Alcohol Gifts for Ladies

Gifts are the best way for a man to make an impression on a lady. Choosing the right gift is essential, whether it's a gift for a girlfriend, wife, friend, or even your mom. Surprise her with a liquor gift on her birthday, your anniversary, or even mother's day. Alcohol gifts will never go out of fashion. They will always remain to be the best Valentine’s gift for her or for any other special occasion. It is also the one thing you will never miss to know your lucky lady's favorite. I am guessing you have spent time with her to know what she loves, but if you don't, then it's your lucky day because we have compiled a list of the best alcohol gifts for her.

To make things even more exciting and romantic, send her flowers or occasion themed cake alongside your alcohol gift. The trick is to know the best flowers for different occasions. You can learn about flowers or where to get the freshest and the most beautiful flowers at Flower Delivery Reviews. It's even better when you know her favorite flowers.

Here is list of the best alcohol gifts for ladies in 2021.

Alcohol Gifts for Ladies
ProductPriceAlcohol content (ABV)Country of origin
baileys irish cream Ksh 2,400 - Ksh 3,100 17% Ireland
sheridan's Ksh 5,000 15.5% Ireland
amarula fruit cream Ksh 2,100 - Ksh 2,500 17% South Africa
hendricks gin Ksh 4,199 - Ksh 4,999 44% Scotland
Beefeater pink gin Ksh 2,950 - Ksh 2,500 37.5% England
malibu caribbean rum Ksh 2,095 - Ksh 2,400 21% Caribbean
moet & chandon ice imperial rose Ksh 13,500 12.5% France
asconi kagor lux Ksh 1,820 12% Moldova
Tommasi amarone Ksh 6,208 15% Italy
jack daniels honey Ksh 3,795 - Ksh 3,995 35% America

1.  baileys irish cream

baileys irish cream

Baileys liqueur is among the sweetest alcohol types. It is an incredible blend of Irish whiskey and cream. It has rich cream, cocoa, and vanilla flavors with a unique quality of taste. The sweetness is unmatched, with a clean and velvety texture that offers a lip-smacking experience, an irresistible indulgence that will leave you yearning for more. If you are looking for an alcohol gift to send to your girl, Baileys is your best bet. It is an easy-to-drink alcoholic beverage with outstanding flavors and aromas.

There are so many combinations for Baileys liqueur that a lady would love to explore. It is easy to enjoy an indulgent treat by pouring Baileys over ice, baking baileys cake, enjoying with chocolate, combining with your favorite coffee, or drizzling the liqueur over ice cream. Baileys is among the best drinks with a beautiful alcoholic name suiting a girl. It is also the best liqueur one can be most creative with for maximum indulgence. Enjoy this excellent liqueur at the best Baileys price in Kenya, available at Drinks Vine online liquor store in Nairobi.

2.  sheridan's


Sheridan’s is a unique coffee liqueur bottled in two separate sections of the same bottle separated by glass. One section contains a white liqueur of milk and white chocolate, while the other consists of a black liqueur of coffee and whiskey flavors. When each section's contents are layered in the right proportion, it resembles an incredible Irish coffee. Even before you take a sip of Sheridan's liqueur, the presentation and then the aroma is just incredible. Girls love beautiful things, and Sheridan’s is a perfect liquor gift. Besides the beautiful packaging, this liqueur boasts warm coffee, chocolate, and nutty notes of the black liqueur, while the white liqueur expresses white chocolate richness.

You can be creative with this liqueur, such as making delightful layered cocktails or Irish coffee, which offers a fantastic experience. It has a sweet taste and unmatched richness that will keep your taste buds racing. Drinks Vine offers the best Sheridan’s price in Kenya with free delivery in Nairobi. You can also add a gift card with a personalized message of your choice.

3.  amarula fruit cream

amarula fruit cream

Amarula is a creamy and sweet South African liqueur, an embodiment of African heritage. It is an expression of elegance, encapsulating talent and skill in a bottle with a spirit made with passion for quality and an ultimate African experience. The taste is dominated by butterscotch feel imparted by cream and sugar, then aging in oak that increases the nutty and spicy notes. After skillful craft at each stage, the ultimate booze forms the Amarula’s rich and silky signature feel that will keep your moods up. The sweet and fantastic feel of this liqueur makes it the best alcoholic gift for her. It is even better when shared in that special moment when the vibe needs to be real, just as the natural character of Amarula liqueur.

The Amarula price in Kenya is not that which would scare you and prevent you from expressing your love for that lady your heart skips a beat for. Drinks Vine offers the best Amarula price with free alcohol gifts deliveries in Nairobi.

4.  hendricks gin

hendricks gin

Hendrick’s gin is like poetry in a world still learning the alphabet. It has a remarkable botanical flavor profile, which inspires considerable devotion to gin lovers. It is distilled in two stills; copper pot still and Carter-Head-Style still, which utilizes a copper basket to hold botanicals that impart unique natural flavors and aromas. Hendrick’s gin's unique aroma and taste are attributed to cucumber and roses together with 11 other botanicals generous to the palate, creating a youthful exuberance in every sip. The dark bottle is an aesthetic representation of Victorian apothecaries, which protects the precious liquid from damage by sunlight.

Hendrick’s gin's taste is an experience of uncorrupted, pure, and skillfully crafted gin, making it a perfect representation of the pure intention of love. Hendrick’s gin as an alcohol gift for ladies will not only be a drink for enjoyment from its clean and rich taste but also a representation of what is true and treasured. Enjoy the best Hendrick’s gin price in Kenya from Drinks Vine wines and spirits shop with free alcohol deliveries in Nairobi.

5.  Beefeater pink gin

Beefeater pink gin

The secret to Beefeater pink gin’s awesomeness lies in its flavors and aromas. It is made using the secret Beefeater London Dry gin recipe, which has been endorsed by many gin lovers for its clean and rich taste. Generally, gins are amazing alcoholic drinks with unique aromas imparted by the botanicals, giving a natural touch. Besides the 10 botanicals in Beefeater pink gin, including juniper, the signature botanical in all gins, beefeater pink gin boasts a natural strawberry flavoring which imparts a vibrant and delicious strawberry taste.

This gin, together with its pink color, and the sweet strawberry flavors, is the best fit alcohol for ladies. It is an easy-to-drink gin that will tickle your taste buds. Surprise your girlfriend or female friends with Beefeater pink gin, a perfect and unique gift for her. When searching for alcohol deliveries near me, you will find that Drinks Vine is the best online liquor shop that you can trust to make alcohol gift delivery to your lady in Nairobi. We can take it in a liquor basket with flowers, chocolate, and any other inclusions you would like, customized for your favorite lady.

6.  malibu caribbean rum

malibu caribbean rum

Malibu rum inspires a Caribbean experience. It is a rum infused with a sweet coconut liqueur that offers an expression of Caribbean summertime, and its smoothness feels like liquid sunshine. Malibu Caribbean rum is skillfully crafted with Caribbean sugarcane and pure water sourced from the natural Caribbean springs, then aged in oak for two years, which adds bulk to the richness in taste and flavors. The final liquid is a sweet blend of a rich and flavorful coconut liqueur and Island rum that inspires tropical and summer cocktails like the famous Piña Colada, a sweet and refreshing cocktail perfect for ladies. This makes Malibu Caribbean rum an ideal gift for the lucky lady in your life. First, it is sweet and refreshing, a quality every lady would love to experience, and secondly, it is a rum that you can get creative with. It is a perfect fit for tropical cocktails, including Malibu lemonade, Paloma, and chilling froze. Drinks Vine offers the best Malibu Caribbean rum price in Kenya, with the most reliable gift delivery service in Nairobi and environs.

7.  moet & chandon ice imperial rose

moet & chandon ice imperial rose

There is no better alcoholic beverage for ladies than Champagne and the best-tasting one like Rose Imperial of Moet & Chandon. It is a radiant, spontaneous, and romantic expression distinguished by its rich fruitiness, elegant maturity, and seductive palate. It is made of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay grapes, contributing their strengths to form an elegant and luxurious bubbly. It has a glowing pink color with amber highlights and a nose-smacking bouquet of lively red fruits, slight pepper hints, and floral nuances of rose. It has a juicy and intense persistence of strawberry, redcurrant, and raspberry, coupled with fresh, subtle notes of menthol and firmness and fleshiness of peach. With such an expressive palate, Moet Imperial rose is a way to the heart of a lady. Buy Moet Imperial Rose champagne gift for a lady at Drinks Vine online liquor store at the best Moet & Chandon Imperial rose price in Kenya. Dial a drink today and enjoy free wine gift delivery in Nairobi.

8.  asconi kagor lux

asconi kagor lux

Red wine is a way to a lady’s heart. Red sweet wine entices the palate, and Asconi Kagor Lux is not like any other wine. It is a sweet red wine with a deep red color that gives it nobility. It is a unique wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, which are known for their refreshing acidity. Kagor lux has a rich bouquet imparted by notes of plum and jam. It is slightly sweet and with a smooth and long lingering taste. Each sip is filled with a taste of nobility and elegance, arousing exuberance. It is a perfect dessert wine and a great pair with fruit salads. When planning for a date with your girl or looking for a birthday alcohol gift for your favorite lady, Kagor lux is your best bet wine. It is affordable and tasty, easy to drink, and of fantastic quality. Drinks Vine offers the best Asconi Kagor Lux price in Kenya with free, fast, and reliable gift alcohol deliveries in Nairobi and environs. Let us make a wine basket for you with customized inclusions, then deliver it to your lady as a surprise gift.

9.  Tommasi amarone

Tommasi amarone

Tommasi Amarone is an Italian rich dry red wine and is usually recommended for a special occasion. I believe a date with your girl is a special occasion, one you wouldn’t miss to buy the perfect wine gift. Tommasi Amarone red wine is made from Valpolicella grape varieties. The wine is aged in oak for at least three years and then bottled and aged for another year in the bottle. It is an ideal companion to a special conversation during a date or even with a friend beside a fireplace. When looking for the best wine gift for ladies, Tommasi Amarone presents as a favorable choice, attractive in its deep red color and the richness in taste, and the oak-imparted flavors. It perfectly pairs with game meat, red meat, and ripe cheese. It is also perfect for sipping on its own to appreciate the flavors and aromas. Buy from Drinks Vine wines and spirits online shop at the best Tommasi Amarone price in Kenya. Enjoy free alcohol gifts delivery in Nairobi in less than 30 minutes. We are one call away from making your day or night a memorable one.

10.  jack daniels honey

jack daniels honey

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee honey is an American bourbon whisky, a blend of natural honey and Old No. 7 Tennessee whisky. This technically makes it a whiskey liqueur. It is bottled at 35% ABV, making it an easy-to-drink whiskey, perfect fit alcohol for ladies or beginners. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee honey is distinctly Jack Daniel’s whiskey from the first sip to the finish but enhanced with natural honey to give a light and sweet honey aroma with sugar maple undertones and charcoal-mellowed fragrance, a lovable Jack Daniel’s character. The body and mouthfeel are the same as the classic Jack Daniels. The honey used is Tennessee honey, locally sourced, and Jack Daniels' product, processed and utilized for super-premium whiskey liqueur. Jack Daniel’s honey has endless possibilities of enjoying it, both as a cocktail mixer and a straight sipper. The sweet taste is a perfect suit for ladies, making it an ideal bourbon gift. Dial a drink today and enjoy the best Jack Daniels Tennessee honey prices in Kenya at Drinks Vine online liquor store.

With that list, you have the best liquor types that will ensure that you make a perfect impression on that lady you value so much. You also know what gift to send your girl on Valentine's Day, or any other special event. Drinks Vine presents you with a wide range of the best types of alcohol in Kenya. We also make personalized alcohol gifts such as gift hampers, liquor baskets, liquor and a gift card, and more. Browse through other alcoholic drink types at our website or mobile app and choose your favorite alcohol brand and give us a call to order. Dial a drink today and enjoy 24-hour alcohol delivery in Nairobi. Buy an alcohol gift for your special lady in Kenya today and have us deliver it to your preferred location.