both presenting a creative and almost magical gin experience.

10.  Christopher wren gin

Christopher wren gin

City of London Christopher Wren Gin is a London dry expression that focuses on just one citrus – dried orange peel. Other botanicals such as juniper, angelica root, coriander, liquorice, and others are present too but the focus is given to the citrus notes. Christopher Wren gin is inspired by the architecture of a renowned architect from London, Christopher Wren, featuring the iconic skyline of London’s city centre. The shape of the bottle takes after the St. Paul’s Cathedral dome designed by Christopher Wren. The gin has a rounded body with earthy spice and a bitter-sweet balance. Christopher Wren gin works as a great cocktail gin, keeping the gin lovers’ taste buds racing. Order gin online now and enjoy free delivery in Nairobi.

Many other costly gin options would equally grace your gin moments. The above are honorable mentions that many people have made their favorite. You can turn regular moments into memorable ones by ordering either of the above luxury gin brands or browsing through our list of best gins in Kenya. Buy expensive gin brands online at Drinks Vine and enjoy free drinks delivery in Nairobi. We deliver from a single bottle to large orders for house parties, ceremonies, and corporate celebrations. We are a dial away from gracing your occasion with the best expensive liquor.