Good cheap wines in Kenya cover

Good cheap wines in Kenya

Today we will tackle one of the most delicate topics, exploring premium but affordable wines in Kenya. The truth is you don’t have to spend too much to buy a premium/quality wine. Drinks Vine online liquor store has affordable yet high-quality wines. Wine is a vast category of beverages with major categories being white wine, red wine, rose wines, sparkling wines, and champagnes, and if classified depending on how much you spend, we have expensive wines, expensive champagnes, and affordable wines. At Drinks Vine, we only stock the best quality wines from all over the world, giving you a vast collection to choose from. We got you covered even with a restricted budget with these cheap wines online in Kenya. Let us dive right into the list of the most affordable quality wines in Kenya or the so called good inexpensive wines.

Disclaimer: This guide does not cover wines below Ksh 500; we will explore the premium but cheap wines in Kenya, the wines you will find in most wine and spirits shop in the city.

Good cheap wines in Kenya
ProductPrice ABV Country
pierre marcel sweet red KES 1,850 - KES 2,85011%France
robertson winery natural sweet white KES 1,650 - KES 2,2507%South Africa
rosso nobile cioccolata KES 1,94910%Germany
four cousins sweet red KES 1,350 - KES 2,1009%South Africa
frontera merlot KES 1,600 - KES 2,39912%Chile
drostdy-hof white sweet KES 1,45012%South Africa
asconi pastoral KES 1,98016%Moldova
carlo rossi red sweet KES 1,400 - KES 2,4009%America
saint celine sweet red KES 1,400 - KES 2,2008%South Africa
Black Bird sweet white KES 1,4009%South Africa
  • pierre marcel sweet red

    Pierre Marcel sweet red and sweet white wine are Pierre Marcel wine brands' available varieties in Kenya. They are among the best selling wines in Nairobi. Pierre Marcel red is one of the best cheap sweet red wine and a great introductory wine best for beginners. It has fruity flavors and cherry aromas. It is seductive to the palate expressing fine tannins, sweetness, and subtle bitterness. It serves as an excellent drink for wine-nights. It excellently pairs with grilled meat, pizza, and barbecue. Serve chilled for the best wine experience. Pierre Marcel red is among the good cheap wines that will give you an unmatched wine experience. You can order this wine online at the comfort of your home from our Drinks Vine and enjoy the best alcohol delivery services in the city. We have the best affordable wines, including the sweet white type of Pierre Marcel.

  • robertson winery natural sweet white

    Robertson Winery is known to produce affordable quality wines in the world. Every time you are searching for cheap wine deals, this brand will always be there with exciting offers. Robertson Winery natural sweet white wine is made using the unique winemaking techniques used by Robertson Winery. The process begins by harvesting the grapes, where only the best grapes are used in making the wine. This wine is Chenin Blanc dominated, blended with varietals to express fruity and fresh floral flavors. It is the best wine for beginners because of its natural sweetness, low alcohol content, and it is incredibly quaffable. It has a youthful and fragrantly refreshing character with rich tropical fruit flavors. It sounds impressive how you can get all this awesomeness without having to spend so much. Robertson sweet white wine is among the best cheap white wines. Enjoy free liquor home delivery service in Nairobi and the surrounding areas.

  • rosso nobile cioccolata

    Rosso Nobile is a chocolate-flavored German wine available at Drinks Vine online liquor shop at the best prices in Kenya. This wine appears in various lists of wines such as best red wines, best wines for ladies, and best inexpensive red wines. It is a sweet red wine infused with the most pleasing chocolate aroma and flavor. It also has an intensive flavor of dark berries and a touch of soft vanilla that blends exquisitely with the chocolate flavors creating an irresistible palate tickling experience. Rosso Nobile is among the most demanded wine types and also considered one of the best wine for a romantic dinner. It is easy-to-drink, delicious with a satisfying smoothness and quality. It is among the best-flavored wines sold at Drinks Vine, where you get all your favorite budget wines. If you are looking for an alcohol gift for your woman, this brand has much to offer. Order wine online and let us do the drink delivery to your designated location.

  • four cousins sweet red

    Four cousins red wine is among the most popular red wines in Kenya; some people go as far as giving it a position in the best affordable wedding wine list. There have been many questions about. Many ask whether Four Cousins wine is alcoholic? Well, it is an alcoholic wine. However, it has low alcohol content, with the sweet red variety having 9.5% ABV. Four Cousins red sweet is a wine you can access without too much hustle or having to spend so much. Four Cousins sweet red wine stimulates your senses by first offering a fragrance of soft rose petal perfume. On sipping, it tickles your taste buds with incredible flavors of ripe plums, exotic spices, and strawberries complemented by a soft lingering finish. This sweet red wine is skillfully blended from the best cultivars and grape juice to produce a top-quality, affordable wine. Buy wine online at our online liquor store to get the best Four Cousins wine prices with free delivery in Nairobi.

  • frontera merlot

    Frontera Merlot wine is a red blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine takes the name Merlot, meaning that Merlot is the dominant grape variety in this wine. However, the impact of Cabernet Sauvignon can still be felt. It offers complexity and longevity, while Merlot adds elegance and softer tannins. Overall, the wine is fruit-forward with pleasant chocolate, vanilla, and black plum aromas. It has a medium body that complements its soft tannins, black cherry flavors, and a pleasing finish. Quite remarkable for cheap wine, right? At Drinks Vine, we have the best Merlot wines sold at the best prices in the country.

  • drostdy-hof white sweet

    Drostdy-Hof wines are known to be among the most affordable wines with unmatched quality. They are usually driven by the "share the moments" mantra that inspires youthful exuberance. Drostdy-Hof sweet white wine is a top-quality sweet wine of the Drostdy-Hof wine brand with the best taste. On pouring in your wine glass, the fruity aroma makes an impressive introduction that persuades you to take a sip. This wine has an unmistakably rich taste with a delicate and crisp freshness with a clean sweet finish seductive to the palate. Drostdy-Hof sweet white wine is an ideal wine to take while basking on the summer sun and the best accompaniment for light summer salads and snacks. Drostdy-Hof is among the best cheap wine brands you will come across. Order from us and enjoy free and fast wine delivery service. It will take less than 30 minutes.

  • asconi pastoral

    Asconi is a renowned brand with premium wines with a rich flavor profile, offering the best wine experience. Asconi pastoral wine is a semi-sweet red wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from Moldova. If you are looking for a good party wine, this bottle is an excellent choice. It is among the most affordable wines in Kenya and an epitome of quality and elegance. Asconi pastoral wine is mostly used as a dessert red wine. It has a distinctive light taste of strawberry, a well-balanced aroma of plum and cherry, and a hint of spice and vanilla. Asconi pastoral wine quality exceeds its price by far, making it the best wine to enjoy with friends and family without having to dig too deep into your pockets. It is also a perfect drink for any occasion that will impress your guests. In Nairobi, whenever you search for wine delivery near me, we are your best online liquor store with free liquor delivery.

  • carlo rossi red sweet

    Carlo Rossi sweet red is yet another awesome cheap red wine in Kenya. It is inexpensive but of high quality and incredible taste, aromas, and flavors. It has well-balanced, bright red fruit flavors and fresh floral notes. It has a light to medium body that makes it a perfect wine to pair with food or take straight. This way, you will get a chance to taste the fresh fruit flavors and feel its nice crisp finish. It is surprising how some of the cheapest wines are by far worth so much more in terms of quality and richness in their taste. You will spend little but have a good time anyway. Buy some of the most affordable wines in the world at our online wines and spirits shop and enjoy same day wine delivery in Nairobi and the surrounding areas.

  • saint celine sweet red

    Saint Celine is among the most famous wines in Kenya. Saint Celine Sweet Red has a beautiful ruby red color that hints at the wine's rich, fruity character. It is made from the best quality grapes sourced by the viticulturists from Western Cape vineyards. These grapes have adequately utilized the terroir and express the ripe friendly fruit flavors, a characteristic common in The Saints wines. The blending of each piece to express the quality contained is all by the effort of the winery's best oenologist who oversees that quality measures are followed, and only the best grapes are used. The final product is a rich, smooth, naturally sweet red blend with intense aromas and flavors of raspberry jam, ripe blackcurrant, and spice with a rich velvet finish. Saint Celine is among the best sweet red wines & won't hit hard on your pocket. Saint Celine Sweet red wine is a good cheap red wine with the best quality.

  • Black Bird sweet white

    Black Bird sweet white is one of the most affordable white wines that flies off our liquor store's shelves. It is among the most loved good cheap wine with an incredible balance of flavors and aromas. This brand has rose to popularity in the last few years, and today it is one of the best selling brands. The Blackbird wine alcohol content is usually 9%, perfect content for beginners. With its natural sweetness, it becomes the best introductory wine and the best wine for ladies. Black Bird sweet white has been meticulously crafted with skill and expertise by the best winemakers making a naturally sweet wine that is a true African jewel. In it, you find the best flavors and freshness rare in many win types. On the palate, it expresses exotic fruit flavors dominated by pineapple, passion fruit, and lingering melon flavors. This bottle is available at our online liquor store at the best blackbird wine prices. Buy wine online and enjoy free wine delivery in Nairobi.

Are you planning a party with friends, but you have a restricted budget? As observed, you don't have to spend too much to have the best wine experience. You can check the sweet red wine price in Kenya on our price list page as they tend to be inexpensive. Above is the best cheap wine list showing some of the best quality affordable wines in Kenya. However, this list only shows some of the inexpensive wines. The list extends to other wines such as Four Cousins, Caprice wine, 4th street wines, among others. Check out our best wine prices in Kenya to identify your favorite cheap wine. We ensure that we only stock the best wines. Dial a drink from us today and get wine delivered to your door at no extra cost. We are the most preferred online liquor store in Nairobi as a result of our great services. Give us a call and let us grace your party with the best drinks, from the best affordable champagne to cheap & expensive wines.

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